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The Song of the Drum

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Bird Song Opera

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Awakening pt. 5: Nature

We interrupt the astrological interpretations to sit and listen. Nature is joyous. Nature is sighing relief and enjoying the present moment. Last night I sat inside, doors and windows closed, but I could hear thousands of miles away as well … Continue reading

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Meditation: Nature’s sigh of joy

Last night I sat. In the silence, my heart could hear the joy of Nature with humanity’s decreased impact upon it. Though I live in south-central Colorado, I could hear whales and orca, dolphins and manta rays humming in oceans … Continue reading

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Gardens, indoor and outdoor #1

Nothing like a world-changing event to foster changes in humanity! Many people are returning to Nature, even if simply through gazing at the sky and listening to the birds. In many parts of the world Spring is springing, and in … Continue reading

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