Meditation: prajna, beauty

Meditation is possible each moment. All we need do is drop into it, drop into Presence and present-moment Awareness. Today we use Beauty as the gateway.

(Sunflower photo is from my garden.)

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No online meditations this week. Sorry.

hi all,

I’m traveling and thought I might be able to manage online meditations while doing so. But, that isn’t going to happen.

See you next Tuesday, Oct. 4 online. Until then, cultivate loving-kindness with yourself and all others including the Earth. Thank you!

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Meditation: prajna, fresh each moment

Engage each moment for the fact that it has never expressed before and nothing in all its features will be as is again.

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Meditation: prajna, the heart of it

A meditation practice should have a revelatory feature that demonstrates off the cushion most of the time.

  • Because of a focus on the flow of the breath, for example, one begins to experience the push and struggle of when “things” are not flowing.
  • Because of attention on attention: can one maintain it, does attention wander randomly, where do thoughts come from anyway?; one begins to watch how easily one is distracted, entangled, and goes down a rabbit hole of thought, projection, emotion, or repeated behaviors.
  • Due to giving one’s self the gift of simply sitting quiet somewhere or slowly walking in Nature, one notices how gentle peace can feel and how contented one is naturally.

Meditation never stops giving. It is a fountain of benefits, insights, and opportunities to transform patterns lived for who knows how long. How wonderful!

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Meditation: prajna, open Presence

I never want to sound like I’m making light of the categorical changes going on in our world, in societies, or in the lives of so many people. Billions probably. Nonetheless, when a person is in Presence -any of the qualities of Presence, any measure of Presence- the circumstance or situation is more navigable. Why? To some extent, that is due to the openness of Presence. There is room for change. Presence is embracing. Presence is malleable, not rigid.

Presence serves everyone and the world; and it is already present within.

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