Meditation: connected by light

The five-day full moon cycle completes today. Many people have aligned with this May full moon under the aspirations of Wesak. In addition to being a celebration of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and paranirvana, it also offers a specific linking of the world network of light (heart-mind) by all being seen and unseen. This network interpenetrates the world, all beings, and engenders the awakening of compassion, wisdom, and right action.

We align once again with this network, of which all meditators and people of goodwill are a part. In that alignment there is no fear for the world or its beings, but also no denial of the fullness of suffering and the causes of suffering. In the alignment of light, with the power of compassion-wisdom ignited, you and I can acknowledge how we cause or foster suffering as well as how we are and can extinguish the causes of all suffering for all beings of every kind on this wondrous Earth.

connected by light 052119


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It goes forward.

A 91 year-old neighbor asked me to teach him meditation. He has an acute, well-trained mind that he has used throughout his personal and professional life. He is kind-hearted, of gentle spirit, and eager to learn. This man is scientifically-minded, mechanically-minded, and phenomena are a mechanism of empiricism for him. Metaphysical, esoteric or subtle frameworks and systems of knowledge are not known to him. Therefore, unless a clear corollary can be used to illustrate a relation or be used as an analogy between the dense/apparent and the subtle/less apparent, the subtle cannot be used as a frame of reference.

All of this is great for both of us. For me, being intuitive since birth and the esoteric being often more apparent than form, that type of understanding and communicating has to be put aside. For him, he is experiencing the training of mind that he has experienced for lifetimes, but does not know it. The evidence of this previous training demonstrates in his objective clarity, tranquility, and impartiality of mind, emotion, and demeanor. It also is immediately apparent in the results of his practice.

Employing the tried and true baselines used by both Patanjali and Buddha Shakyamuni in the training of shamatha, his first instruction was offered. His mind was naturally calm and required very little effort to stay on point, alert, and acute. Second instruction was given and we did it twice while he was at my house. After the second time he said something like, “It seems that there are thoughts that come or go, stay or do not, and that there is a primary canvas or background that is unaffected by the thoughts, by doing or not doing anything with them, and unto itself is tranquil and simple.” I smiled. “Yes, that is so.”

Inside, I was jumping with joy! In over 30 years of offering meditations and meditation instruction, no one has said that to me; not after two “lessons” or 100. Yes, some meditators have been led to realize this distinction and then could speak on it, but … .

He frequently has said statements that are almost quotations of Buddhadharma, too.

I share this because the training in meditation, contemplation, and ways to decipher reality from the conventionally accepted as real stays with us. It goes forward. He has picked up where he left off, as do we all. He has used his meditative training as an excellent problem solver and communicator as well as being a calm person through his life. Now, in the twilight of his years, he is coming back to meditation. What a great way to complete a life.

What have you brought forward from your past lives of training?

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Today is Wesak, and Tuesday is World Meditation Day

Please sit and meditate today. If meditation is not your thing, then contemplate truth and compassion. The exact time of the Full Moon is 3:12 MT (1:12 ET, 2:12 CT, etc.) For eight minutes waxing into the exact time and then waning after it, the Enlightened One transmits the blessing of Presence into the world. A true transmission elicits that which is within the receiver rather than depositing something. In other words, the Buddha’s emission intends the catalyze the same exemplary qualities of enlightened compassion and wisdom in you, me, and all beings of the world that he brought forward from within himself.

May it be so.

(Apparently my microphone was not working for this morning’s online meditation. I apologize that there is no podcast. But, that means that your practice is your guide!) Peace and light.

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Meditation: continued disentanglement

All together now: Why do we meditate? To become disentangled.

Really? Yes. If one is disentangled from projections, attachments, pain or should’s regarding the physical body, and so forth then one can have clarity and empathy with a person, clarity and creativity about conundrums, plus clarity and compassion with everyone and everything every moment. That’s it in a nutshell!

continued disentanglement 051619

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the call of green

Yesterday I got tired of my small house being a plant nursery. Pots, plants, bags of soil, sprouting mung and clover seeds on the kitchen counter, not to mention the ongoing container of compostables for the neighbor’s young chickens or the compost pile all are in one’s view but kept out of the way of my walker. Nothing to do about it but get over the mood. Plants don’t go in the ground for another two full weeks.

Most of the plants go outside every morning and have to be brought in each evening or when the west wind picks up around 4 pm. It’s a lot of work. I do as much as possible, neighbor and friend, Jane, helps with the potted tomato plants. Such an angel.

We are doing this to see if we can actually, factually grow most of our own vegetable produce through the year. A greenhouse is being researched, fruiting trees and bushes appropriate for this altitude (7700ft) and the drop in night time temperatures are too. Success has been limited to leafy greens, microgreens, sprouts, and plants started for the raised beds. Yeah!

But, the most cool thing about having all this life around me is that my body now calls for it. I walk passed a container of sprouts, and my body says “hey, stop, I want some right now.” Or today, lunch was two open-faced tuna with celery sandwiches and a generous pile of undressed straight-from-the sage fields baby lamb’s ear spinach; and as I walk passed the arugula growing it is container, my body said, “Put some on the tuna.” I tried to keep walking, figuring the pile of lamb’s ear spinach was plenty of yummy greens, but NO, my body almost would not lift a leg to move. “Arugula on the tuna,” the devas of this body insisted. And, yes, it was delicious.

So, I figure that my body is getting phyto-nutrients in amounts never before in its life. Once again my friends, growing the microgreens, the sprouts, and the hydroponic lettuces has been very easy. Do it for yourself, do it with a child, do it with and for someone who’s mind is failing. They physical body prefers botanical nutrition as the majority of what’s on a plate. The more varied (even if only seasonally), the better.

Oh, did I mention that wild asparagus is being harvested too? Yup!

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