Restating the importance of the eclipse of August 2017

As the old year becomes the new, there is much to ponder and learn from: wisdom to embrace from experiences and that given by others, as well as honorable traits highlighted through 2017 that now seek more full embodiment. Assisting countless people was the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017.

If any point of your birth chart was transited by the eclipse and its accompanying elements of a grand fire trine, then – from this astrologer’s point of view – those energetics are a theme for the rest of this lifetime. Furthermore, the exactitude of what was transited by this fiery eclipse indicates something about your next life: that which you will bless it with and/or the default troublesome habit(s) you will bring to yourself and those around you.

If the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 touched your chart, it was pre-planned and fully orchestrated by your higher nature (Soul, triad, buddha nature: call it what you want). If lived for the blessings intended, you can accomplish tremendous transformation. If not – out of non-knowing your chart or the significance of this astrological event or out of hubris – the backlash will not be fun. The difficulties produced will also be a constant echo from these celestial transformers calling you to awaken to the beneficial change that has been offered and is consistently possible.

donna’s natal chart

For the eclipse on August 21, 2017 (a new moon), the Sun and Moon were at 28° Leo. Therefore, if you have any planet or the ASC in your natal chart at 27, 28, 29° of almost any sign of the zodiac, that point was being transited by the eclipsed Sun in Leo.

The luminaries were accompanied by an entourage of planets of transformation. Mars at 20° Leo conjuncted the Sun/Moon. These three were trined by Saturn at 21° Sagittarius and Uranus at 28° Aries. With all three fire signs inhabited and within a 10° orb, a grand fire trine is constituted.

Powerful as that is unto itself (and it is), the Sun/Moon/Mars conjunction restates the power of the grand trine within its very constituents. Esoterically, I see it like this:

  • Mars is the hierarchical ruler of Sagittarius and represents the highest transformation possible and encouraged by this celestial event.
  • Saturn stands for the Sun which must be disciplined and realize its limited nature as a karmically imprinted being.
  • and Uranus’ mirrors both the Moon’s changeability and its patterned responses to life.
  • Aries tops it all off with the supremacy of independence fought for and championed for good or ill with the Sun/Moon/Mars in Leo stating similar.

On the high side, radiant light – its clarity and wisdom, and the warmth of the inclusive heart are two important qualities held before us through these planets and their signs. This applies to the USA which was coast-to-coast traversed by the eclipse, to Donald Trump whose chart was transited, and it applies to those whose charts were touched by it.

On the low side, combativeness, the fallacy of egocentricity and the hole of karma that it digs for itself together with the trail of anxiety and suffering it causes for everyone else are indicated. Let us be clear here, combativeness could be an internal dialogue that one has with oneself, it could demonstrate in the aggressive way that one chooses personal preferences in deference to a “higher way,” and combativeness displays in how one uses free time: is it used to cultivate Truth of Being or is it pissed away in video games, TV, distraction and mindlessness?

The transformation of Lightedness begins by looking truly at oneself and plucking up the courage to call oneself on one’s bullshit. Truth of Being can then be discovered as the veneer of transparent emperor’s clothes are sloughed off. Furthermore, the new Aquarian Age will not condone aggression for its own sake, hubris and its stupidity, nor self-centeredness as a default. It is a new Age and humanity must leave behind its combative predator-prey tendencies. Aquarius is the sign of “we,” of interdependence and inter-being.

I know several people whose higher self pre-placed this configuration in their now, including myself. Like Halley’s comet coming once a century, the configuration of the August solar eclipse is particular and not frequent. If you chose to birth yourself with planets that would be touched by this luminous and powerful event, that is purposeful and not to be squandered.

I will be offering Astrology and Esoteric Astrology online courses through the year. The first is a six-week Introductory course which I would suggest to everyone because of how I approach astrology. It might offer even those with astrological knowledge something new. The rest of the year’s courses will roll out layers of esoteric astrology and how to use its three levels of rulership together with the orientation of the higher nature as the driver and purpose of the incarnation.

Therefore, please take the courses instead of asking for thoughts of the eclipse to your chart. You will be much better served by learning to see and think through these buddhic indicators on your own. That knowledge and its wisdom will then be available and at your disposal.

  • The Introduction to Astrology online course requires Astrology Illumined as the text we will use. The book is discounted for students. Therefore, there are two links below for registration according to if you need or already have (don’t need) to order Astrology Illumined with registration. Please use the appropriate link to register. Thanks! Love to have you in the course.

6-wk Introduction to Astrology online course (without book) begins Feb. 6, 2018.

6-wk Introduction to Astrology online course (plus book) begins Feb. 6, 2018.

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Full Moon Meditation(s)

Join me in free, full moon online group meditations for the benefit and spiritual direction of the world. Meditating together, we infuse human consciousness with the focus of our meditation. This, then, combines telepathically with the lighted awareness and heart of others meditating like many streams combining to create a great river.

All meditation nourishes the collective mind-stream, but group meditation and meditation on solar and lunar empowered dates increases the energy-benefit.

We meditate at 8 pm ET on the date of the Full Moon. This January there are two full moons: January 1 and 31. Dates for all full moons and their meditations are listed here as well as in the navigation tab in the header of this blog.

