Poison Ivy? Kleen Green. Ahhh

The title of this post says it all.

Kleen Green is a completely non-toxic nature based product used for bothersome things like head and body lice, dust mites, and bed bugs. It also soothed the Poison Ivy that I got gardening like nothing else I have ever tried.

Last year, while on sabbatical and personal meditation retreat, the home I was staying in had old furniture and rugs in one section of the house. Therefore, it had dust mites.

My eyes, ears, scalp, nose were beyond bearable with itching. Benedryl and cold water took the edge off while the non-toxic Kleen Green (google-search derived) was being shipped. Kleen Green worked flawlessly on the dust mites and was safe to my body, my eyes, sensitive tissue of nose and ears, and immediately relieved the itching and soothed body and mind.

The same has happened with Poison Ivy on my face from flicking black flies. The topical “clear itch” gel took the edge off the extreme distress of my face but nothing was helping it get better. Jewel weed was not enough either. Then, while making a cleaning solution Kleen Green of for a chore, my body sang with the product being mixed (it’s a concentrate). I immediately dabbed it onto a spot on my cheek for testing. Ahhhh. Next my eyes. Ooooh. Then the rest of my face. Within half an hour the swelling began to decrease.

32ozblack_1Kleen Green is a must for your household. With the dust mites, I showered and washed my hair with it. Sprayed it directly into my face with only relief as the result. No stinging at all. And the same has been so with the Poison Ivy. Kleen Green has been applied directly to the corners of my eyes, eyelids, inside my ears, and the rest of my face with only soothing and relief as the result. It is so clean that it does not have to be rinsed off. (When washing my hair, I did.)

The 1 quart bottle of concentrate that I bought last year, still has 1/3 left. At under $40, it was a great purchase.

Oh, did I mention, it cleans wood floors beautifully too!

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