Three-day online meditation retreat

Here, Present, Awakened: in support of humanity is a three-day online meditation retreat that will include outside walking contemplation (where you are) plus several sitting sessions supported by a visual presentation each day. The focus is humanity, ourselves as implicit in the awakening of the collective whole, and that this birthing is invoking human extra-ordinary potential to be the ordinary normal from which we all live.

Dates: Thursday-Saturday, June 11-13 from 8 am -3 pm Mountain Time each day.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” “In this moment, I am the reason that all my ancestors were born.” “If not now, when? If not me, then who?” and may I be “a wisdom torch, a butter lamp for all beings.” We are familiar with these statements; probably have said them to others; but to what extent is their invocation the richness and newness that each of us lives? Each person being Here, Present, and Awakened is what we have been waiting for. It is our now, and – the truth is, that it is as easy as blinking our eyes.

More information will be posted as the date draws near. The online retreat is free. Suggestions and links for possible appreciation-donation will also be posted. This retreat is open to all. No video cams, please; and please respectfully keep yourself muted unless we are in a specific discussion period.

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Meditation: contemplate love again and again

Garchen Rinpoche has a current series on YouTube on restoring love in one’s mind and therefore in the world. Why restore?

The average human day has many ups and downs, emotions and thoughts, worries and stresses, joys and celebrations. A moment of beauty (a bird or flower) is celebrated; a moment of disappointment is harbored. Something isn’t quite as one wanted, then another thing is. Someone we care for makes us happy in this instance then frustration arises an hour later. Love has come and gone, or been lived through fickleness, or wasn’t love in the first place but called so by the ego. Thus, to restore the mind to a state of love is needed.

Human love also demonstrates through various types of attachment. In order to illustrate this in this session, we begin by looking around the room we are sitting in. (you can do this now.) Without judgement, look at all that is in the room, how it is what you want in the room – maybe for comfort or pleasure or edification or ease. Take your time.

Some things in the room have celebration behind them or joy or fond memories. All of these are attachments (no judgement). Maybe items were purchased in a foreign country and in our mind we thought that to purchase it would help the local people. The item was liked (coveted and celebrated) then a mixture of elitism and empathy arose regarding the local people. Some items in the room are multiple (chairs, tables, pillows, books, photos, and such). What are the many thoughts and emotions that are encapsulated in these items being present in your room? All of this process is another layer of contemplating love.

Is love the mirror through which you are viewing the pandemic or the unrest in America or Hong Kong or Latin America or other parts of the world? Is love the underlying energy in your meditations and talking, walking, cooking, and being through this full moon cycle or any other day? What is love? How many loves are there for human beings? Do other kinds of beings experience love in additional ways?

So much to contemplate. Twenty-four hours a day might not be adequate to do so!

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Meditation: contemplation

There are many ways to heal an ailment or prevent one, accomplish a task, or meditate. In all circumstances in life, one way is not the only way. Just watch children or creative people if that is questioned.

Contemplation is not one thing either, nor is it better to contemplate on thing rather than another. Musing, reflecting upon, letting a fullness of something arise in one’s mind are most effective when done during the events and circumstances of one’s day. Contemplate anything anytime. Doing so brings one here, focuses one in the present, and is a threshold to wakefulness. How so? Contemplation (in all its forms and derivations) is open rather thanĀ  reductive. Reflecting upon something begins with the specific something but is non-determinate after that. Contemplation might or might not inspire insight but it will open the mind and heart. The latter might be more significant in human taming and training. With the foundation of a truly open heart and mind, then insight has ground for integration.

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A new school for children

focused on innate goodness, natural curiosity, and being an innocent child.

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Awakening: Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus coming soon!

The garden project has taken precedence over … everything! My apologies to the astrology readers of Blazing Light.

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