people doing meditationMeditation changes everything, and I will meditate just about anytime with anyone because of this fact. In my life, and as I witness that of others, a rhythmic meditation practice has been important to personal well-being, professional accomplishment with ethics and creative inspiration, and to an inspired life. I meditate daily and have for a very long time.

Meditation during the Piscean age had an element of escape in it, an abstracting quality. A meditation retreat was for getting away or to empty the mind. That made re-entry into working life and responsibilities jarring, even difficult. But when a meditation practice uses our life as the fodder for awareness, highlights that which is amazing right now, then that meditation practice is not an escape but is one that supports consciousness embodied, present and participating in life. Such a meditation practice is The Practice of Living Awareness.

The Practice poured out of lifetimes of meditation training and tutelage that I have received into the dharma of this life. It is a unique blend of shamanic, Earth-based, sensation-rich awareness brought together with layers of Buddhist mindfulness  meditation. (I believe the Buddha simplified the extensive meditation thesis of Patanjali; thus at essence Buddhist or mindfulness meditation is Raja Yoga as a method.) It refers to our senses, uses our self-identity, and teaches how to truly, deeply, and authentically meditate. Then your consciousness has something trained to work with, and it will.

Check out The Practice of Living Awareness blog. Five days a week a new meditation is posted according to the steps of The Practice. This meditation practice seeps into our life because it’s designed to and because meditation changes everything.

Also, the meditation blog has guided meditations enhanced and en rapport with particular energies, holy days, or cycles of meditative awareness. You can “search” The Practice blog for meditations on subjects such as Mother of the Buddhas, emptiness, monad, solar angel, Solstice, Theotokos, and such.

A sprinkling of meditations

2 Responses to Meditation

  1. Nicolas Nicolas says:

    Nice to have found your site Donna. It is a pleasure to see that you are sharing the jewel of meditation with others. Similar to your experience, I have been on the path of conscious awareness (meditation) for a while also. And it is a blessing to know you are here. Blessings!


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