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Only light is direct. Venus and Jupiter.

Right now, only the two light-bringer planets, Venus and Jupiter, are direct. That is to say that they are in forward motion energetically and psycho-spiritually in relation to humanity. All other planets are turned inward, focusing their illuminations on what … Continue reading

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Retrograde planets: the emperor’s clothes

As many people know, multiple planets are retrograde right now. Jupiter has recently gone direct and Mercury is now among the retrograding ones. The line-up in our solar system currently is: Mercury retrograde at 23° Leo. It will retrograde until … Continue reading

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video: Introduction to the Spiritual Wisdom within one’s Horoscope

Download this graphic or grab and print for the contemplation mentioned in the video.  

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Online course #3: The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope

The Spiritual Wisdom within One’s Horoscope: a 6-wk exploration on Tuesday nights with Donna Mitchell-Moniak beginning July 10. Register now. This astrology course examines how to factually move along the spiritual Path using one’s horoscope. It is the third online … Continue reading

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Mars as used in Esoteric Astrology

In both mythology and astrology, Mars is spoken of as having more brawn than brain. Descriptions of Mars include being brutish, uncouth, un-mannered, one-dimensional, unintelligent, bellicose, belligerent, and impulsive. In esoteric astrology, Mars is given the same wide and evolving … Continue reading

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