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Revisit: Saturn, Physics, Naropa

Explore or revisit older posts: Saturn, the satyr. If you have Saturn prominent in your chart, or are a Capricorn Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, then this article will give you insights into your incarnation. the Physics and Consciousness series. Though … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness: addendum (13)

What is Reality? It seems to me that we can all talk about (lower case r) reality, but that (upper case R) Reality is another consideration. Many people have stated similarly over centuries of thinking and meditating on such things. … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness 5: Particle and Wave materials

I am excited about this new six-week online course Particle and Wave: the Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness and hope that you might join the dozen people doing it. Below are materials for the first session, made available as enticement. The … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness: 1

Consciousness is light. It might contain or act like other substances, it might behave like energy, but in simplicity consciousness is light. We know this because of the brightness that we experience in our mind when we have an idea, … Continue reading

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