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Meditation: nondual

As meditation practice spread in the western countries, terms associated with meditation and its results have also filtered into western languages and thought. Nondual is one such word. Immediately, however, there is an issue: the mindset of the western culture. … Continue reading

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Meditation: simple, nothing exotic

Awareness is simple. Nothing special, nothing exotic. It is free, thus cannot be purchased; it is already within you, there is nothing to download And, though gurus, instructors, meditation teachers, and spiritual mentors can point out what they experience and … Continue reading

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Meditation: direct

It’s all very simple. Stub your toe, it hurts. Hug someone, it feels warm. Feel the space in which you sit, it is open and unencumbered. Direct perception is simple, accessible to everyone right now. Does it mature into intuition? … Continue reading

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Meditation: letting go, letting in

Vipashyana/vipassana is vital to a human being. Without it, all one has is stories and advertisements, preferences and fears, and one’s life lived like a video game. Through “looking correctly,” one begins to perceive through stories and projections, disregard the … Continue reading

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Meditation: things as they are

Seeing correctly includes seeing things as they are. Vipashyana is like everything: multi-faceted and multi-layered. We are that too, as is perception, reality, every being, event, and circumstance. The joy that vipashyana offers is discovery of the more. Eventually, all … Continue reading

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