Meditation: nondual

As meditation practice spread in the western countries, terms associated with meditation and its results have also filtered into western languages and thought. Nondual is one such word. Immediately, however, there is an issue: the mindset of the western culture. Nondual has been part of the Indian sub-continent’s way of thinking about life for thousands of years whereas dual  – two that are separated – has been the way of thinking in the west. For example, Ganesha is a god of benevolence, abundance, and wealth. He is an elephant or is elephant-headed. He is big as a display of abundance or, like Santa Claus’ girth symbolizing contentment and satiety, Ganesha’s size symbolizes the same. But, Ganesha’s mount of choice is a mouse. Nondual.

Tantra also is from the Indian sub-continent. And, though Tibetan Buddhist tantrayana is not the same as karmamudra (sexual practices) which are and have been a core practice within Indian tantra, the secular and the sexual actually have nonduality as the essential truth represented.

Nondual is as common as the wetness of water or the spaciousness of the sky. For a meditation practitioner in the west, experiences of nonduality are held before one as a marker or measure or as something to achieve. This attitude is not present in the east. Nondual is life and awareness. Duality is illusion. Various experiences of nonduality await everyone, even in being present to the liquid one is drinking. In meditation training and practice, nondual experiences will naturally come forward as the sense of single self learns to abide in tranquility and then in the pointed awareness of shamatha and insight (vipashyana) combined.

Again, there are many experiences of nondual including awareness itself that lie just waiting within a practitioner. This week we invite one.

May this meditation and its technique serve your practice.

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Meditation: simple, nothing exotic

Awareness is simple. Nothing special, nothing exotic. It is free, thus cannot be purchased; it is already within you, there is nothing to download And, though gurus, instructors, meditation teachers, and spiritual mentors can point out what they experience and how they came to do so which become instructions for you, you alone will discover Awareness as it is for you.

Yes, spend money if you have it on a meditation retreat. Yes, hang out and discuss Awareness. But, only in the mindfulness of the moments of the day in any inner or outer experience will you or I stumble upon or delight in or be shocked by or uplifted by Awareness as it is. In that moment, its simplicity will dawn; due to an emotion, awareness can arise. In the thoughts about this or that and realizing the merry-go-round that the personal mind is on, awareness will be the Ah, subsequent smile, and tranquility. It’s all very simple and direct.

* You can always join us for the live meditation. We gather on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 am ET, which is 8 am CT and 7 am MT. The link to do so is at the top of this page on the masthead (Meditation).

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Gearing up for growing food!

It’s just about time to start more indoor leaf lettuce and arugula. The three containers seeded in late November have been serving me daily since mid-December. These are grown hydroponically using a simple version of the Kratky method.


Planters are washed for the next round of hydroponic heirloom leaf lettuces and arugula. Arugula goes in my eggs, chopped into tuna, and often is just eaten plain –  plants plucked whole from the planter. Lettuce, too, yum!

I love eating plants grown indoors through these cold months. Spring is on my mind, probably yours, too. Gonna play with some new things this year like organic soy for edamame and beans for drying. Of course, the seeds from the six type of tomatoes grown last season have been kept and dried. Can’t wait for Spring!

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#15: Wrapping Up the Houses View Spiritually

The aspiration behind this series on the astrological houses has been that of self-knowing and understanding. A plethora of mechanisms for doing so exist in the world. They have been handed down or brought freshly forward through all spiritual traditions. The key to self-knowing is honesty in engaging oneself. We know this. Troublesome habits or thoughts are only changed through self-honesty and  heart-full integrity both being without and beyond self-judgement.

I have enjoyed writing this approach using the three planets that rule each house and have benefited from it. A fresh look at myself is always welcome! The purpose of this incarnation was  blatantly restated and new illuminations had as I went around the Wheel contemplating for each article. I hope insights and instruction were garnered by you as you pondered each new article with your birth chart.

This series will not visit the twelfth house but will leave that exploration to you. Each of the ruling planets has been taken up in previous articles, so the information to work with is available. The rulers of Pisces condition the 12th house. They are Neptune (the modern common ruler/it was Jupiter), Jupiter still involved as esoteric ruler conjoined with Pluto, and Jupiter in the hierarchical position. Much could be intuited about Pisces and the 12th house simply through the role of Jupiter.

This collection of articles was sparked by the many comments and inquiries from people on their horoscopes that sprang from my article, Twelfth House – Hidden Power, posted on BlazingLight more than five years ago. If the information offered there or in this series has been of benefit, then the gifts of Master DK are to thank for that. I simply worked with what he provided and encouraged.

My friends, if one is alive during these significant times of change, there is reason for it. Each of us is functional in the transformation of humanity and human living on Earth. To assist in that, we must “be all that we can be.” I bow to the light and heart of wisdom-compassion that is the essence of everyone. Let’s bring in the light in every way, every moment of every day. Namaste!

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Meditation: direct

It’s all very simple. Stub your toe, it hurts. Hug someone, it feels warm. Feel the space in which you sit, it is open and unencumbered.

Direct perception is simple, accessible to everyone right now. Does it mature into intuition? Yes, but that’s immaterial; a huge boulder on the shoreline will slowly dissolve into sand, but right now there is rock and sea.

The direct participation in the hurt toe declares that existence is raw and rough and often quite painful on any and many levels. The warmth of an embrace is a direct participation in the unity that underlies all existence. Letting yourself experience the spaciousness of the space around you will lead to the space within, not to mention open one in that moment. Direct perception is direct participation. It’s very simple.

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