Meditation: prajna, Presence

There is no podcast for this session, but here is the context and “instruction.”

We have been approaching the subject of prajna in an experiential manner. Within Tibetan Buddhism and its Indian sources or roots, prajna (Sanskrit) indicates correct perception such that one experiences, thus understands unquestioningly, the emptiness of phenomena. Therefore, within Mahayana Buddhist terminology, prajna means the wisdom of emptiness and is often translated simply as wisdom. Such wisdom is distinct from wisdom commonly thought of in English.

When we began training to notice our five senses, we began this experiential exploration of the wisdom of emptiness. That was quite some time ago. The option of getting to know and experience more of our immediate moment by moment experience was chosen (by me as instructor) due to the fact that, modernly, human beings are more checked out than ever. It seemed to me that the best foundation for prajna and for the awakening of Awareness was to support more presence and present moment embodied awareness. That meant the senses together with the mandala or plethora of data input that is ongoing all the time as a concerted focus of attention and familiarization.

On Tuesday morning,

  • everyone was invited to settle in the way that best suits him or her, taking the fullness of time and ease necessary.
  • Presence would arise, experienced through the variety of sensations that it would be. Abide.
  • Because our habits of consciousness are still dualistic and distraction-oriented, abiding would fluctuate. Thus, notice the flux, recognize a quality of Presence in the moment, and abide again.
  • Simply Be and Let Be overall.

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Random garden joy


These random garden moments include earlier in the season. I live at 7800 ft. elevation. The growing season is generally less than 90 days; sometimes 70  from snow/frost to snow/frost.

I moved here in the Autumn of 2018. Each season has included experiments, successes and failures, which means constant learning and fun. The photo below is what the back yard looked like when I moved here and the semi-desert quality of soil. Poor, in other words.

Then, with Amalio’s help, well wishes from you all, and funds left over from the generosity of many people to move, renovate the small house into ADA liveable, the garden project began.


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Meditation: intimate, direct, prajna

Remember the quoted instruction from Garab Dorje to “directly discover your own state”? We’re still with this this; and using it to understand and experience prajna.

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Meditation: intimate nondual

Intimacy. Union. We experience nonduality when in these states. In other words, our subjectivity and our in-the-moment experience of an object are merged. Subjectivity and objectivity are in union due to the intimacy of the experienced moment, like the bee and flower in the image below. For a human being, recognizing the extinction of the sense of two separate things or beings such that union is the engulfing experience is, in fact, a moment of prajna: nondual wisdom. The key word in the sentence is recognizing.

Our common experience within union is to go with the bliss. Prajna is not on our agenda. Union can be a gardener with his or her plants, two people making love, being awestruck by beauty, or feeling one’s bare feet in contact with Mother Earth. Intimacy can be in conversation, or with a taste in one’s mouth, or an orchestral sound be it from instruments, voice, or Nature. The human opportunities for union and intimacy, thus nondual Presence, are ongoing through each 24 hour day. The opportunities for prajna are as well through those same blissful moments of rapture.

The key is to notice the usually not noticed. Ah, once again, this pithy all encompassing invitation. We don’t notice the fact of nonduality in our most pleasant and Present experiences because the bliss or happiness or feeling of intimacy itself has captivated us completely. That’s not a problem unto itself. Yet, it is the very captivation that is addictive. Captivation also reinforces the subject/object duality, not nondual union and Presence. As a result, human beings categorize this person, this food, this such and such as good/pleasant/desired/and needed and others as not good/unpleasant/to be avoided or rejected/and unnecessary.

Watch this in yourself through one day, one hour even. When one is in union with person, place, or thing, Presence is forefront; subject/object are unified. Wholeness, contentment, and tranquility (with or without bliss) is being experienced. Importantly, in that moment, notice the wholeness and the whole. Add Awareness (prajna) to the rapture.

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Meditation: intimate with the world

Today’s meditation is intimate with the world.

Please share your beingness with our world which is such need. Every moment check in with yourself. Am I benefiting others and the planet?

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