Meditation: OM AH HUM, white OM 2

Great gratitude today and every day.

We repeat the instruction from Tuesday. Please do that meditation first if you have not.

People will have had one of three experiences overall:

  • challenge or difficulty: If so, it is absolutely necessary to not change a thing. The issue was likely one of expectations, thus agitation. Stay with the same word or phrase. Relax.
  • average; able to hold focus fairly, a certain ease and set of experiences such that one felt well about the sitting: staying with the same instruction will allow the technique to grow naturally like branches on a tree.
  • deep or acute: repeat the instructions with no expectations or desires for a repeat performance.

much love


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A Living Awareness Thanksgiving

Five recollections for a living awareness day any day. How about today?

  1. Everything you do, offer it to all beings and their wellness, happiness, and awakening. Walking? Pray that all beings can make their way to clarity and peace of mind, to wellness and open heartedness. Eating? Call to mind all the beings on your plate (plant and animal, or sourced from the same like butter). Thank all the lives that will nourish your body, mind, emotions, senses, and that have given completely of themselves for you. With gratitude and humility, call to mind all the people involved in every aspect of the process of the food being available to you. Then call to mind that there are uncountable beings who, in this moment, are in need of nutrition, nourishment, support of their well-being in myriad ways. Food is only one form of nourishment. Hugs, conversation, having shelter or safety, living in sight of or within Nature, having clean and ample habitat, and so forth are nourishment to beings. So, as you are nourished by the food on your plate or the beverage in your cup, call forth all beings and pray that all beings be nourished.
  2. Listen with an open heart and mind. Hear the complexity of causes and conditions that are expressing. Be present.
  3. Contemplate. (anything, everything)
  4. Sit and be simple for at least 10 minutes every day. Gazing into the sky or simply sitting and being are two options.
  5. Meditate. Do at least one sitting meditation daily. Why? Because it is the greatest gift to yourself that you or anyone can give you. Meditate. Do one walking meditation daily. That could be walking from your chair to the kitchen or bathroom with full awareness and non-distraction.

Have a great day; create it as you go!

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Meditation: white OM

We will build this technique piece by piece because each is rich in its own right.

Combining shamatha and vipashyana is often initially done through adding a contemplative component to the stabilizing or abiding aspects of shamatha practice. Another way of viewing this is that the object of meditation is one of contemplation or that awakens the mind.

The nature of contemplation is that it is open. In other words, contemplation is shamatha-like. That open-ended quality has a bright or lucid character which is how contemplation provides insight or newness on something. Ah, sounds like vipashyana. All components together train one in spacious, equanimity that is open-minded and free of preconceptions while buddhi-mind, awareness-mind drops nectar-like understanding into the uncontrived mind.

We begin with initial meanings of white OM at the crown and repeated at the base.

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Meditation: OM AH HUM 2

Three words or sounds are being used in the current meditation cycle. OM AH HUM are ancient and universal. OM (aum also) predates all known history. I would suggest that it came into expression during the Lemurian root race of human beings. That would be millions of years ago, before any known language or spiritual system.

AH is a sound that we make frequently. It is suggested at the end of today’s meditation to notice when one mutters or sighs or sounds AH and what is going on inside the mind-emotions that produced that particular sound response.

HUM might seem a bit less familiar in our utterances. But if hmmm is considered as its common sounding, then –like AH– we saying it often.

This week we began setting a foundation for a simple but comprehensive technique that combines a few different instructions that I have received over time and have integrated into one.

Next week, we will begin to elaborate. Keep in mind that a modern more is better mindset, is a false premise in meditation. So, although the simplicity of this week will be added to, the focus will never become complex.

Remember, too, that a practitioner is to release all expectations and desires for outcome in every step of the meditation path.


