advancing meditation: Awareness, perfect as it is.

The first meditation after a week hiatus comes back to the simplicity of Awareness, thus the serenity and clarity of shamatha when it is established, and all of these as the foundation for penetrating insight: vipashyana. The latter will begin next Tuesday. This meditation and Saturday’s (tomorrow) use the simplicity of Awareness – already present and perfect as it is – to demonstrate the choice that each moment is for awakeness.

advancing mar222018 Awareness – perfect as it is.

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The planets as used in esoteric astrology

Venus is wisdom, Mars is that which accomplishes the goals of the spiritual Path, and Saturn comprises the illuminations necessary so that non-deception within our self  prevails. These higher meanings are only a few given to the planets in esoteric astrology. Learning them and how to use them is the subject of my next six-week online course: The Planets as Esoteric Rulers and what the reveal in your chart. With the addition of the layering of the esoteric rulers in the interpretation of one’s chart, one empowers oneself to advance from meaning to purpose and to take one’s life is the Spiritual Path.

The primary challenge with the esoteric astrological information is how to avoid aggrandizement and glamour when interpreting one’s chart. As such, we will learn how to hold our foibles in constant relation to the attributes of the higher self. This provides the context for self-illumination, truth, and growth. Accordingly then, esoteric astrology can direct one on one’s Path, while simultaneously pointing out that which still requires transformation.

The now-completed six-week course, Introduction to Astrology, taught the students how to know themselves without sugar-coating or denial, and equally to stand joyously within the acumen and skills that are present. A traditional interpretation of one’s chart provides objectification of what we have brought with us from previous incarnations. It also reports how we present to the world and interact with those around us. A traditional interpretation, then, provides self-discovered honesty as one learns astrology through one’s chart. This becomes an excellent substructure upon which the esoteric rulers and their meaning can be added.

Comments from the students speak of the value they received from the course.

  • “Because of this astrology class, I’ve begun to appreciate how profoundly Saturn in 1st house impacts me.” CS
  • “Understanding more about Jupiter in the 7th house has certainly helped me to understand some of the choices I have made in my life.” MD
  • “Reflecting on all of this as this as it relates to my chart, I can see the tug-the-war.  I know that these excellent teachers are available but it is up to me to bring in the higher understandings and see it for what it represents, which is a wonderful opportunity for growth and service. ” LE
  • “I’m getting so much out of this!! Many thanks for your wonderful teaching.” CF

The Esoteric Rulers course begins on Monday, April 16 and completes on May 21.

  • Live participation online is at 8 pm ET. But, the excellence of an online course is that all sessions are video recorded and sent to the students for review as well as inability to attend live.
  • Tuition: $90 Register.
  • Required text: Astrology Illumined, Revealing the Soul through Astrology
    If you need the book, it, shipping, and tuition is $107. Please email me before registering. .

Many readers of this blog have asked me to comment on their astrological information, and I have done so happily. You are highly encouraged to take this course. Understanding oneself through the scope of one’s chart is an ongoing and dynamic self-discovery. Take this course so that you can give that fullness to yourself.

Class size will be limited so that I can work with everyone’s chart and course work. Please register now; the class is already half full.

Registration/tuition: The Planets as Esoteric Rulers and what the reveal in your chart

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advancing meditation: heart, the true true

What is real? What is true? This question has been asked since human beings first experienced duality. Vipashyana’s main function is that of revealing, little by little, that which is truly true.

advancing 031018 heart, the true true


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advancing meditation: the heart of vipashyana

Vipashyana is Sanskrit. Vipassana is Pali. Both words refer to using perception to get to the root of perceiving. If one penetrates through the layers within the process of perception: concepts about what one is perceiving, sensations related to the senses, and the titillation of the senses, then one will arrive at the interesting – and potentially reality-splitting – experience of emptiness. As such penetrating perception (vipashyana) leads to pure perception. The latter is the unity of purity, radiance, and voidness.

One could make a foundational error when engaging what one thinks is a vipashyana practice: that of over-using the mind in its role of the observer. For this reason, we begin with the heart.

advancing 030818 the heart of vipashyana


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advancing meditation: Heraclitus and the mind

Wisdom is wisdom, no matter who speaks it or where it comes from. Sometimes wisdom comes from our children (“out of the mouth of babes”), sometimes from our pet, sometimes from Nature. Humanity has also been gifted by many philosophers and spiritual teachers through its history and from all cultures, indigenous and otherwise, who have offered brilliant, often, pithy statements regarding wisdom and how to live by it.

The reason why common, mature wisdom is significant to a meditation practice is the on-the-cushion/off-the-cushion relation. If one’s mind is stirred up due to what one has said/or not said and should have, what one has done, and so forth, then on-the-cushion will not be tranquil. Serenity in one’s life, however, will support and nurture serenity in meditation. The relationship is pretty straightforward.

advancing 030618 Heraclitus and the mind



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