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Worm bin

Mid-February, I started a worm bin in my house. Thus far, it has been successful. Only a few worms died due to not enough moisture in the dry climate I live in. That was easily and quickly rectified. Kitchen vegetable … Continue reading

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Remedies for body and mind

Winter often gives us one last kick to the can of our physical health before the warmer weather establishes. Most of us have go-to herbs or vitamins or methods that we use at the first, littlest symptom of a germ … Continue reading

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Cold, birds, and … cold

After two weeks of occasion snow in the mountains of Colorado and here in south-central CO, the temperatures have dropped. Nights 10-15 below 0, days barely hitting 20. Even in the amazing sunshine at this altitude (7800 ft), it’s cold! … Continue reading

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A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (documentary)

Our world situation invites each of us to look at our lives truly, to muse about our future and the future of the world. Around the world there are numerous experiments in going back to land and simplicity in order … Continue reading

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The renewal of a forest

Yes, Nature knows how to do this. We can help Nature by not hurting Nature, even in our back yards. This short film is visually beautiful and inspiring.

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