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Under the Stars: Jupiter, Saturn conjunct

Here in south-central Colorado, we are blessed being able to see the starry skies at night. Understanding the portents of the heavens used to be common discussion in generations past. Everyone knew the primary constellations, the zodiac and others, as well as how to tell a planet from other points of light. You might have noticed that the night sky has had strong markers this year: Mars –a reddish glow as it rises, Venus –always pointed and beautiful, plus Jupiter and Saturn dancing together most of this year. Unseen with the naked eye has been Pluto with the last two. Astronomically, the three planets are in the constellation Sagittarius while western (sidereal) astrology puts them in Capricorn. Now, in mid-November, Saturn and Jupiter are very bright to the south after the sun is fully set (west). A bright red light rising in the east is Mars. Because the Earth and the planets move with the sun through the Milky Way galaxy which is moving through space, in December Saturn and Jupiter will be visible in the southwestern sky for an hour or so after the sun sets. Mars will be bright to the south southeast. Venus rising before the sun in the morning.

Astronomy and western astrology are related but not the same. Astronomy is a visual science that uses the fixed stars and their constellations as location references, then watches the planets wander through them. In fact, the word “planet” is Greek for “wanderer.” Eastern astrology uses the same astronomical placement of planets to create a birth chart and give interpretation. Western astrology adopted a different approach for determining the placement of planets. But it’s a bit too much to explain. However, if you were born in India, your birth sign would likely be the sign before the one you currently identify with. For example, I was born on July 10th and am a Cancer by western sidereal astrology. In India, which uses tropical astrology (astronomically based), I would be a Gemini. This is said because your favorite meteorologist might on occasion mention planets to watch in the night sky. If so, he or she is referring to their astronomical location not western astrological one.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have happened before. Both planets are visible to the naked eye, so when they come together (conjunction) the occurrence has always been considered a portend. Jupiter is interpreted as a gift-giver, a beneficial or benevolent influence. Saturn is associated with responsibility, causes-results, and discipline. As a result, Saturn can be viewed as an omen calling for right responsibility and no longer dismissing facts. Rectification is in order.

Astronomical locations of the planets can be calculated forward or backward in time. Using such mathematics and computer simulations, it is thought that a Jupiter-Saturn- Venus conjunction was the “star in the east” that guided the wise men to the Christ Child. Jupiter indicates royalty, blessing, good news and Saturn states authority and leadership expressed through example. It is also thought that Jupiter-Saturn were conjunct when Siddharta Gautauma was born as well. He would become the Buddha. In both cases, astrologers in the royal courts were called upon to interpret the signs. The signs declared that world-level teachers had been born, that the child would grow to manhood and provide the world with ideas and truths that help humanity rule itself with justice (Saturn) and equanimity (Jupiter).

No matter the sign the two are in, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction calls to the heart (Jupiter) and mind (Saturn) of each of us. Saturn asks, What is real? Have you analyzed your point of view or just believe something without due investigation? What discipline, reality-check, or down-to-earth practical assessment of one’s self and choices has been made? The future will roll-out predictably according to the causative choices that one makes. Saturn’s rings report that what goes ’round comes around. Yet, Saturn’s clarity and matter-of-factness mentor us in positive steps forward that benefit all of life because life is completely interdependent.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It represents abundance and possibilities. Nature is an example of abundance and, as a result, all of Nature thrives. Lack is a human-made conundrum. Jupiter is gifts, blessing, benevolence, charity/generosity, and standing in the power of the good for all. Life is a vast whole, interconnected in every way. Jupiter signals the necessity of all living beings to the whole of life.

Before Christmas, both planets will advance together into the next sign of the zodiac. Western astrology states that to be Aquarius, the sign of universal ideas and visionary possibilities for humanity and the world. Neither astrology nor astronomy can wave magic wands to fix the world; that transformation lies with humanity. The great Teachers of all traditions have given us much to embody and wisdom to live by. Jesus and Buddha were revolutionary in their times. Both boldly went against established cultural norms: they included women in their inner circles, were equanimous and inclusive of all castes and races, and both stated doctrines of wisdom and compassion, insight and right action. “Love one another as I have loved you,” said Christ –a Jupiterian statement of magnanimity, the heart of every human being. Buddha said, “Be your own master. Who else could be?” –calling everyone to stand forthrightly in innate wisdom and truth of Being –Saturn’s precision and clarity.

Look to the skies, my friends.

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