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Astrological significances within Samantabhadra in Yab Yum

Samantabhadra epitomizes the fixed cross. Shoulders like a lion, he sits regal and sovereign, centered in centerlessness: Leo Gaze unwavering, he penetrates all illusion: Scorpio Immovable in samdhi, he is the Bull of Meditation: Taurus. Benefitting all beings through pure … Continue reading

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Introduction to Astrology video primer

February 6 is the start date for the 6 week online course, Introduction to Astrology. The class is full and registrations are closed, but this primer is being shared with everyone. This online course will focus on traditional astrology which … Continue reading

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Online meditation and astrology course

Two things coming up. Join in both! Live online meditation on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 am ET begins January 16. It is free and welcomes everyone. This is a group meditation, mildly guided but with lots of silence … Continue reading

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Restating the importance of the eclipse of August 2017

As the old year becomes the new, there is much to ponder and learn from: wisdom to embrace from experiences and that given by others, as well as honorable traits highlighted through 2017 that now seek more full embodiment. Assisting … Continue reading

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Images of the Zodiac: Contemplating Capricorn

Originally posted on symbolreader:
Johfra Bosschart, Capricorn A mountain goat is a very special creature to me and therefore I adore this image of Johfra, showcasing the goat in all its glory. Once I spotted a herd of them high…

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