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Meditation: simple awareness

Repeatedly, I am struck by how simple Truth is. Big T Truth has certain features; little t truth does not share them. Big T Truth is permanent and without exception, it cannot be manipulated, and denying big T Truth might … Continue reading

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Lettuce: organic, homegrown, no soil!

Harvested lettuce. Loosely packed purposefully. These are heirloom Grandma Hadley and Salad Bowl. I love eating both varieties plain. Of course, they are great with homemade dressing, home-sprouted mung bean and clover sprouts, pepitas and sesame seeds for Omegas, and … Continue reading

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Growing food indoors: update

Back home in Massachusetts, farmers and backyard gardeners would be getting ready to put plants in the ground this weekend and next week. Mother’s Day was usually the “in the ground” marker. But, here at my new home in Jaroso, … Continue reading

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Road trip: water, beavers, otters?

I drove from southern Colorado through northern New Mexico and the panhandle of Oklahoma to be at the meditation retreat in Tahlequah, Oklahoma last week. Overall, it was a beautiful drive. Switchbacks and hairpin turns through winding treed canyons in … Continue reading

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They’re popping!

You know that box for indoor gardening that I showed you last week? Well, the leaves for the purple and red potatoes are beginning to pop out of the soil and the snap pea seeds are also sprouting!     … Continue reading

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