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Meditation: honesty for the world

Let’s be honest … and pray, meditate, and do all that each of us can to insist upon, participate in, and instigate or create the changes necessary in human existence in thisĀ  world for the world, our species, and all … Continue reading

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Mother Earth: Day of Meditation

We contemplated on and meditated with: the feature of shared design the quality of sameness the mirroring of quality and features; such as did you ever notice that a moth has its version of thigh, knee, calf, ankle, and foot? … Continue reading

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Soften and Open, recordings from the Day of Meditation

As always, it was a joy to meditate with people dedicated to serving the world. The field locked in immediately.   Here is the Day of Meditation dates for this year (2021) plus the dates for the three 3-day online … Continue reading

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February Day of Meditation for the World

This new year is already showing its character: new. New coronavirus variants, new administration in the White House with new information and truth-talking every day from its podiums. A third, new vaccine for the virus will be rolling out before … Continue reading

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Yard bird fun

A variety of bird species have returned to Jaroso, CO because habitat, food, and water are being provided. It is joyous to watch them and to play a game with them called “foraging.” The intention of my neighbor and myself … Continue reading

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