away for meditation retreat: please use podcasts

Please continue with the Heart as the essence of mind.

We will be back with live meditations on May 3. Peace!

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A house built from kindness

$6,700 is still needed to be raised to complete an ADA equipped small home in rural Jaroso, CO, USA for me to grow old in, meditate, serve you with online courses, meditations, and new writing. Can you help? Over 50 people have thus far!

Online contributions:

The full story, more videos and photos, as well as the joyous messages left from contributors can be seen at the same link. Thank you, everyone!

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advancing meditation: the heart of the mind

One of the challenges in becoming familiar with the essence or nature of mind is that in Western civilization mind has been divorced from heart. Heart is the true mind.

In this sitting, we reaffirm heart so as to reacquaint with mind.

advancing 042118 the heart of the mind

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advancing meditation: choose

A short video recap of key understandings regarding vipashyana is how today’s meditation began. Here is the video which includes the silent meditation. Below the video are the podcasts of the same.


advancing 041918 choose

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advancing meditation: the ordinary essence of mind

“Meditate on the ordinary essence of mind.” How does one do that?

There are countless ways, and we have been doing many of them since the very first meditation within The Practice of Living Awareness years ago and here within the advancing practice. Simply, awareness is Awareness. Common cognizance is reporting something profound and ordinary at the same time: the fullness of Awareness is within the ordinary experience of cognizance itself. Awareness is Awareness.

advancing 041718 ordinary essence of mind

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