Awakening: pt. 3: honesty of the signs

Astrology is one of many methods of augury. The majority of those systems have been around longer than recorded history. Consider Rune Stones, the I Ching, and astrology as examples. Each method requires a knowledge in the technique as well as interpretation. Both are subjective, however. I want to acknowledge this with you; and also acknowledge that I have a bias which, undoubtedly, filters my interpretation of astrological indicators and, thereby, conditions what I “see”. My bias is that of the spiritual Path and that every being is capable of living more from inner Being and bringing inner Being into greater, every day expression. That bias is one of potential and holds me in constant visioning optimism even in the face of troubling personal or collective events and cycles. I pray that this bias does not sugar-coat, dismiss, or deny challenge, difficulty, death or destruction when the signs portend them. Rather, my aspiration is to hold in equal measure the birth, creative possibility and capacity of person, moment, nation, and humanity as a whole, together with the potential beneficial outcome hearkened by the auguring signs.

In early 2019, I started to blog on upcoming intense astrological alignments and factors (i.e. the current ones). It was a series focused on the transpersonal and transitional planets in their signs through 2020. That series highlighted potential de-construction, de-stablilzation, and necessary shock to humanity and human systems in order to get our collective attention since myriad other world-crises have not done so. This one -at least in the dramatic now- has. And, though the series on the Houses Viewed Spiritually had an overall individual-interpretive focus, everything written there can be reviewed in support of stepping up to the spiritual potential within one’s self so vitally needed from everyone. Those posts can also assist in personal coping with change and transformations now being forced upon everyone by the Queen Virus (corona).

Remember my friends, that this feminine appellation indicates the highest wisdom (Prajnaparamita), thus that coronavirus is invoking wisdom and its inseparable compassion from humanity. This world-event is a womb of becoming; it is fostering gestation and transformation. Queen indicates the Mother of Buddhas: mother of highest potential within us (called by any and all honorable names) as well as humanity’s necessary embrace of that high potential so that it can demonstrate in the world. War, poverty, and the predatory-assault of people, animals, and Earth herself express the opposite of humanity.

This queen is a dynamic of spiritual maturing which can be lived as force or as spiritual awakening. The choice is ours. This virus is Kali calling us from the very amniotic fluid that still abides in our lungs. Kali, Mahadevi, Vajrakilaya in feminine form, breathes us therefore corona compromises our breathing.

Coronavirus is queen of our lives right now. She, wrathful attention-getter Pele and fierce force of the Tsangpo River, will cause our body to fill its lungs with the fluids of our beginning as a reminder that we are the babies on this planet, the youngest kingdom and species. We exist interdependent with one another and with all of life: mother-child, village-community, animals and plants for food and medicine-and the earth they come from. This Great Mother is also calling us back to ourselves, back to communicating with our voices and faces, back to our hearts.

Additionally, coronavirus is a picture-perfect manifestation of the astrological factors at play; as is death, fear, potential systems’ collapse, and the halt of almost everything. Yet, when the elders foresaw these same astrological configurations, they rejoiced. Destruction precedes renovation and reinvention. Destruction, collapse, and undoing are necessary activities as a beaver clears trees to build a dam which creates an ecosystem and as humanity comes back to itself and the new ways of Being foretold of the incoming Aquarian Age.

No matter what your faith-base, spiritual tradition, set of beliefs or concepts about life, observe our now. Life is One: interconnected in every way. Awareness of that is an awareness of truth. From it all-benefiting and accomplishing wisdom can ensue.

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