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“That’s why hindsight’s 2020.”

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“You have tracked too fast over false ground; now your soul has come to take you back, Take refuge in your senses, open up to all the small miracles you rushed through. Become inclined to watch the way of rain … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 5: Nature

We interrupt the astrological interpretations to sit and listen. Nature is joyous. Nature is sighing relief and enjoying the present moment. Last night I sat inside, doors and windows closed, but I could hear thousands of miles away as well … Continue reading

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Meditation: wisdom-compassion, non-two 1

It was joyful to see the names in the group field this morning for meditation. I’ve been meditating with you offline and the field has been palpable. Thank you, again, for your continued practice which is so needed in the … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 2

Life is One. All beings are one. We are one in the current world-event, one in its potential for arising excellence, one in concern, one in death, one in the birth of those who are incarnating during these tumultuous times, … Continue reading

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