Meditation: present – in, out, and in between

Each technique in meditation is a gateway into being here, present, and awakened. Each instant of being here to one’s self, to the person you are with, to the wind or the sun or the rain, to the psychic currents of humanity or of the plant kingdom or your pet, or to the anything, everything is a gateway into being here, present, and awakened.

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Meditation: present like the ocean

Today, after meditation as I was labeling the mp3, I realized that this whole month the meditations have been itemized as “04 …” rather than 05 for May. I pondered time, timelessness, the contrivances of time, the made-up features and reality of time, how human relationship to time has changed and is changing and settled into ease -the ease of here, present, awakened. The truth is that no label is true or even factually, functionally correct. Labels are projections, fabrications, and temporary identifications that support human beings’ and animals’ continued projections and fabrications and the proof is our lives; the current world situation being a perfect example. Those who cling to old labels and desires, long-lived projections of other thus protectionism, self thus greed, keep, have, of humanity being in a heyday instead of looking around and questioning that are not present nor willing to be here now. To be present is to be present -to the good, the bad and the ugly, to the amazing and subtle and potential, to what has not worked, is not working, will never factually benefit others (thus work), and that which does, is, can, and would if lived and implemented.

Time and timelessness exist together. While much (but not all) of the world marks months or days, hours, minutes, or seconds, each moment is timeless. What anyone does with the timelessness, the newness, the nowness, the never beforeness of each moment is our choice; but it is a fresh choice, a new choice, a choice that seems a repeat of of before but is not. You have changed from a moment before, the Earth has, and reality has. This is factually and metaphysically true. Of every moment, St. Francis sang, “Where there is hate, let me sow love.” Patanjali said, “Yama is irrespective of race, place, time, or emergency.” Yama is harmlessness, truthfulness, pacification of one’s desires and emotions through understanding and taming them, and dedication to the highest good, highest essence, and highest practice of life. Padmasambhava instructed that in each moment we are to “ascend with the conduct while descending with the view.” The view is emptiness, interconnected interdependence, and the view of truths such as that all things are impermanent thus that change is the constant, the whimsical and imputed coloration of emotions and their fleeting nature, etc.

What is it to be present? Here, present, awakened.

Let’s meditate.

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Meditation: present

What does it mean to be present?

The answers are are multi-dimensional and commanding as Awareness, as rich and diverse as Existence, as inexpressible and inconceivable as you.

present 041920

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Meditation: nondual wisdom: here, present, awakened

As said in the podcast, every technique or alteration of practice that is employed and experimented with on these online meditations is used to elicit nondual wisdom. Nondual wisdom is inseparable from compassion in that they are like vast and sky, but when the emphasis in personal practice is on compassion more and greater challenges arise than the challenges that are potential from exclusive focus on wisdom (of emptiness).

That which is commonly called compassion is often steeped in sentiment or attachment of goal and outcome or is prejudiced toward one problem or population and not expressed with equality. If that which is colloquially called compassion arises due to sympathy, then it will likely also have pride or elitism mixed in with the sentiment. However, compassion arising from empathy arises from the sameness of self and other. With this last statement, we hear nondual wisdom in the word sameness.

Nondual wisdom is to simply recognize the “inter” of all: all people, all events and circumstances, all moments to all moments, all beings, all energies, all thoughts, all emotions, and so forth. Just as the knee bone is connected to the leg bone, thoughts and emotions are connected, so much so as to be united. One feature of meditation training, on and off the cushion, is to notice the usually not noticed undivided way of emotions and thought or sentiency and thinking. In the noticing, one finds space which is also undivided. Then one recognizes that space is not separated from that which temporarily floats through space. Space is “unstained yet not separated from stains.”

