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Meditation: presence in and with the world

Joy and more joy well up inside me with everyone – because we are meditating with the world. I know that many thousands of people are doing the same; my heart leaps because of that. We are one: one shared … Continue reading

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Meditation: Sit

Imagine if every person in the world sat for a few minutes. Not necessarily for meditation, but just to sit and do nothing else. For those moments no negative or harmful action would be done, unless the moment was one … Continue reading

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Meditation: Awareness-Being – and apology

The meditation on Saturday (this one) was as simple as they come. But, that’s the point, isn’t it. Whether from Patanjali or Buddha Shakyamuni or all the lineages that derive from them, the instructions in all levels of meditation are … Continue reading

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Meditation: discoveries 2

Imagine yourself being the first caucasian person to go up the Amazon, or cross the Mississippi, or enter the bush of Africa, or set foot on Borneo. You would “discover” what was there. It would be new to you but … Continue reading

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Meditation: vistas and discoveries

“Know thyself; for in you is all there is to be know.” Oracle at Delphi? or is it Socrates? “Illumine your way.” Buddha Shakyamuni “Thoroughly train your mind.” Buddha Shakyamuni “(Raja) yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness. Then, … Continue reading

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