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Awakening pt. 7: Neptune again

As was portrayed in Awakening pt. 6, unity, oneness, and wholeness are energetic experiences related to Neptune; and there are people speaking to anyone that will listen about this pertinent to their profession or discipline. Three are given below. We … Continue reading

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Awakening #6: Neptune

There are several ways that this article could begin. Neptune fosters that type of fluidity. Flow and variations on themes are, in one sense, Neptunian. (They could be also mercurial.) But flow can turn into looseness or non-commitment or lead … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 5: money, honey

A future-projected consideration of money, or finance, business, and commerce is best initiated with an examination of the illusory nature of these. Its root is the whimsical character of value. What is valued, devalued, or considered irreplaceable by a culture … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 5: Nature

We interrupt the astrological interpretations to sit and listen. Nature is joyous. Nature is sighing relief and enjoying the present moment. Last night I sat inside, doors and windows closed, but I could hear thousands of miles away as well … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 4: the news

The current astrological factors offer “good” news and “bad” news, both being fabrications in my mind and, maybe, yours, too. The good news is over-the-top good and encouraging. It primarily points to an awakening of humanity together with its demonstrations … Continue reading

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