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Astrology: 2019-2020, part 1: Saturn in Capricorn

Various world stage issues and events demonstrate the astrological energies that are in play and are setting up a grand stellium of planets in Capricorn that will condition 2020. Themes in play include: the ongoing tennis match between President Trump … Continue reading

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Neptune goes direct

November 24, Neptune ends its current five month long retrograde. The retrograde has included these energetics personally and on all greater human scales. This list is from Alex Myles. not paying attention to intuition and signs poor boundaries being taken … Continue reading

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Only light is direct. Venus and Jupiter.

Right now, only the two light-bringer planets, Venus and Jupiter, are direct. That is to say that they are in forward motion energetically and psycho-spiritually in relation to humanity. All other planets are turned inward, focusing their illuminations on what … Continue reading

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Retrograde planets: the emperor’s clothes

As many people know, multiple planets are retrograde right now. Jupiter has recently gone direct and Mercury is now among the retrograding ones. The line-up in our solar system currently is: Mercury retrograde at 23° Leo. It will retrograde until … Continue reading

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video: Introduction to the Spiritual Wisdom within one’s Horoscope

Download this graphic or grab and print for the contemplation mentioned in the video.  

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