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Remedies for body and mind

Winter often gives us one last kick to the can of our physical health before the warmer weather establishes. Most of us have go-to herbs or vitamins or methods that we use at the first, littlest symptom of a germ … Continue reading

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Observations of the Path

A friend and I have been reflecting on meditative and spiritual Path experiences that occurred ten years ago for us. For me, they continued through the whole year; I don’t know about her. As I have re-read the journal entries, … Continue reading

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Garden riches

The joyful responsibility of planting, tending, and harvesting my friend’s/neighbor’s raised beds was handed largely to me in the Spring. It was soooooo good to get back to the earth and the devic life of gardens and flower beds. Growing … Continue reading

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Meditation: simple awareness

Repeatedly, I am struck by how simple Truth is. Big T Truth has certain features; little t truth does not share them. Big T Truth is permanent and without exception, it cannot be manipulated, and denying big T Truth might … Continue reading

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Lettuce: organic, homegrown, no soil!

Harvested lettuce. Loosely packed purposefully. These are heirloom Grandma Hadley and Salad Bowl. I love eating both varieties plain. Of course, they are great with homemade dressing, home-sprouted mung bean and clover sprouts, pepitas and sesame seeds for Omegas, and … Continue reading

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