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Offline: Oct. 17-31, please use podcasts

Friends, I’ll be offline from Oct. 17-31 for several days of retreat with friends. Please keep meditating. Use the podcasts here if they serve. Revisit some that brought you benefit or insight. Much love!

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Meditation: the display of the mind

We do an exercise in this sitting that combines various components that we have worked with before. A few different results eventuate, each one easily used through our day to further awaken and stabilize ongoing broadened awareness.

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Meditation: dimensions of present awareness

We human beings are funny. Most people use awareness sometimes but not all the time. For instance, we might energetically test a supplement but then not use the same awareness through the day or use it sporadically. We might follow … Continue reading

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Meditation: the mandala of the unified state

Through exploring our experiences we come into more knowing about the mechanisms of experience. Human beings tend to robotically proceed through a day and a life without this exploration. However, by participating more fully in the five common senses and … Continue reading

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Garden joy – end of the season peace and bounty

There is a profound peace in Nature as she slows completing a growing season. That is so on every scale: forests and meadows, farms, yards, and gardens. I love sitting in the midst of it. The buzz and hum of … Continue reading

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