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Each person is an incarnation of Light.

The image of Theotokos is part of a world treasury of image, myth, legend, and oral tradition. The wisdom of the world contains few primary themes which are intended to report fundamental causative principles related to being human and to … Continue reading

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Qualities of the after-life states

At essence, the afterlife states have three primary qualities: luminosity, dynamism, and continuity or a continuous nature. These three qualities, though triune in awareness and the consciousness stream itself, each become a dominant quality of an afterlife state. They are … Continue reading

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Energy, Vibration, Truth of Being

There is no density. All is energy in various dimensions of vibration. The slower moving frequencies create a seeming densification, but it is only seeming. Humanity is being called to its ability to perceive and, thereby, undo the seeming and…

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The Continuity of Consciousness, pt. 1

The three primary qualities of Awareness are luminosity, dynamism, and continuity. Like all presentations of three-that-are-One, these three are not separate qualities of Awareness but help us recognize Awareness as it is all the time. These three qualities, therefore, underlie … Continue reading

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