No registration is necessary, just click this link to enter. You are encouraged to enter five minutes or so before the hour (time of meditation) in order to familiarize with the Zoom platform, settle and quieten the mind.  (Everyone is  muted upon entering and video cams disabled. We’re just here to meditate!)

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To practice mindfulness is to place oneself on its hook. It is a call to truth presenting in the moment, as the moment, and through one’s relation to Truth of Being. Buddha Shakyamuni exemplified this and taught others how to abide in the radical simplicity of Truth of Being.

Mindfulness is not supposed to be easy. It is rigorous. Mindfulness is to keep the flame of Awareness constantly bright through one’s day. It is to stoke the fires of clarity with the defilements of a self-referencing mind and the ego’s whining. Mindfulness is naked, raw, and messy because through it we are engaging the truths of our hypocrisies.

Here is an example to illustrate.

Getting a new cell phone and telling someone about it.
– First, there is blaming of the cell phone for its newness and one’s learning curve.
– Next, there is the felt need to rationalize the purchase.
– A tone of complaint tends through the telling of story, done with a smile and a laugh, of course.
– There is no joy or celebration in the fact of the purchase of a new phone, though it was pure choice to do so or not.
– Finally, there seems to be no understanding that the money spent on the phone/and its yearly package is more than a billion and maybe three billion people in the world make in one year. With that, there is no thought of others who live in abject dire poverty, or that one could change one’s relation to the current cell phone and do something else with the funds.

Mindfulness is a noble pursuit. To choose it is to call upon the highest intentions and possibilities of a person. Mindfulness is not something less, but is the intention to live the more that one truly is. At the heart of the practice of Mindfulness is the doctrine and truth of Being of Tathagata garbha (the Suchness of Buddha nature that is the embryonic truth of Being of all beings). As such, Mindfulness is never to be a decrease or a way by which the three ego-Lords high jack the spiritual Path.

May our intentions for mindfulness bear luminous compassionate fruit.

om_mani_padme_hum_by_nezyGraphic: Om Mani Padme Hum from Nezi on DeviantART

*repost from August 2015.

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A Host of Samantabhadra Offerings

To offer one’s body, speech and mind is a powerful commitment. It renders whatever we think, say or do to as an energetic gift, an offering to the divine in all.

In 2011, more than 30 of us from the Spirit Fire community participated in the Kalachakra in Washington, D.C. with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. As a result, I begain doing certain prayers and recitations. After a year or so, that faded into other sadhana practices, but I have come back to these recitations again. One is this:

Anything physical, verbal, or mental that I or others enjoy,
And the network of my constructive acts throughout the three times,
A splendid jeweled mandala, with a host of Samantabhadra offerings,
Taking these to mind, I present them to you,
My guru, my yidam, my Three Supreme Gems.
Accept them, please, by the power of compassion
I humbly request you for inspiration.
Guru Idam Ratna Madalakam Niryata Yami

Like anything else repeated enough, it gets into your head. Instead of someone’s voice in my mind reminding me of kindness, consciousness and shared life, phrases from the recitations and mantras waft in restating the power of the words I chanted in the morning. “Taking these to mind, I present them to you…” Who is “you”? What exactly am I “offering”?

“You” is everyone. I present my body, speech and mind to you. As a result, one is reminded that words are sacred and that the person receiving them is too. One is instructed to give one’s thoughts and heart-mind as gifts to the Divine which is everywhere and everyone, including one’s self.

dmr, spirit fire With this reminder, all gets bright and spacious. Goodness fills my mind and perspective frames everything. The offering mantra reminds one that body is a gift too: one offered to others through hands, feet, smile, cooking a meal, washing dishes, creating a class or planting in the garden.

“Anything that I enjoy” refers to gratitude as well as items, moments, hot water for a shower and spices for home-made dahl. Being enjoyed, being received, let them be given into Life. If goodness has come to me, let it be shared.

Such reminders encourage a moment by moment awareness of the mandala of Life, its  intricacy including my life within the whole. So it is for each of us – a life shared with and made wonderful because of others, Mother Nature, stars, spirits, challenges and understandings. These are the “host of Samantabhadra offerings.”

I present them to you, my …

  • “guru” (reader, friend, mother, lover, dog, tree),
  • and to you-“yidam” (presence all around me, heart-beat inside me, wisdom in the eyes of others, emptiness of Now),
  • and to you-“Three Supreme Gems” (1. the Buddha-nature that is, 2. the reminders of that, and 3. those who remember it).

“Accept them please by the power of compassion.”


Photo by Darren Roth

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Images of the Zodiac: Contemplating Capricorn



Johfra Bosschart, Capricorn

A mountain goat is a very special creature to me and therefore I adore this image of Johfra, showcasing the goat in all its glory. Once I spotted a herd of them high in the mountains, once I saw them in a nature park and once in a children’s zoo, where I could observe how little goats are born climbers: they can stand immediately after being born and are able to climb very shortly after. Their instinct is to always move upwards. Symbolism is never arbitrary, but always has its roots in nature. The qualities of the animal resonate with the maturity and ambition associated with the sign Capricorn. Further, mountain goats have very flexible skeletons and their elemental quality is “surefootedness,” says Ted Andrews, who associates this particular animal totem with the need to apply flexibility while rethinking the basic structure of our lives. Inflexibility and…

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