Meditation: indigenous loving-kindness

Mother Earth lives from loving-kindness: generous in every way, patient beyond time, loving and supporting all beings equally. Loving-kindness is harmonious, brings beauty forward from all types of beings by living from harmonious equanimity and acceptance.

Living with the knowing that all beings are one’s relatives, that the Wind has a name, that the Rivers and Streams are blood vessels and capillaries of our Great Mother is to begin to walk with true loving-kindness.

Soft and open is is the Way of the Warrior, grounded and honoring All as Sacred.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Meditation: loving-kindness 4, inter being

By focusing on the senses, more of everything that already is present within and around us comes more into the foreground of our awareness. We become aware of how interdependent life is. Each breath is an example.  And since a human being naturally emits the vibrations of their thoughts, focusing on loving-kindness radiates that quality into your home, environment, neighborhood, and world.



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Meditation: loving-kindness 3

The meditation that we began this week has several parts. Each is its own contemplation, reflection, and can deepen into an emptiness-compassion meditation. When all parts are put together, this meditation of loving-kindness and sacred inter-being can occupy well more than an hour. For now, we are learning to be the parts.

Having said that, every component of this meditation is a meditation in itself. To truly be present to the uncountable beings who have contributed to your every breath is potentially deep and profound. Doing so could also bring forward a gut-wrenching empathy which, unto itself, could cause someone to up their personal game of benefiting others near and far through choices with purchases, recognizing deep-seated biases and self-protection, also through increasing prayer and well-wishes for specific others, the Planet and all beings as a whole.

Pray that all beings awaken and that you awaken too so as to be of great benefit to all beigns.

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Meditation: loving-kindness 2


We continue to put all the facets of this contemplation and meditation of loving-kindness for all beings in place. This practice is still within the overall cultivation of the wisdom of emptiness that has been our online focus for most of this year. The wisdom of emptiness is the wisdom of infinite wholeness thus is indivisible from empathetic compassion.


May you be filled with loving-kindness, May you be well; May you know peace and ease; May you be happy.


The last phase of this practice is the same invocation beginning with “May I …”, then “May you …,” then “May all beings …” .

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Meditation: loving-kindness 1

For about ten months, this group field and online practice has focused on wisdom, the wisdom of emptiness, through cultivating the art of perceiving things more correctly. That process has emphasized “noticing the usually not noticed” mostly off the cushion coupled with becoming more familiar with one’s Presence (innate Awareness) which uses the senses by which to interact with the world. I had not stated that we would focus on the wisdom of emptiness. Surprise!

To state so, especially at the outset, would have generated thought-forms in practitioners, as well as expectations of experiences of emptiness. This would have been a significant obstacle to the simple cultivation of the wisdom of emptiness, therefore it was not announced. Wisdom is essentially to notice the usually not noticed; and the more one notices, the less unknowing (ignorant) one is or remains. Though the wisdom of emptiness, at some point, might include deep or powerful meditative experiences, they will be fleeting in the mind-stream except as a peak experience without the tilled ground of off the cushion recognizing of some of the habits of consciousness that, up until they were noticed, were unknown and unrecognized. Habits of projecting onto people and things, jumping to conclusions according to one’s habituated frames of reference, casting aspersions and imputations onto all manner of phenomena are examples of commonly unrecognized habits of consciousness. Being unnoticed, they are constantly forefront, being recharged and reifying one’s personal view of reality. Presence blinks in and out, at best; but much of the time one is no more than pavlov’s dog looking for the next treat or affirmation of one’s perceived importance or value.

Through two simple processes, our online practice possibly has helped you awaken to more of you (that which can be transformed and that which to radiate more) and more of life. Those two methods have been to soften and open and to notice the usually not noticed. Both align with wisdom, the wisdom of emptiness, more true perception of self, others, and the world around one. Thus these two open us to more empathy and compassion.

This session begins a simple loving-kindness technique that we will use for a little while and build upon.


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