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Compost Mysteries: 2

Composting reminds us that we are part of the Circle of Life. Modern conveniences have largely removed us from this miracle and its mysteries. We need food, we buy food, we throw away food. Yet food is food for other … Continue reading

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Small things are big things

Yesterday, I figured it out. My thyroid was low. An increase of the plant based supplement that I take for thyroid was all that was needed. It has probably been a month or so that my thyroid has been on … Continue reading

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Magic: Year-end review

Three words: translation, transmutation, transformation. Use these for a year-end self reflection. Hold them through the days of the year ending and the new one beginning such that their truths and efficacy is part of your waking living awareness. Translation: … Continue reading

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With the Morning

Five hundred or so years ago, Grandfather would take me out. Each morning we would meet the day. Sometimes the cold wind would almost whisk me away but he would hold my hand and his strength was all I needed. … Continue reading

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Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 2

Nourish your soul. Nourish your body. Nourish your mind. You, me, your children, everyone you know or will never meet are beings of great potential and undiscovered qualities. Much of the world has been lulled into a stupor, a stressed … Continue reading

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