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3. Presence-Reality, alertness, openness meditation

Simplicity. Presence is a state of simplicity. One which can be brought consciously to any situation, even the most complex. But, it is only in one’s repertoire if one has experienced simplicity for the reality that it is and Presence … Continue reading

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2. Presence/Reality, Alertness, Openness

Presence and reality are intimately one. Being truly present, one is (momentarily) experiencing non-duality. One’s reality expands, contracts, is comfortable or challenging according to being present as Presence or less so. Common reality is small, limiting, and simply a set … Continue reading

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1. Reality, Alertness, Openness: meditation

We begin online advancing meditation practice with experiencing: Reality through Presence Alertness which points to an unwordable quality of Being and Openness which when experienced as it is reveals sameness, impartiality, neutrality, and expansive equanimity. No words can rouse these … Continue reading

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the night after the election: goodwill

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May Full Moon meditation = embodiment

The video visually introduces our group meditation. The embodiment of your nature as a human being is key to the transformation of human consciousness. Step into what you are! (The meditation podcast is below the video.)     Downloadable podcast: … Continue reading

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