advancing meditation: the power of kindness in your practice

Kindness is a power, no doubt. Off-the-cushion, kindness alone could transform the human-made world. May that be so.

On-the-cushion, kindness supports the tranquil clarity that is possible and elicits depth in a meditation sitting. To avail oneself of both clarity and depth, one must soften and open. To do so is to hold oneself in kindness, hold oneself in vulnerability, and hold oneself in truth.

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Pisces full moon meditation

As said in the introduction to the meditation, the astrology of today is quite auspicious. Children born today around the world could all be quite remarkable beings.

In May of 2000, a great alignment of seven planets organized in Taurus, the sign of enlightenment. It was the new moon of May that year. And since then, multiple auspicious and powerful astrological arrangements have graced us. But, more important, children have been born under those stars.

May their work be fruitful, and may we recognize them through their childhood of brilliance into their adulthood of world service. And, may we support and serve them so that they can serve the well-being of the world.


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Full Moon online meditation tonight

See you for an 8 pm ET online meditation. No registration is necessary. Click here to enter.


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What is National Identity?

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advancing meditation: kindness used in one’s practice

Meditation techniques are limitless. Taking out the garbage can be a technique, recognizing emotions as they begin is a technique, sitting in one-pointedness is one as well.

Another is softening and opening in kindness to the true vulnerability of being human.

* A hint to those reading this post: if your inclination is to move-on and not do this meditation, then you really need this meditation. If your inclination is a smile of understanding, then you will experience additional layers within this meditation.

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