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Meditation: a living mandala

OM AH HUM are symbols. What they indicate is vast. white OM: the creative process (all creative processes), integration and embodiment, to intend and to follow through, all of manifestation red AH: passion, excitement, attachment, aversion, the magnetic pull of … Continue reading

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Worthy screen-time

I don’t own a TV. Haven’t binge watched anything ever. Meditation and contemplation, watching the birds and the sky, reading Dharma, praying for the well-being of all beings – these entertain me. Yet, while eating or often on Sunday, I’ll … Continue reading

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Deleting old posts and audio

hi, want to let y’all know that I’ve got to delete data from the blog. The first place to start is old podcasts. As a result, the Light of the Soul series/study group that ran in 2014 is being deleted. … Continue reading

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Garden joy and beauty

Here is a series of short videos to show the initial joyous results of phase 1 of regenerating a semi-desert, dead back yard. This is what it looked like to begin with. In October, we’ll plant a couple of fruiting … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: Milarepa 2

Each of the instructions from Milarepa can be used literally, metaphorically, in the deconstruction of the personal ego, or as pointing-out instructions regarding the nature of essential Being. For example, to observe a mountain and understand that it is “free … Continue reading

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