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July 10 is the next Day of Meditation for the World

Let’s meditate with “awakening” since that’s what’s happening (or trying to!). The link to enter and the schedule are the same each month. Schedule: 8 am MT: Set the focus, meditate. 9 am MT: A visual presentation on equanimity 10 am MT: … Continue reading

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Meditation: taste and awareness 2

Perceiving things more correctly is the result of a well-serving meditation practice. Relaxation or a peak experience are benefits, and they might initially entice someone to develop a practice, but these fleeting results are not the purpose of meditation. Those … Continue reading

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Meditation: taste and awareness 1

The sense of taste includes far more than the flavors crossing our tongue. To set the tone of discovery for this week via the sense of taste, this meditation session guides us through contemplations on things most often not thought … Continue reading

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April Day of Meditation webcasts

The newness of each moment.

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Astrology never gets old: reread some past posts

Blazing Light has numerous articles/posts that, though written with a particular alignment or conjunction or planets in sign in mind, are timeless. For example, a post about Pluto aligned with Sirius provides insight into Pluto, Sirius, as well as how … Continue reading

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