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Happy, the documentary

What makes a person happy? The science of it, the fun of it, the goodness of it. On Amazon Prime if you have that. Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo. See

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The future is now. The paradigm shift is in our mind, as well as the daring and willingness to participate in the new, ¬†bold, and brilliant. Humanity has settled for mediocrity for so long, and has considered the condition of … Continue reading

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Seeds, the future of existence

Seed, the untold story, is an independent lens documentary on PBS rivets one in both fear and hope. Only 4% of edible-food seed still exists. Biodiversity has been hybridized out, GMO poisoned, or native and traditional seeds bought and destroyed … Continue reading

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Video: Introducing Esoteric Astrology

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advancing meditation: The why’s of shamatha training (video)

This short video encapsulates why the steps in shamatha practice are what they are – no matter who’s teaching it. Shamatha is the only ground for meditation. In fact, shamatha is the closest experience that one can have of buddha … Continue reading

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