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Plentiful. Wishing it into the world.

The garden is coming into peak harvest here in Jaroso, CO, for everything except tomatoes. Lots of green fruit slowly changing color, though! Here are couple recipes created on the fly and now keepers. Gluten-free, vegetarian, yummy. Quinoa Tabouleh: makes … Continue reading

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Meditation: have confidence

Good things take time, but they do eventuate. Benefit can also be instantaneous and delightful, catching us by surprise. Let’s reflect on the ripples of transformation or benefit that have resulted from awareness more it its seat. That which is … Continue reading

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Meditation: generous companion

Our physical body is often interacted with like we do with our car or refrigerator. Fuel it, put stuff in it, and it’s supposed to work well all the time. Right? Truth is that this amazing, complex, and miraculous physical … Continue reading

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Oxygenation – short animated video

We breathe in, we breathe out. From TED talks.

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Herbs for health 2- resonance

I fly by the seat of my pants a lot. Always have. In mundane affairs, I learn what is needed but more is usually not of interest. If the subject is spiritual, consciousness, the Path, or related matters, I’m a … Continue reading

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