No online meditations this week

Hi all, Due to traveling and being with loved ones, I will be unavailable for online meditations this week. My apologies.

We resume on Tues. Nov. 29. See you then.

May our meditations, wherever we are, nurture goodness!

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Meditation: Awareness, universal, benevolent

Universal, as in embracing and equanimous; unifying and at-one-ing. Awareness is benevolent.

Radiant and powerful, Awareness is benevolent.

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Meditation: luminous emptiness

This week completes with a reflection on reflecting itself.

The act of contemplation (and all its various forms) is one that brings forward luminous emptiness, derives from these two inseparable qualities, while contemplation is also an example or expression of luminous emptiness.

More on that is explained before we meditate in this podcast; but, simply, contemplation is like sunlight outside or a table lamp turned on in a dark room.

Additionally, because “all beings are equal to myself,” especially human beings (in that we are human), and just as each of us has matured in mindfulness, harmlessness, virtuous acts of body, speech, and mind through the concerted effort of a meditation practice on and off the cushion (integrated into our life), then humanity is assured the same results through the same human capacities for self-reflection, contemplation, and integration of insight and mindfulness into human life.

How marvelous!

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Meditation: humanity maturing

As this year is winding toward completion, we are reflecting on change; change related to maturing in awareness. On Tuesday, the consideration was personal and led to the open space of the heart-mind more unified as a result of meditative practice and bringing awareness to more of one’s life. Today’s meditation revisits the idea that “all beings are equal to myself.” As such, if I witness maturing for myself, then humanity is not only capable of the same but is in process just as am I.

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Meditation: resting in appreciation

Over Thanksgiving, like you, I found myself reflecting on the many inner and external factors that I am grateful for. After acknowledging the blessings of friends, family, a home and the kindness of so many people, Awareness itself became the focus of my contemplation. How amazing, how wondrous, how benevolent, how awe-some and motivating Awareness is. And, one cannot go backward into non-awareness, into mindlessness or thoughtlessness, or being unaware of habits of consciousness and being hijacked by desire, addictions, projections and assumptions after the seed of awakening has sprouted.

Ho! Awareness – the mother of Awareness.

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