7. Astrological houses spiritually viewed: 7th house

The 7th sign and the 7th house hold the position of half-way around the Wheel. The 7th sign, Libra, is an embrace of the responsibilities of being a member of a greater whole (marriage, family, business partnership, and such). Turn the spiral slightly and Libra signals an immersion into the day to day details of life done with the wisdom of whole-ism blended with the compassion of interbeing. Master DK calls Libra “the hub of the Wheel,” in part, because of these considerations. Turn the spiral a tad more and Libra represents the integrity of human beings thus that which is just, honest, and liberating. Note the root of liber in Libra, liberty, and liberation.

The 7th house is the environment of such endeavors. Embrace brings marriage or union with another, partnerships, and close collaborations. In each of these the dance of inter-being and interdependence plays out minute by minute, day by day. Emotions and mood swings, doing what one says one will do or not doing so, plus differences of thought, definitions, ideals, and motivations play out between partners or colleagues. All express the 7th house. Fairness, respect, civility, and deference are demonstrations of understanding the whole-ism of humanity. Social programs that provide for those in need are also a demonstration of Libra. Ideals of justice or of other species having the right to live on Earth would also be found under Libra’s scales. Planets in the 7th house will support or foster, compromise or thwart any of the above depending on the planet and what it is in aspect with.

Libra is a Cardinal Cross, Air sign. The 7th house shares these characteristics. 7th house planets will be used in a cardinal way: as instruments that fortify or maintain one’s independence and initiative, one’s self-reliance and self-directedness. Furthermore, I have witnessed that 7th house planets can demonstrate a skill that the native has honed, thus is a display of this person’s independent mind or demeanor in some way. 10th house planets are similar (cardinal again). 7th house planets will also demonstrate the air element. Examples of this include:

  • speed and/or agility with the attributes of the planet in question. This could express as reactiveness and non-mindfulness which would be problematic or as an immediacy of the skill and how to use it beneficially.
  • free or free-wheeling. The wind is a manifestation of air. It is free, untethered, and unbounded. Planets in the 7th could have the feeling of “express me” to them as in “let me out/let me go.” It also might be challenging to reign in the expression of 7th house planets due to air/free plus cardinality. Or if adept with one’s body, energy, and mind, then the expression will be in service to others and not a challenge.
  • changeable. The breeze and wind change through a day according to heat from the sun and how topography conducts and absorbs that heat. Due to this, air is only somewhat predictable. 7th house planets could take on this changebility, this morphability. Emotions act as the heat and circumstances as the topography.

The 7th house is classically the house of marriages and partnerships. These relationships require that the vested interests of all involved be surrendered to that which can evolve precisely because individual/personal interests are lived as secondary or not important in the greater scheme of things. 7th house planets take on a similar countenance. The higher self chose its birth such that the planets would be in the houses or arenas of life that they are. Planets in the 7th house are primary in how the native relates to others. 7th house planets are also forefront in how the native wants to be related to. The latter is attended by the sign of the planet as much as the planet. For example, Venus in the 7th will orient the native to “like” or be drawn towards people. That’s plain enough; but if Venus is in Gemini the litmus of to be or not to be relating with someone will be mental. Venus in another element (sign) produces different tendencies. Similarly, Mars in the 7th house will want to spar, debate, maybe even perpetually argue. If Mars is in a water sign, drama and an almost bipolar reaction will likely come with or spark the sparring. All of this is by way of illustrating vested interests. By nature, relationship is communal, a union of the parts. If Venus in Gemini in the 7th is in rich conversation with someone who is equally jazzed by conversation, then both feel related to.

The rulers of Libra are Venus traditionally, Saturn esoterically, and Uranus hierarchically. As we continue through the Wheel, please compile all that is said for repeating planets and take note of the evolution through the turns of the spiral.

Venus’ influence on the 7th house is obvious. This is the house of relationships! People we like, want to hang out with, spend our life with, work with, create with are Venus in manifestation; equally so those whom we don’t. Out of all the people in the world, we are in primary relationships with a handful. That is a display of Venusian selectivity. Planets in the 7th with be intrinsic in this selectivity. For instance the sparring example of Mars will require friends or partners who enjoy or can stand with that.

Saturn’s influence is just as obvious. Partnerships have rules such as fidelity or honesty and respect. Primary relationships require that each person fulfill their agreed upon responsibilities. The trouble with this will be when the responsibility is not agreed upon mutually but assumed or forced including through social norms or cultural biases. These also are 7th house issues.

Saturn is karma: that the relationship is not new but is, in some way, a playing out of that which two people have generated between them before. The key here is to not simply repeat that which was but to relate newly, honestly, and respectfully thus expand the relationship beyond that which was. Planets in the 7th are there for dynamic reasons. We are resolving old patterned ways of expressing them, we are learning how to be ever more responsible with the attributes of the planet in question, and we are experiencing that 7th house planets are everyday teachers. The way that each of us relates to other people, species, to space (messy, neat, ordered, disordered, cluttered, etc.) to time (on time, perpetually late, oblivious of time, and so forth), and therefore to being a responsible human being in the three-dimensional world is Saturnian, is constantly creating new causes and conditions, and is simultaneously illustrating and displaying past causes and conditions. Live your 7th house planets with this full understanding.

Uranus’ influence on 7th house planets is, in some ways no less obvious. Uranus represents pattern, system, orchestral interactions and the results of the latter. Planets in the 7th are primary patterns in our psyche. Whole systems of behavior, thought processes, emotional response or reaction, plus what is looked for in others (patterns of consciousness that are un- or subconscious) are in constant play (air) in the 7th house and  highlighted through the planets in the 7th.

