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Meditation: prajna, Presence

There is no podcast for this session, but here is the context and “instruction.” We have been approaching the subject of prajna in an experiential manner. Within Tibetan Buddhism and its Indian sources or roots, prajna (Sanskrit) indicates correct perception … Continue reading

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Random garden joy

  These random garden moments include earlier in the season. I live at 7800 ft. elevation. The growing season is generally less than 90 days; sometimes 70  from snow/frost to snow/frost. I moved here in the Autumn of 2018. Each … Continue reading

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Meditation: intimate, direct, prajna

Remember the quoted instruction from Garab Dorje to “directly discover your own state”? We’re still with this this; and using it to understand and experience prajna.

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Meditation: intimate nondual

Intimacy. Union. We experience nonduality when in these states. In other words, our subjectivity and our in-the-moment experience of an object are merged. Subjectivity and objectivity are in union due to the intimacy of the experienced moment, like the bee … Continue reading

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Meditation: intimate with the world

Today’s meditation is intimate with the world. Please share your beingness with our world which is such need. Every moment check in with yourself. Am I benefiting others and the planet?

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