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One-year Esoteric Psychology program – begins in retreat April 2019

I am very excited to invite you to join the one-year Esoteric Psychology program that will begin in Wisconsin in April 2019. Registrations are now open. What is Esoteric Psychology? It is a comprehensive study of a human being as … Continue reading

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Maitreya 3

“When one has focused the mind on the objective, one should not let its continuity waiver.” What objective is Maitreya speaking of in verse XIV. 11 of the Mahayanasutralamkara? Any virtuous objective. Maitreya is not referring specifically to meditation training, … Continue reading

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video: Introduction to the Spiritual Wisdom within one’s Horoscope

Download this graphic or grab and print for the contemplation mentioned in the video.  

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Online course #3: The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope

The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope: a 6-wk exploration on Tuesday nights with Donna Mitchell-Moniak beginning July 10. Register now. This astrology course examines how to factually move along the spiritual Path using one’s horoscope. It is the third online … Continue reading

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Mars as used in Esoteric Astrology

In both mythology and astrology, Mars is spoken of as having more brawn than brain. Descriptions of Mars include being brutish, uncouth, un-mannered, one-dimensional, unintelligent, bellicose, belligerent, and impulsive. In esoteric astrology, Mars is given the same wide and evolving … Continue reading

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