Awakening pt. 7: Neptune again

As was portrayed in Awakening pt. 6, unity, oneness, and wholeness are energetic experiences related to Neptune; and there are people speaking to anyone that will listen about this pertinent to their profession or discipline. Three are given below.

We have long lived in an age of reduction but that is changing. The big picture, its interconnected view, and the simplicity of the whole witnessed through its diversity will soon undo the old model of separate and competing. Simple designs and principles repeat and fractal through our world and inside our bodies, for example all river-like manifestations. Inside one’s body are veins and arteries, neural pathways, lymphatic pathways, creases and wrinkles, and the shape of hair in its various locations. One design, many manifestations. A tree with its branches is like a great river and its tributaries or the streams that feed a great river.

Such examples illumine and confronted us with the non-divided or similarity of Neptune’s expressions; all of them a combination of vastness and specificity, scope and scale, seen and unseen, mystical and mundane. If confusion arises, it is a result of either/or thinking rather than absorbing the intimacy of all.

Dr. Zach Bush, M.D. who was thrown into the amazing experience of assisting in natural births and natal care in Indonesia at the age of 19. Through various medical disciplines, Zach is observing including what appeared to be relationships between the world and human interactions with the world: how they produced health for humans and planet or did not.

Within the first 15 minutes of this interview with him on YouTube displays Dr. Bush’s comprehensive, holistic understanding of Covid-19 as a virus in the rubric of the world and humanity’s treatment of it. Articulate, often eloquent, scientifically well-informed, Dr. Zach pleads with other physicians and us to look correctly at the soup of pollution and the degradation of the gut biome as well as the soil biome as to why (and where) people are  dying of Covid-19 and where it began. This interview completes with his spontaneous description of the beautiful, sensory experience of a fetus in the womb, then the crushing process of natural birth to then tie this to the reverse experience of death. He reminds us that never in known human history have we not been allowed to be present with our loved ones in sickness and death. He asks, has our own fear of death disconnected us so fully from one another? I hope you will watch the video for its information but also with Neptune in Pisces in mind. Human beings can blame this or that for this and that but only in taking responsibility and no longer fostering denial, dismissal, and fantasy can we move forward.

4 min. (not the one on Covid-19):

Nassim Haramein has been seeking a unified theory of everything for decades. His approach is primarily that of physics. Yet, he witnesses consciousness and awareness within and expressing from everything in existence in an uncountable variety of ways. His intuitive-logical mind also recognizes the adaptive (thus intelligent) response of things to the causes and conditions that are being experienced. That adaptive response  indicates consciousness of some kind. From muon to nebula, these are evidence that the universe is one shared interacting field of conscious awareness. Has he uncovered a theory of unification that leaves out no layer of physical manifestation? Possibly so. If so, it has been done without anomalies in the mathematical equations, no need to give name to fictitious particles or galactic phenomena, or to discount features for which there is physical evidence.


Charles Eisenstein. I’m unsure what to say or how to call Charles Eisenstein; and that is perfect to the subject of Neptune, Pisces, going forward together, and to embracing “the new and ancient story” that is opening within our collective consciousness.

Interbeing underlies and is joyously spoken of by each of these people. Wholeness.

We have six years more of Neptune in Pisces. The solar system, the planet Neptune, the heart of the Sun, and the already illumined heart within us all say, “yes. We have six more years of Neptune in Pisces.” These six years could be the template for a world transformed by loving-kindness, embracing the truth of the interdependence of everything in existence, and the trust that all acts, thoughts, words, and contemplations of goodness, altruism, creative inspiration, and wholeness are substantial and are part of the manifestation of the new age and a new, more mature humanity. Together, we can make it so.


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Meditation: simple and nondistracted

Shamatha is so multi-leveled that those levels escape recognition.

This is a simple session. May you experience non-distraction thus peace.

simple and nondistracted 070420


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Meditation: consciousnesses

With a similar meditation to Tuesday, we open to the consciousness of the physical form which elicits a relation with its cells. Each is a conscious entity unto itself.

Add a layer: the cells aggregate into blood or bone or liver or brain or biome of the gut, hair, nails, skin and so forth. Each organ or diverse bacteria and fungi are conscious. The liver is conscious in its way, the hemoglobin or white blood cell or mitochondria is conscious in its way. Without exception, the physical body is conscious, expresses consciousness, and is also a component of the aggregated consciousness that a human being identifies as self.

Add a layer through then opening to the energy dimension of the physical form. Called the etheric body or the health aura or the bioelectric-magnetic field, it also is conscious, expresses consciousness, and is also a component of the aggregated consciousness that a human being identifies as self.

Add a layer through opening to emotions. This field of awareness is conscious, expresses consciousness, and is also a component of the aggregated consciousness that a human being identifies as self.

Add a layer through opening to daily, common mind.  This field of awareness is conscious, expresses consciousness, and is also a component of the aggregated consciousness that a human being identifies as self.

Meditations like this are important for multiple reasons.

  1. Give yourself time with each layer and its instruction. OPEN. You are not looking for anything, thinking about or categorizing anything. Simply experience through being open.
  2. We are put directly in relation to all our relations within by this type of session. Human beings are habituated from birth to dismiss copious amounts of data and to grasp onto and hold as factual other, and much fewer, data. Let each layer of your incarnated, daily presence inform you of its fullness, its consciousness, and its participation in your sense of you.
  3. One of the results of this technique is a more unified, tranquil, strengthened, vibrant and coordinated body-emotion-mind mechanism.

consciousnesses 070220

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Meditation: refinement within

To be Here and Present leads to or produces a wakefulness within anyone. Being present to one’s self infers that one is here, present to one’s body, emotions, sensations, and the mental responses that occur in relation to them. This might sound rudimentary, yet are any of us here and present even 51% of the time? If you truly, truly are, then you are in a very small minority of humanity. However, everyone has the equipment needed to become more present every or any moment.

As we do so, the dimensions of our being -dimensions that are present and common- begin to come forward in one’s conscious awareness. Our focus this week is consciousness and the refinement that is innate of our common daily equipment (emotions and common mind).

refinement within 063020

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Meditation: simply present

Simple and simply present.

simply present 062720

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