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September Full Moon

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An Alien Sky?

World mythology has interested me since childhood. In the ’60’s when I was exploring libraries, the classical Greek, Roman, and some mythic imagery from Egypt and the Fertile Crescent could be found. Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as books printed by … Continue reading

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The simplicity of what is needed in the world is almost laughable. It is kindness. If every person were kind and considerate, all needs would be met. All people would innately and automatically take care of others, never take for … Continue reading

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Like a rainbow, awareness is multi-faceted but is one awareness. the Manjushri tantra states: “The Great Vehicle is distinguished by its prajna and compassion; and their realization completely extirpates the roots of all suffering.” Accordingly, this is also an answer … Continue reading

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Science: Light along the Path

Short and sweet. Enjoy it and pass it on, and join me in the upcoming online five-week course.

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