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Donna Mitchell-Moniak lives and meditates at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center which she founded in 2003. The Practice of Living Awareness is an outpouring of her heart-mind and lifetimes of meditation practice in various disciplines. See for meditations and free online meditation training. See this blog or for more of her written work and classes.

Free Online Meditation starts up again October 3.

Some people have been doing The Practice of Living Awareness for almost seven years. Spirit Fire’s free online meditation training and group meditations begins a new round on October 3. We began The Practice by teleconference eight years ago. Can you … Continue reading

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Like raindrops

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September Full Moon

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An Alien Sky?

World mythology has interested me since childhood. In the ’60’s when I was exploring libraries, the classical Greek, Roman, and some mythic imagery from Egypt and the Fertile Crescent could be found. Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as books printed by … Continue reading

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Leo Full Moon meditation: the Lion’s Roar

This half hour guided meditation focuses on the bold bravery of being constant in one’s light, and the results to all of life when one is so. The Lion’s Roar of pure Being can express in many ways, some silently … Continue reading

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