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Errata and gratitude: astrology/houses

Thank you to Abi and Marion for noticing an error in two different posts on the houses. I am deeply grateful and those errors have been corrected.

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6. Astrological houses spiritually viewed: 8th house

You might have noticed that the zodiacal signs express polarity in multiple ways. One is that one sign expresses up and/or out, then the one after it expresses down and/or in. This is one way the energies of masculine (former) … Continue reading

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5. Astrological houses viewed spiritually – 9th house addendum

As we go around the Wheel, take note of the planets that rule and if nuanced distinctions can be discerned by you in how you live and are more fully to express the dynamics of  your chart (horoscope). For example, … Continue reading

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4. Astrological houses spiritually viewed: the 9th house

We continue with an esoteric look at the astrological houses. The 9th house in astrology corresponds to Sagittarius, the 9th sign. Sagittarius is a Mutable Cross, Fire sign. The 9th house will offer an adjustable quality (mutable) to the planets … Continue reading

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Astrology readers: gratitude for your patience

To those who are waiting for the Houses series, it’s coming. I was away helping a friend for a week and the gardens are producing abundantly. The food needs processing. Hold tight! Thank you.

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