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Meditation changes everything. A rhythmic meditation practice fosters well-being of oneself, the lives one interacts with and the world. This is because meditation is about  truth of being. Meditation fuels transformation by accessing inner radiance and clarity. One empties oneself of the superficial and engages the daring boldness of Awareness.

All meditation, forms and methods of practice, emphases and their results have two sources: Buddha and Patanjali. These two beings have reincarnated many times through the long lost history of humanity. Each time they did, they brought the same wisdom. This is important to know because all forms of “mindfulness” comes from the Buddhas (Shakyamuni and the three before him) and all practices of yoga – unification of body, energy, and mind – come from Patanjali. Meditation practice that honors these roots and, furthermore, seeks to embody them is meditation.

The Practice of Living Awareness meditation practice is born of these roots and uses one’s life for ongoing illumination. This engages mindfulness as taught by the Buddha. The Practice blends shamanic, sensation-rich participation in each moment – a training that both Buddha and Patanjali emphasized. The result is meditation on and off the cushion consciously interacting with daily life. That is Awareness.

True meditation is not an escape or retreat from the world, nor is it self-centered or self-protecting. If meditation is working, one is inspired to serve trees, animals, people or the world because one has intimately experienced that we are intedependently bound to one another. The air we breathe comes from other beings, the food we eat is other beings, the substances that comprise our home and clothes are further kinds of beings. We are one whole. Meditation ignites one to live in veneration of this interconnected interbeing.

The Practice of Living Awareness blog has podcasts of meditations ranging from the 14-steps of The Practice to meditations on qualities of Being. You can “search” The Practice blog for meditations on subjects such as Mother of the Buddhas, emptiness, monad, solar angel, Solstice, and such.

Here’s a sprinkling of meditations

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  1. Nicolas Nicolas says:

    Nice to have found your site Donna. It is a pleasure to see that you are sharing the jewel of meditation with others. Similar to your experience, I have been on the path of conscious awareness (meditation) for a while also. And it is a blessing to know you are here. Blessings!

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