Under hierarchical Uranus, patterns can be disrupted or shattered also. One has to be willing to engage that and daring enough to make it happen. Along this line, 7th house planets could be used for the penetrating insight of Uranus’ lightning flash as well as for Uranus as the vajra of penetrating wisdom through patterns of consciousness to liberated, unpatterned Awareness-Being. Again, live your 7th house planets well!

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Meditation: awareness-being again

The linkage is straightforward.

  • Become established in tranquility.
  • By nature, tranquility is peaceful.
  • Practice letting tranquility be. Experience its peacefulness and stability.
  • Within that experience are a variety of qualities or attributes. Experience them while letting the labels of such experiences dissolve. For example, what is the experience of peacefulness or tranquility.
  • Abide in this. When the discursive mind gets antsy, breathe and re-establish tranquility.

That is the beginning, the foundation, and the ground. Don’t move on until some facility, some modicum of consistency with establishing the mind-emotion complex in the innate condition of tranquility is present and repeated more often than not.

This will take time; it will require the repetition of a consistent sitting practice as well as less screen time. Regarding screen time, feel its lack of tranquility; then choose accordingly.

Now, …

  • Tranquility by nature is also neutral, impartial.
  • As tranquility (peaceful abiding) is sustained, neutrality/impartiality is too.
  • Slowly, this begins to erode and dissolve the emotional content that is commonly within one’s labeling and thinking processes.
  • Sustain the neutrality and experience that neutrality/impartiality is smooth, bright, and vibrant.
  • Also, experience that this smooth, bright or vibrant space of awareness makes no distinctions. Neutrality is neutral. Impartiality is impartial. Sustain this.
    • Off the cushion and in one’s life, this awareness will integrate. One way that it will is that one begins to feel the emotional charge or content within distinguishing. “This and that” are designations characterized inside us firstly through like/dislike. This experience and understanding is an “awakening”

Tranquility is neutral. Neutrality is impartial. Impartiality makes no distinctions. No distinctions implies underlying, essential sameness. Sameness, like space, is without referents. Without referents is non-dual Awareness.

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The Thomas Jefferson Hour on due process, the Constitution, and impeachment


The founding fathers of the United States of America deliberated on how to create a type of governance that included checks and balances to a variety of civic problems including foreign meddling in the election process and an executive branch overstepping its constitutional power, as examples.

By happen-chance, I received a riveting education in the car today as I listened – for the first time – to The Thomas Jefferson Hour. The subject at hand was: exactly what is impeachment, how is impeachment devised within the Constitution of the USA, and what is an impeachable offense?

Clay Jenkins is familiar to those who watch PBS documentaries on American History. He is frequently one of the people interviewed. Jenkins embodies Jefferson’s intellect, verbiage, and integrity fully during the radio show. That was riveting unto itself; but add the erudition of the historical references to the Framers, letters of John Adams, Madison, and Jefferson on subjects such as the concern of foreign fingers in the US political process or, having just waged a revolution to free a birthing nation from a monarch’s rule, the Founding Father’s insistence that a watchful eye always be upon the executive branch, and you have a very important, worthwhile, and educational hour of citizen-civic framing of the current situation in Washington, DC.

If you are a citizen of this country, no matter your political leanings, listen to this podcast. Learn, as did I, of the history of the checks and balance system in the US, learn why the Framers put in place those checks and balances, and learn what impeachment is and what it is not.

2019 by The Thomas Jefferson Hour

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Meditation: the field

Slowly, slowly, one’s practice reveals all manner of truths and realities. Sitting, just sitting, reveals for some all the mental, emotional, and ego-centered activity going on inside. Sitting can also reveal that peace and simplicity are already present within.

Sitting, simply being present but non-involved in the mental, emotional, ego-centered inner activity slowly starves it due to not being constantly recharged, re-emoted, re-dramatized, re-stated, or re-instated. The choice to sit and simply be present begins to undo the ricochet effects of self involvement inside oneself. Simplicity and respectfulness of presence starts to establish. Respect for self begins to take hold, respect for others too.

Sitting, now somewhat aware of the dichotomy of fabricated, distracted self and peaceful, at-ease presence, one gravitates toward ease and harmony. Gossip, drama, self-induced stress, striving, and all manner of ego-first habits of consciousness no longer are fun, and distractions are … just that. They also begin to be less chosen. That which fosters presence, harmony of mind and emotions is becoming preferred. Awareness of one’s self is growing.

During the sit one now notices the usually not noticed vibrations or inner sounds (eg. high pitched white noise or low rumbling). One begins to experience the vibrational nature of one’s physical body or of one’s auric fields, of space between thoughts, or that thoughts arise out of spacious nothing and subside back into the same. These or myriad other noticings, discoveries, and awarenesses begin to be part of every sitting and to be integrated into one’s life.

Ah, now the field of awareness and Awareness are being lived. The discoveries and insights are vipashyana (to give them a word) and the ground for all of them is shamatha.

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Meditation: non-two

Ten of us were in meditation retreat over these last four days. One of the primary foci has been experience. What is one’s experience any given moment on or off the cushion? When someone writes in their journal or reports to a friend ” that was a good meditation,” what is he or she referring to? When I say clarity, what am I experiencing such that the term clarity is being used?

This simple meditation might or might not elicit the experience of non-two, but will support your practice.

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