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Full Moon meditation Friday night

See you online for an 8 pm ET meditation. Come a few minutes early and settle.

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advancing meditation: Milarepa 2

Each of the instructions from Milarepa can be used literally, metaphorically, in the deconstruction of the personal ego, or as pointing-out instructions regarding the nature of essential Being. For example, to observe a mountain and understand that it is “free … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: rest in Awareness

What if all modes of experience and cognition, of analysis and intuition, and of sensation and perception were all evidence of the profound range and character of Awareness? Well, this is so. In the Entry practice of The Practice of … Continue reading

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away for meditation retreat: please use podcasts

Please continue with the Heart as the essence of mind. We will be back with live meditations on May 3. Peace!

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advancing meditation: heart, the true true

What is real? What is true? This question has been asked since human beings first experienced duality. Vipashyana’s main function is that of revealing, little by little, that which is truly true. advancing 031018 heart, the true true  

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