upcoming: March 6 Day of Meditation for the World

Some ideas are timeless. Some aspirations are too. Bodhichitta is one such idea and aspiration.

The word bodhichitta is Sanskrit. It predates Patanjali and existed before Buddha Shakyamuni. And, though the term bodhichitta is usually partnered with Tibetan Buddhism, it need not be. More important, maybe it shouldn’t be especially in western countries like the USA that have received Tibetan Buddhist teachings generally without a proper foundation.

Bodhichitta is the very essence of every human being on the planet and is called by numerous terms in the languages and traditions of humanity. To meditate with bodhichitta, about bodhichitta, and to define it using terms that the western person is familiar with is the focus of March’s Day of Meditation for the World. Why? Because bodhichitta is the very essence of every human being.

In truth, every Day of Meditation done since begun last year has been a day of meditation using bodhichitta. Every three-day retreat has been a focus on bodhichitta; and every meditation that I offer online is some aspect or feature of bodhichitta or a technique to explore and expand it within the meditator.

As always, I look forward to meditating with you.

The link to enter and the schedule are the same each month.


  • 8 am MT: Set the focus, meditate.
  • 9 am MT: A visual presentation on equanimity
  • 10 am MT: Directed outside contemplation/meditation
  • 11:00: Meditation
Noon: Lunch for 1 hour.
  • 1 pm MT: discussion, Q&A
  • 1:30 MT: Meditation
  • 2 pm MT: short presentation
  • 2:20 MT: closing meditation

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March Day of Meditation webcasts



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Meditation: truly here

There is no higher teaching

    • for meditation
    • for life
    • for relationship
    • for the world.

So say the great Ones of the past and present. Here, Present, Awakened.

Though I have tried to upload the podcast three times, the winds today must be agitating the satellite dish. Sorry, no podcast. But, friends, be Here, Present, and Awakened, and we’ll see you Saturday for a Day of Meditation for the World.

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Astrology never gets old: reread some past posts

Blazing Light has numerous articles/posts that, though written with a particular alignment or conjunction or planets in sign in mind, are timeless. For example, a post about Pluto aligned with Sirius provides insight into Pluto, Sirius, as well as how to integrate their qualities of being into our mind stream and life. Understanding the range of Venus through three levels of rulership gives access to the range of Venus within us.

Here’s a list of some astrology posts worth rereading.


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Meditation: all benevolent

We contemplate the benevolence and selflessness that is inside, outside, and all around.

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