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Dharma glimpses

Revisit some older posts. The Equality of the Buddhas The Buddha’s Insights (video presentation) OM: the science of vibration Humanity as Body, Speech, and Mind Chandrakirti on Emptiness Qualities of the Afterlife States Our Curious Re-creating of the Wheel Earth: … Continue reading

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the only practice

Photograph: Zen by Jack Nobre on DeviantART Verse: donna repost from April 2014

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the nature of …

photo link first posted in January 2014

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Celebration: high tantra

Celebration is a restorative process delighting in truth. Celebration is one of the surest beneficial practices one can do. It is high tantra. As we learn to celebrate things, people, and moments, then the quantum blinking sparkle that is that … Continue reading

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Essential points on why the breath is a primary focus in meditation

Some points on why breath regarding shamatha outer breath is light, as in weightless breath is unadorned, simple, and ordinary breath is continuous and a continuity Awareness, essential Being, mind, the nature of mind (all the same essence) {repeat each … Continue reading

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