Meditation: abiding allows insight

Insight is an interesting word. In-sight indicates:

  • perceiving that which is within: within one’s self, an emotion, a thought process, a moment or circumstance, or within current perceived reality
  • to look within: to have an interest in or curiosity about underlying meanings, purpose, infinitude or voidness
  • that within sight is greater sight, within vision is greater vision. The same is implied for all the senses.

The experience of insight is our evidence of any or all of the above. This is important because without insight we would remain like the people in Plato’s cave: stuck in erroneous perceptions therefore imprisoned in a false reality. But insight, had by anyone/everyone about anything, is the mother of inventions, of illustrations of the inner worlds of physics, anatomy, botany, and the esoteric anatomy of people, as well as the deconstruction of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, up to the sense of self that experiences and  believes in it all.

With the revelation and incremental dissection of the sense of self comes a juncture. It is a fork in the road that we approach countless times a day as desire arises and each of us chooses what to do with it. The desire could be to have a part of one’s body work or look like it used to, or to be accepted for who one is -accepted on one’s merits, or a food desire, distraction desire, desire to be hugged or heard. Each of these moments is a dual moment; one not merely about yes or no, have or have not, do or don’t but one of essential being and how we live that dualistically. This, then, gives rise to all lesser desires, avoidances, preferences, and divisions in our mind. The duality is that of partial presence and Presence; said otherwise, it is habits of perception within the background of openly perceiving. The former is a functioning by-product of the sense of self, the latter is the function of innate, present Awareness. This is the juncture engaged countless times a day.

One feature of habituated duality is that it presents as the superficiality of immediacy such as immediate gratification, temporary satisfaction, fleeting happiness of the moment over anything. The patterned consciousness mistakes these to be what to strive for, what to achieve or surround one’s self with. Fundamental duality also presents as the space that is the juncture between this and that, have or have not, do or don’t. Awareness is that space,  that non between two apparent objects of consideration.

Awareness is the presence of mind or emotion or both that IS each moment for us. The deconstruction of the habituated self occurs within these moments, these junctures. Are there also prescribed processes of dissecting the personality? Sure, but they all essentialize to being present and honest with one’s self as frequently as possible. Both will illumine the habits of perception that codify one’s sense of self and will make plain that the sense of self is a by-product of our own making. As such, it is limited and limiting just like the size room that you are in now. It is that size not another and it cannot arbitrarily expand. We can work with the space of the room, rearrange furniture or remove some, but the room cannot magically grow bigger. Personality is like this. We rearrange ourselves all the time! But personal self is not bigger as a result.

Abiding allows insight. Other words for abiding include: resting the mind, resting the self, being present, allowing, softening and opening, letting or letting be, being neutral or impartial, altitude, and simply being. You probably have additional words or phrases. What’s important is to notice through our day that when we choose the space in the juncture of a moment, that abiding allows clarity to arise. It might or might not seem like insight, but all clarity is.

This meditation is almost completely silent.

In learning to be comfortable with the present moment, we develop new habits of consciousness, one’s of present Awareness and open perception.

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Meditations from a day of meditation on loving-kindness

for humanity and the world.

Each of the two podcasts are 3-4 hours of the retreat. There are numerous meditations on each, plus the presentations.The morning’s presentations are brief and simply move the theme of loving-kindness to the next phase of contemplation/meditation/experience (#1). #2 begins with an open-mic discussion time of half an hour, then -in addition to the meditations- there is a presentation on loving-kindness and the chakras.

The agenda of meditations for #1 was:

  • warmth of the heart, warm heartedness
  • warmth expands out, spacious equanimity, light of the heart
  • equanimity, generosity, empathy
  • the loving-kindness of Mother Earth

The agenda of meditations and presentations for #2 was:

  • discussion/questions
  • chakras and loving-kindness
  • maitri/Maitreya and the invocation of loving-kindness
  • closing meditation

#1: Aug. Support 1 ,

#2: Aug. Support 2 ,

Here are the slides of the day. a day of meditation – Aug. 2020

See you for September’s Day of Meditation in Support of Humanity and the World on Sept. 12.

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Meditation: tranquility, clarity, empathy

The 13th Karmapa wrote,

“As for meditation, there is a great variety of meditative systems that set their teaching priorities to people’s capacities and individual qualities. … Adopt the essential points of the body (posture) and mind… .  No matter whether it is still or moves, just be aware with mindfulness. … Leave mind in its uncontrived, naturally settled, intrinsic state. If you can leave it this way, there is some slight knowing of your own face. It is nothing but this which, for the time being, is merely labeled ‘meditation.”

In the nature of meditative equipoises, there is no difference; but in terms of the progressive arising of qualities and the difference in purifying cognitive obscurations, they become gradually more superior.”  The Song of the View excerpted from Straight from the Heart translated by K. Brunnholzl

Walking, sitting, washing dishes, driving, gardening, hiking, biking, parenting, being with someone – no matter what one is doing, it can be done “in the nature of meditative equipoise”. In fact, the more one does bring mind-fullness to each mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical-energetic activity, one is practicing meditative equipoise. Along with myriad teachers down the ages from various traditions, the 13th Karmapa states the same primary elucidation has been made before. It doesn’t matter what you do, simply do it in present awareness.

He adds that equipoise (tranquility, peace, neutrality, impartiality, detachment) brought forward and experienced as one’s current point of Path will mature, yes, but also is the same equipoise that is experienced later on the Path. This is like reading. We read when we were five years old. That reading was commensurate with our reading-maturity. The maturing of reading has happened throughout our life, but reading itself is the same as when we were five.

We add, that due to off-the-cushion application of whatever technique one is currently working with and its integration into daily life, the progressive purifying within that technique embraces the daily life also. With such application, all activities and processes of body, speech, and mind that are engaged off-the-cushion are subsumed in one’s meditative practice.

At essence, training in taming results in some tranquility. Tranquility allows innate clarity to self-illumine. These two are then brought into union through numerous techniques, yes, but more importantly through application in one’s moments of life.

Tranquility (impartiality, neutrality, detachment) now in union with clarity (precision, alertness, altitude) stabilize as awakened awareness. No matter where one is on the Path, tranquility will be required in order to invite the natural vivid clarity and luminosity that is. One’s “own face” is a metaphor for residing in the natural, amazing, yet ordinary state of simple awareness.

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Meditation: within

It’s interesting to reflect on something that one has been doing for a long time. I’ve been offering meditation and meditation instruction for thirty-five years. Retreats, one-on-one, by telephone before the internet was the going thing, and then online have been a joy to provide because of the shared experience of meditating with others, plus feeling everyone awaken/sparkle/deepen.

For the last year or so, simplicity has been forefront for me as a meditator and in the online meditation practice. Because simplicity is of the inner essence of Awareness-Being, meditators and meditation practice -at some point- arrive here: to the present and already awakened presence of simple being. We go within and learn that our relation to existence stems from our relationship with inner presence.

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Meditation: openness

Here, present, awakened is another way of saying open. To abide in openness is to be here, to be present; and in that open, untetheredness, awakening is ongoing. Little awakenings as well as undoings that might seem substantial, an unmooring.

But first, in this moment, be here, present in openness.

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