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December Day of Meditation for the World: equanimity

Saturday, Dec. 5 from 8 am-3 pm MT, we will meditate for the world and humanity. The sub-theme will be a meditative exploration of equanimity. What is equanimity? It is more than justice or fairness in that the criteria used … Continue reading

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Meditation: White OM 3

Considerations of the crown chakra that might not be common: The crown center is usually associated with higher will or willed intentions; but whose will? The will is one’s own. The will represented by the crown center does not come … Continue reading

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Meditation: OM AH HUM, white OM 2

Great gratitude today and every day. We repeat the instruction from Tuesday. Please do that meditation first if you have not. People will have had one of three experiences overall: challenge or difficulty: If so, it is absolutely necessary to … Continue reading

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A Living Awareness Thanksgiving

Five recollections for a living awareness day any day. How about today? Everything you do, offer it to all beings and their wellness, happiness, and awakening. Walking? Pray that all beings can make their way to clarity and peace of … Continue reading

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Meditation: white OM

We will build this technique piece by piece because each is rich in its own right. Combining shamatha and vipashyana is often initially done through adding a contemplative component to the stabilizing or abiding aspects of shamatha practice. Another way … Continue reading

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