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Awakening pt. 1

Last night, a waxing sliver of the moon set into the darkness; with it, and slightly west, Venus sparkled. She is a guiding light. Through the last few months, you have likely noticed the dancing duo of Saturn and Jupiter … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties – sorry for now online meditations

Hi all, My internet has been kooky since Wednesday afternoon. Problem still not completely sorted out. I will post here on Blazing Light when regularly scheduled meditations plus new articles and offerings will be happening. Be well, keep smiling, hold … Continue reading

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Meditation: universal

We are ONE. Smile because a smile is cosmic universal presence. Share the goodness of heart! universal 032420  

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“I, too, make this dedication”

Many people are renewing aspirations and vows that benefit others and the world. Millions, maybe billions, of people are praying for the well-being of others and that this world-shared situation will foster awareness, compassion, equanimity, and positive change in the … Continue reading

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Meditation: breathing together

Being alive is amazing unto itself, but a contemplation on the idea of choice regarding one’s rebirth, the overall positivity of that rebirth, and that choice included where and when is worth taking the time. Add to that a review … Continue reading

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