Meditation: awareness is benevolent 2: whole-istic

The scope of Awareness is unfathomable, yet we live awareness every moment of our existence. All mechanisms of incarnated existence are the instruments of awareness; the Awareness that we are. In this very moment, the fullness of your experience is so diverse and multi-dimensional that you (and I) can only register a fraction of it with our habituated minds. All the while, the fullness of Awareness is vibrant and aware.

Benevolence is within the character of Awareness. In other words, Awareness is, by nature, good, responsive, beneficent. The wholeness of Awareness, that Awareness is aware whole-istically, expresses as benevolence.

You are this.

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Meditation: Awareness is benevolent

Please listen to this podcast and its meditation.

Awareness is whole-istic, unitive. Awareness is benevolent.

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Meditation: heart, quietude, abundance

We further the exploration of abundance through the velvety smoothness of quietude. How rich!

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Meditation: prajna and mimicry

A primary principle of Nature and the natural world is abundance. Millions of leaves on a tree, hundreds of pine cones, tens time ten seeds to one plant. There is no lack in Nature. Even in a desert environment, though the casual untrained eye perceives desolation, there is an abundance of life and life forms. Is it the same type of abundance as a forest? No; but there is abundant life nonetheless.

Human beings mimic Nature’s abundance, usually unknowingly. Look around the room you’re sitting in right now. How many books, pieces of furniture, items on tables and on walls, and so forth? We mimic abundance because abundance is a habit in our consciousness born of the abundance we have been nourished by and sustained by, seen, heard, and smelled since the beginning of time. Therefore, we keep abundance around us, in our cupboards, refrigerator, closets, and even on any single table. Notice it. See correctly (prajna).

Pattern is another primary principle which Nature displays. Look around today as you are outside and notice Nature’s use of pattern. Shape, color, combinations repeat. Branching, curving, and being more-or-less straight repeat. High and low repeat. Pattern. We mimic this, too. Look around your room again. Notice all the patterns. Even the tissue box is patterned!

This day, November 8, is Election Day in the United States. Mid-term elections include  electing all manner of officials, voting on articles of legislation or thumbs up/thumbs down on potential new laws in counties and states. Yet, no matter how you vote or have already voted, your decisions were predicated upon your view of abundance/lack and pattern recognition. Think on it. Contemplate your voter decisions. I think you will find this prajna view of your vote to be correct.

After a contemplation on these thoughts, we meditate with the radiance of the inclusive heart and the luminous expansive mind in order that these natural factors -already present in each person- resonates in kind, even if only for a moment. We meditate in the natural peace and gentleness of these radiant states of Being so that smoothness qualifies this Election Day.

Please do this meditation and contemplation for the U.S. as well as the world, not with any particular outcome in your mind, because that would be a projection of your habits of consciousness. Rather, let luminous clarity elicit sanity and expansive, inclusive radiance promote fairness and opportunity for all. Then pause all through the day, no matter what is the circumstance -including election news. Pause, breathe, center, then response. Thank you.

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Meditation: heart 3, resonance

We sit again in resonating goodness naturally flowing into the world and our local environments from the open heart.

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