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One-year Esoteric Psychology program – begins in retreat April 2019

I am very excited to invite you to join the one-year Esoteric Psychology program that will begin in Wisconsin in April 2019. Registrations are now open. What is Esoteric Psychology? It is a comprehensive study of a human being as … Continue reading

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Seeds, the future of existence

Seed, the untold story, is an independent lens documentary on PBS rivets one in both fear and hope. Only 4% of edible-food seed still exists. Biodiversity has been hybridized out, GMO poisoned, or native and traditional seeds bought and destroyed … Continue reading

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Healthy, delicious and simple too!

Two snack or dessert items that feature coconut manna (butter) or coconut oil for good brain and body food. Coconut Fruit Mousse (original idea from Eileen Sullivan – then added to. Thanks, Eileen!) In a Nutri-Bullet type blender combine: 1 … Continue reading

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Reflux? Nausea? Cat’s Claw can help.

Here are some of Cat’s Claw”s common benefits. quells nausea, especially when induced by decreased food intake and/or anxiety reduces acid in the gut, therefore can greatly assist with Reflux. Of course, eating nutritiously and well combined is the long-term … Continue reading

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The 51% solution

We all struggle with habits that we would like to change. These are tendencies that, for the most part, we know are currently causing harm to our body, or to our finances, or to our relationships, to our future, or … Continue reading

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