Meditation: womb and dissolution

Space holds us. For example, the space in the room makes you in the room possible. The space in one’s body provides for organs to be inside and function. The space of the solar system is held within outer space which includes the Milky Way Galaxy of which we on Earth are a part. Space holds all that is in existence and makes its expression possible. This is one layer of meaning behind Blavatsky’s statement in the Secret Doctrine that “Space is an entity.”

There is a space after the in-breath and another after the out-breath. In both situations, the interlude is both a womb and a dissolution. The in-breath is born from an interlude; the in-breath also dissolves into an interlude which produces its completion. The out-breath is born from an interlude into which the in-breath dissolves, then it, too, dissolves into an interlude which is its completion and the birth of a new in-breath. These awarenesses are valuable: a) space holds us and b) space/interlude is both a womb of beginnings or births as well as the void into which something dissolves and disappears.

In meditation practice, the focus is awareness, plain and simple. In preliminary practices – which may take years or lifetimes to stabilize – one becomes aware of how unaware and constantly distracted one is. Yeah for you! Now one is aware of it! With that, methods and techniques can be employed to disentangle oneself from the snares of mental and emotional wandering. Why does wandering happen? Because human beings distract themselves from boredom and constantly seek to entice and interest themselves in something or interest others in themselves. The proof of this is you and I.

Feel how the breath dissolves within its cycle but that the dissolution is simultaneously the birth of the next part of the cycle. Then consider that any emotion, desire, craving, or thought that arises also dissolves as quickly as it is born. Habitually, then, we rebirth, re-create, or re-instate the desire, emotion, thought or craving that just rose and dissipated. We do this ceaselessly through the day: with innocuous things like “knowing” that the sky is blue and with all that makes up our personal reality.

No harm; no foul, literally. Any flash or fleeting moment of awareness is awareness. In that moment, that flash of presence, or in sustained minutes of presence-being, we are bringing benefit to ourself (no harm) and are not harming anyone else with thought, word, or deed (no foul). Just as significant, we are dissolving habits that are lived robotically and mindlessly. With that, we are birthing awareness – even if only for a fleeting second. Then, with the breath, let’s repeat the fresh, the new, the now and let the old patterns dissolve away.

the womb and the dissolution 011719

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Meditation: undivided

The interlude of the breath connects the in and the out of breathing. Connected, united, at-oned, undivided, inseparable, and non-dual all lie within the simplicity of this interlude and our experience of it.

undivided 011519

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Meditation: simple essence

Heart-mind is what we are.

Live from an elevated vibration of being. Be heart-mind in all situations, relationships, encounters, and moments. Help make the world a better place.

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Meditation: friendship with oneself

All preliminary meditation practices lead to heart-mind. Heart-mind is the source of ease, tranquility, peace, of lightness and heartfulness, of the goodness that often is felt when a sitting gels.

Heart-mind is also that which in us cares, seeks beauty, harmonizes, sees the potential in another. Heart-mind is why we have pets, why we volunteer or try to make the world a better place.

Yet for all the kindness that many people give to others, they are not friendly with themselves. Self-judgement, criticism, competitiveness, ignoring oneself or the signals of emotions, aches or pains, or overwhelm are examples of unkindness to one’s self.

Let us sit in heart-mind with ourself.



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Meditation: vulnerable and strong

Since childhood, our minds are programmed to think in terms of opposites like hot and cold, light and dark. Meditation erodes some of that programming such that values are nuanced and recognized as within a spectrum of totality. Light is more luminous than dark but dark provides fertility, for example.

Vulnerability and strength are two qualities that, when lived together, support the wholeness and integrity of a human being. Vulnerability acknowledges that we are vulnerable, mortal, easily up-ended, and are essentially emotional and soft inside. Emotions provide wonder, happiness, caring; they are the underpinning of us, of how we relate to one another and life in general, and gravitate toward that which benefits us. To live from these truths allows one to discover one’s inner being because everything else is temporary, is costuming, is show. There lies true strength: the strength of character, of virtue, of self-less-ness, and authenticity.

Strength is lived forcefully is just pushing. It is aggression. When strength comes from within, from the soft, the vulnerable, from the integrity of ourselves as mortal, changing, learning beings, then that strength is sought out by others. That strength is supple and warm and as strong as the sky or sea which nothing can conquer.

We meditate for silently after the verbal preamble.

vulnerable and strong 010819

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