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Bodies are amazing creations. Whether the body of a tree, insect, animal, or human, it is designed to thrive, self-heal, and be vibrantly healthy until its time to die. Then,  without much ado, the body will stop supporting itself.

The effects of modern life styles and disrespecting interactions with our Mother Earth have changed this. Modernly, from its time in the womb, the physical body is poisoned and the compromised health of just about everyone is one result.

I was the strongest chick I knew, raised my children on homeopathic and homemade organic herbal remedies, and did not use allopathic medicine as a rule until diagnosed in November 2000 with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Then for the first time in my life, I put my trust in the contemporary American medical model. Five years later, when almost wheelchair bound from side effects to that model’s interventions, I went back to plant and energy based methods of health care. My body began to get better right away. As a result, my wheelchair has been gathering dust for years, thank Goddess.

As I update this blog in December of 2021, it has been 21 full years since the MS diagnosis. I took the diagnosis as a neon sign that from that day forward everything would be different; and it has been. For me, being diagnosed with MS meant that everything -without exception- would be Path. Of course, that is so for everyone all the time whether healthy and happy or health challenged and sorting that out. The body is rarely the cause of its display of disharmony, but it sure does get our attention.

By 2007, with the help of an amazing, wise, and humble healer (acupuncturist/herbalist), I was back to walking a mile a day with a cane and my dog from the damage done by the allopathic model. Slowly, however, the damage that was irreparable started to become more prominent. It wasn’t MS that was acting up. That had stopped progressing completely (and has been fully in remission for over 10 years). On Easter of 2010, I fell outside on a cold New England day, smashed my face, fracture a forearm bone, frightened myself and my family. When my arm healed adequately, the cane was replaced by a rollator walker.

Fast forward. I live alone now, quiet and meditating (whether on or off the cushion). My former husband and I will be friends for life, but we’re both better served by living lives that suit each of our needs. My walker ensures independence as does being granted disability from Social Security due to MS. My life is simple, meditative, clean and organic.

I created a personal Path of Healing through leaving the medical model. That works well for my body, mind, and spirit. There has been help along the way, of course. May you also find the  perfect path for your health inter-connected with everyone and everything on our beautiful and precious Mother Earth.

  • These precious beings (pets) are Pokie (cat) and Leah (dog). They were the most gentle presences, intuitive and accepting. They also slept together quite often; and Pokie wouldn’t leave Leah’s side in her last few days. Both are passed on now.

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  1. sv says:

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2004. During a reading this year, Phil Lindsay suggested I check out your site. Can you tell me more about the sea-sourced iodine? I have other issues which seem to be most debilitating right now–we can’t keep my sciatic and other nerves from being activated with movement. We don’t really know if MS is contributing to that or not, although I do have lesions in my C and T-spine. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    Thank you.

    • hi, That was kind of Phillip to point you this way, and may the Path you are currently walking bring Awareness-Being forward in ways unimaginable. My heart goes to you.

      I would be happy to Skype with you or write. You let me know. Skype is donnasol2 .

      Acknowledgement of of the current state as both the result of complex causes as well as the possibility of complete unknowns is really important. A diagnosis renders a being into a set of symptoms. These are the surface of a designed superficial view. And since, a person is dimensionally more than a body, and a body is profoundly more than the identification of organs and skin pigment, then there is much that a diagnosis does not include, and possibilities it cannot envision.

      If these preliminary thoughts are in resonance with your thoughts, then let’s skype. If, a simple answer about iodine is all that is asked, then I will follow through.

      Let me know. email is .

      peace and light,

  2. Kathleen says:

    Blessings to your healing, I have looked after my husbands health for 24 yrs. He was diagnosed with MS 24 yrs. ago. Many years before internet , I used micro-fish and did research early to find a new way of bringing healing to him …much has worked to get him out of paralysis and other episodes of weakness, fatigue, weak bladder, muscle spasms etc etc . After many years he is well enough in body – but the mind is weakening at 62 he has cognitive decline to to MS….he is not spiritual , wont meditate, but will always try my new potion or remedy . Any ideas on this part of MS….from my experience , the heart connection goes running away before the linear mind …

    • Hi Kathleen. Blessings to you both – your strength and well being. Like you and your husband, I have found that the road to well-being is one of body, mind, and spirit. The body, being born of Mother Earth, seems best served by things of the Earth. I continue to use botanical remedies, herbal tinctures, plus medium to high does of Omegas (fish oil) and Vitamin D3. Magnesium is imperative as well. For the mind, reading books (not Nooks), documentaries about nature, and things such as TED talks or research into humanity’s long history keep my mind supple. I also teach online, which brings joy as well as keeps my mind creative. Regarding the spirit: one’s spirit can be bolstered in many ways. Your husband might not meditate, but he might visualize. Visualizing goodness for self and others is very supportive of well-being.

      As we all know, essentially “use it or lose it,” regarding anything in life: brain, body, functionality, or spiritual well-being. May you both continue to “use” all parts of your Being and, thus, experience the well-being that is possible.

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