Libra Full Moon meditation: generate a great light

Let us find the power of the heart within and live from it. Let us generate the great light of the heart.

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Virgo Full Moon meditation

Virgo is an earth sign. It is also one of service, care, selflessness, and humility. The changes that the Earth are going through require that humanity serve one another and future generations through honest acknowledgement of change and of the opportunities that change provides. Service to and of one another and all life on Earth is one such opportunity. This provides endless opportunities for caring, selflessness, and for heart-mindful solutions to our Path forward together.

virgo full moon 2017

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August – Leo – Full Moon meditation

This full moon is accompanied by a lunar eclipse and Mars conjunct the Sun in Leo. In many ways, these energies portend the solar eclipse in two weeks on August 21 which will be accompanied by a Grand Fire Trine. The planets involved then will be the Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

Mars conjunct the Sun for this moon can display in excitability, passion not wisely directed, and action that is moving too fast for its well-being or the well-being of others. Be mindful, thoughtful, and take a breath before speaking, choosing, and action.

In the two weeks between this full moon and the new moon (with the solar eclipse and Grand Fire trine) practice mindfulness. Add your thoughtfulness and considerate behavior to the world telepathic currents of shared human thought and action. The world stage is not where we want the lower, impulsive, and brash expressions of Mars/Saturn/Uranus/Sun to express. The US, North Korea, the stall in Syria, the ongoing civil wars in Yemen and the Sudan as well as Venezuela are the tinder kegs that too easily could ignite.

But the higher expression of the same forces is the fearlessness of wisdom and compassion, and the courage to face the devil of personal passions and be done with them. Let us together vanquish the lesser forces within us, personally and globally, and shine a great light into the world. Let us light our way, humanity!

This meditation engages the light of the heart, of the wisdom eye, and of the crown center.

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July, Cancer, Full Moon meditation

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Saga Dawa and Goodwill Festival full moon meditation

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