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Meditation: abiding allows insight

Insight is an interesting word. In-sight indicates: perceiving that which is within: within one’s self, an emotion, a thought process, a moment or circumstance, or within current perceived reality to look within: to have an interest in or curiosity about … Continue reading

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Meditations from a day of meditation on loving-kindness

for humanity and the world. Each of the two podcasts are 3-4 hours of the retreat. There are numerous meditations on each, plus the presentations.The morning’s presentations are brief and simply move the theme of loving-kindness to the next phase … Continue reading

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Meditation: tranquility, clarity, empathy

The 13th Karmapa wrote, “As for meditation, there is a great variety of meditative systems that set their teaching priorities to people’s capacities and individual qualities. … Adopt the essential points of the body (posture) and mind… .  No matter … Continue reading

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Meditation: within

It’s interesting to reflect on something that one has been doing for a long time. I’ve been offering meditation and meditation instruction for thirty-five years. Retreats, one-on-one, by telephone before the internet was the going thing, and then online have … Continue reading

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Meditation: openness

Here, present, awakened is another way of saying open. To abide in openness is to be here, to be present; and in that open, untetheredness, awakening is ongoing. Little awakenings as well as undoings that might seem substantial, an unmooring. … Continue reading

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