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February Full Moon meditation

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Aquarius Full Moon meditation

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“We hold these truths to be self-evident …”

The United States has been at several forks in the road of ethics and choice over its less than three century existence, but all of them began with the creation of this nation. In four weeks, Donald Trump will be … Continue reading

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The mother of all meditation states and samadhi

In the recent meditation retreats (Autumn 2016), two points were investigated and experienced with fullness: Shamatha is the foundation of all meditation practices. It also is the mother-source that produces all subsequent meditative capacities, states, and samdhis. Additionally, it is … Continue reading

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Nobody knows where this is going

My nights are filled with the dreams of others, psychic and empathic currents of the human psyche. Immigrant mothers and children worried about their future, families wondering who will be forced to leave. Black and brown people restlessly toss and … Continue reading

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