Correct perception 1

A blind person cannot see colors, yet to say that colors do not exist would be the wrong perception of reality. Similarly, to not perceive that one’s thoughts and actions effect one’s life and produce a karmic trail (beneficial or detrimental) is simply a lack of perception. The karmic trail exists. Effect is occurring constantly. Choosing not to believe in the life-conditions that are the evidence of this obvious truth is simply to choose blindness. Colors exist whether or not the blind person sees them. Karma exists whether or not one believes in it.3407-light-waves-1920x1200-abstract-wallpaper

Not understanding this, people are misguided. Being misguided and unknowing, they do unwise, even unthinkable things. Not understanding that this creates that, they proceed through life creating a karmic trail of woe for others around them, for the world, and for their own future. Understanding that energy put in motion creates predictable results, the conscious person lives accordingly and does not act like a misguided person.

This is very simple and not hard to understand. As Yeshi Khyentse Rinpoche said, “It is easy to hate. It is difficult to love.” Loving everyone is not easy, yet living according to love will bring the results of love into the world and our lives, our health, and the health and well-being of others. Hate, greed, a distracted mind will bring their results into our lives, the lives of others, and into the world.

It is easy to be distracted. Babies are left in cars to die horribly as a result. Selfishness and greed are easy. Poverty of every kind, including poverty of the soul, is the result. Hate, suspicion, projecting one’s ignorance or one’s insecurities onto others is easier than looking into one’s mind to address the self-hate, source of fear, or self-importance that is there. Living according to these poisons will have their result. A world at war, imperialist _76431612_023244651-1governments, bigotry, and violence are the result. When entertainment is violent, that is a blatant symptom of insanity. Suspicion is paranoia which is a form of insanity. Taking from those who need, not giving to those who are dying is cruel, heartless and a form of insanity. Preferring black and white does not mean there are no colors. It means we have closed our eyes, common sense, and mind.

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