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It goes forward.

A 91 year-old neighbor asked me to teach him meditation. He has an acute, well-trained mind that he has used throughout his personal and professional life. He is kind-hearted, of gentle spirit, and eager to learn. This man is scientifically-minded, … Continue reading

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Today is Wesak, and Tuesday is World Meditation Day

Please sit and meditate today. If meditation is not your thing, then contemplate truth and compassion. The exact time of the Full Moon is 3:12 MT (1:12 ET, 2:12 CT, etc.) For eight minutes waxing into the exact time and … Continue reading

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Meditation: continued disentanglement

All together now: Why do we meditate? To become disentangled. Really? Yes. If one is disentangled from projections, attachments, pain or should’s regarding the physical body, and so forth then one can have clarity and empathy with a person, clarity … Continue reading

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the call of green

Yesterday I got tired of my small house being a plant nursery. Pots, plants, bags of soil, sprouting mung and clover seeds on the kitchen counter, not to mention the ongoing container of compostables for the neighbor’s young chickens or … Continue reading

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Meditation: unified, center

Remember, with meditation practice the purpose is no-purpose. We train the mind to experience no-mind. We ease the emotions to realize that they are a result of other conditioning factors and that it is wise to not act upon them … Continue reading

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