Meditation: 2 podcasts

C0-existence is the first one. It’s from Tuesday. A sitting practice provides a contrived situation; one fabricated by the practitioner to support and bring about certain results. Those results will all be about awareness:

  • awareness of one’s breath
  • awareness of emotion, or thoughts in the mind, or of the rotary and repetitive character of common-mind process
  • awareness of being present to any of the above, which means brings forward present to Presence
  • awareness of the attributes of Awareness
  • awareness of the attributes of tranquility
  • and so forth.

All of these build upon themselves and lead from noticing something superficial to recognizing the deeper or pervasive display of the same in life. The latter is when things get interesting and when one knows that meditation is transforming how one’s mind-emotion complex is functioning.

The features of inner and outer experiences are co-existent. The features that are recognized within also express without, or all around. This is rather like the branching shape of a tree which is the same as a river and its feeder tributaries or of veins and arteries or nerves and so forth. Hanging out with clarity reveals its sharpness, its unmistaken quality, for example. Well, a sharp pain is pretty unmistakable too! Both demonstrate clarity but very differently. It is this scope of realization and recognition that can result from meditation practice and consistently illumine the co-existent nature of Awareness and Existence.

co-existent 091719

Second is Just Sitting. In addition to that being the essence of all meditation practice, it also is a gift to body, energy, mind, and the world. While one is sitting

  • the body relaxes,
  • energy is beneficially generated which renews physical, emotional, and mental systems,
  • the mind learns to attend to nothing but itself, then learns to let go of that and simply rest in its own nature,
  • plus you and I are creating no negative karma while sitting in meditation. We are creating the habit of meditative practice and positive energy is going into the world.

While sitting, Awareness and the field of awareness are recognized as inseparable – thus co-existent.

just sitting 091919

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Astrology readers: gratitude for your patience

To those who are waiting for the Houses series, it’s coming. I was away helping a friend for a week and the gardens are producing abundantly. The food needs processing. Hold tight! Thank you.

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Meditation: inseparable qualities

Slowly, slowly, we are exploring the universe within: the universality of Awareness. As with any other exploration, one has to take note of what one is experiencing. These recognitions ARE the very qualities of Awareness itself, just as the experience of humidity or of the sounds, or the particular smells, etc. of any new environment are of the nature of that environment.

The Buddha said, “All is mind.” What does that mean? How can that be so? Is it so? Lao Tsu said in the Tao te Ching, “The Tao is beyond words … but is the universe of all things.” Are Mind and Tao the same? How would you or I determine that? Can that be determined? Tilopa instructed Naropa, “Look into the mirror of the mind.” Mind/mirror? Awareness/Existence, awareness/experience. Hmmmm.

Only you can experience the nature of Presence as you experience it. And, that experience will have variations on its theme, differences given the situation or circumstance, barometric pressure of the day, and so forth; but, it will be your experience. If ten people were asked, “What is your experience of Presence?,”  there would be similarities in what they report though the words might vary. Why? Because of the ground, the underlying something that is inexpressible that each of those people is actually, in some measure and manner, experiencing. This is why we are going slowly.

Vipashyana asks, “What are you experiencing?” and, the surface of anything is not the answer. When we sit in tranquility, what are you and I experiencing? What is the taste, the feel, the display, the temperature of tranquility?

The more that someone recognizes the subtleties going on inside and under the surface of automated identifications and imputations, the more readied that person is  to let conceptualizations and identifications go. We cannot let go of that which is unrecognized, not owned – so to speak – by the mind/emotion complex. Noticing the usually not noticed is the gateway to “all awareness” which is why shamatha-vipashyana in union is the door to Prajnaparamita, Perfect Wisdom.

inseparable qualities 091419

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Meditation: essential non-duality

Many times over the years of these online meditations, non-dual and inseparable  qualities within have been highlighted, and done so through our experiences. Tranquility and one-pointedness, clarity and spaciousness, peace and dynamism are only a few of the pairs of qualities that if one is present, the other one is also.

Training in shamatha makes it possible to notice either or both of the qualities. Vipashyana is the actual noticing plus the letting go or non-attachment to what one has noticed. When combined, shamatha and vipashyana then foster a deepening into those characteristics which deepens one’s meditation.

But, shamatha and vipashyana training provides more. The peace and stability of shamatha are a display of the emptiness of phenomena. In other words, the detached, impartiality of shamatha and its altitude of consciousness are what they are (as phenomena themselves) because all phenomena are empty/neutral/and void of imputation. And, perceiving the subtlety within any experience (which is itself a phenomenon) is to perceive perception which undoes the unconscious and habituated factors of cognition-perception. Vipashyana renders cognition mute due to experiencing  no longer being automated, by-rote, or an assumption. Rather, perception and cognition are realized to be a unity; working with one adjusts the other. Working with both – through working with either – deconstructs self-accepted reality.

Now, what shamatha and vipashyana provide gels into a consistent living awareness of the non-two, non dualistic nature of Awareness and Existence/awareness and experience. They cannot be separated. To be aware of something is to experience it; to be experiencing something is to be cognizant in some manner about the experience, the experiencer, and the field of experience.

Let’s meditate.

essential non-duality 091219

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Meditation: all that can be known

We do two experiments in this sitting.

I hesitate to write “the teaching” that is within each meditation session because, usually, we experience “the teaching” and then it is pointed out. It is best is the opportunity for direct experience be left unsullied by conceptualizations and words.

Yes, within oneself is all there is to be known!


all there is to be known 091019

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