Nondual wisdom includes the seeming paradoxical. Any given moment there are myriad options of thoughts and emotions, feelings and perceptions that could arise. Yet, each of us is habituated to repeat a select few or select range of them. To remind oneself of the possible range in any given situation is to call forward nondual wisdom. The apparent paradox is one emotion, thought, concept, or perception which is conjoined with the plethora and array of possible thoughts, concepts, or perceptions of the same thing within the same moment. For that matter, what moment is non-distinct also for the same paradoxical, nondual reason.

Here, present, awakened. Yep!

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Gardening: indoor/outdoor #4

What began indoors (baby plants) will slowly make their way outdoors to garden beds. In the meantime,

  • young tomato plants of nine varieties, all organic and several heirloom,
  • pumpkin (3 varieties: one is a native blue),
  • winter squashes including including Gila Cliff Dweller (native),
  • zucchini, brussel sprout, cauliflower,
  • mints and low marigolds are going in and out every day. A neighbor kindly donated a folding table to the garden project. That generosity will come back to them in nourishment through the season. Boy am I glad for this table! We can’t plant until late May/early June here. 7800 ft altitude brings the possibility of killing frost until late in Spring and as early as mid-September in late summer.

The 150 ft. bed along a fence line required the laying of soaker hose three times with two different types of hose. Finally, the right choices and it works the entire length. The key was the diameter of the hose, of course, plus serpentine or river-like laying of the hose. I highly recommend this 3/4″ diameter soaker hose for any location: One Stop Gardens FBA_97193 3/4 in. x 50 ft. Flat Seeper Soaker Hose. Six 50 ft. lengths were required for 150 ft. of garden bed, but with the goal of flowers, tomatoes, beans, and peas growing up together with pumpkins, winter squashes, and cucumbers growing along the ground and out, soaker is the way to go. Pumpkin’s leaves will mold with top watering (that happened last year in a neighbor’s bed). 

And, tah dah, the two raised beds and trellis are placed. The trellis is very simple construction: one cattle panel (steel wire fencing) plus four steel posts and bailing wire. Less than $50 for it all, and it will probably outlive me. Climbing morning glories and nasturtiums will blend with mexican cukamelons (if the seeds arrive), yellow round cucumbers, plus English cukes. We will add a second cattle panel next week onto the first for an 8 ft. long trellis. It will be planted on both sides (outside) with the items mentioned. *The raised beds are lined with empty dry dog food bags. There is 10″ of rough chipped tree matter like branches. It’s not thick like bark mulch or wood chips properly chipped. It will help the box breathe from below. (Yes, they are screened on the bottom to prevent voles, rabbits, and such from entering.) Then, the fill is good soil plus coconut coir. Friends, remember that peat is not a sustainable product. Peat takes hundreds of years to accumulate. Coconut coir is made from the husks of coconuts harvested for all coconut products.

The two baby hazel nut trees, two gogi berry plants, and two thornless blackberry plants are slowly putting out new leaves. I bought babies. I’m not sure that was smart, but I could not afford to replace more mature, more costly trees/bushes if the first ones didn’t make it. The west wind here is harsh and nights are just now sustaining above 32° with consistency. The baby mulberry tree is a trooper, still alive, but not leafing yet.

One more thing, bringing water to the roots of trees. When planting these trees, I used a 3 ft. length of 2″ PVC pipe to act as a water well shaft down to the roots. It will stay in place the life of the tree. The method:

  • Dig the hole for the root ball of the tree.
  • Determine the easiest accessibility to the pipe for watering.
  • Make a bed of small stones for the pipe. Set it on top. Then with slightly larger stone, wedge it in. Using a 3 ft. pipe, about 2 ft. should be above ground. Half fill with water and observe. The stones under the pipe’s opening should prevent mud from filling the opening.
  • Now put in your baby tree and back fill according to the nursery’s instructions for the tree to breathe.
  • Fill the pipe.
  • This method of deep watering ensures that the roots of the tree always are nourished. In a dry climate where water evaporates from surfaces quickly, this is imperative.

The back yard used to look like this. Slowly but surely, working with the nature spirits, and observing the sun and wind, it’s coming together.


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