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advancing meditation: why?

Advancing meditation techniques include methods that foster neutrality and equanimity of mind. This is necessary because since birth, we have been instructed identifying characteristics such as red/blue, tall/short, as well as personalizing such as like/dislike, hope/fear, and more. Robotically and … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: gratitude and light

The training in vipashyana is an interesting blend of equanimity and attention. Equanimity is evenness. In meditation training, impartiality is the attitude cultivated toward the body, emotions, thoughts, and distractions. One does not negate the body, but also does not … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: Remain

Life is the supreme multi-faceted environment for one’s meditation practice. Every skill that one is learning to apply on the cushion is immediately tested off the cushion. In this yin-yang way, we are tamed, trained, and learn to remain true … Continue reading

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Many new “followers,” Thank you!

It is joyous to receive notification of each new follower. Please drop me an email at and tell me what inspired you to follow BlazingLight. Love to hear from you. Or you can comment on this post, if that … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: spacious like the sky, deep like the ocean

Milarepa sang, “The mind is omnipresent like space …” Our challenge is that the cognitive faculties are interested in the clouds, rainbows, birds, planes, and stars that are in the sky rather than the plain, vast sky. To let the … Continue reading

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