Meditation: radiance of the heart

As we return together after a long internet silence, we do so radiating goodness into the world.

Nice to be back online with you all!

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Sorry; no internet

Hi friends, the satellite internet at my house has been down for the last ten days and will remain so until new service is obtained or created. I’m looking into Starlink. The reviews are great, but it is a SpaceX product and … you can figure out the rest.

The small company that has served the outlying areas in San Luis Valley, CO no longer is doing so. No bueno for everyone. So, I’m sitting in a hotspot in nowheresville to update you!

Please continue to meditate for the world, those you interact with, and yourself. big hug!

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Meditation: how marvelous!

We return to the breath for this session. Breath as a contemplation, as a teacher and teaching. And, because breath alone is the one thing needed to be alive in this instant, breath makes all experiences, learning, insights, and love possible.

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Meditation: equanimity 11, rejoicing the moment

We reflect on change.

More in balance with wholeness is the result.

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Meditation: equanimity 10, sing

Sing a happy song! Let the tune, its words, meaning, and inspiration flow into the world. From your car, your shower, walking, sitting at home, while preparing a meal or getting dressed, chant mantra, sing a diddy, make it up as you go, but good vibes no matter its form.

Another aspect of equanimity is that it is free flowing to all, includes all, has no preferences or bias. There are limitless ways to habituate ourselves to benefiting others (which will benefit ourselves), and singing a happy tune, a mantra, or Mr. Rodger’s “Neighbor” song, put good vibes into the world and, while doing so, your mind is occupied with goodness or the blessing of others rather than the usual BS that rolls in our mind.

Sing. Chant. Make it up. Make it happen!

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