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Meditation: already within

The tranquility that is sought and then established with a shamatha practice is already within you. That’s why and how it can be experienced and the mind stabilized within its harmony and expansive ease. Insight is also already within you. … Continue reading

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Meditation: nondual

As meditation practice spread in the western countries, terms associated with meditation and its results have also filtered into western languages and thought. Nondual is one such word. Immediately, however, there is an issue: the mindset of the western culture. … Continue reading

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Meditation: simple, nothing exotic

Awareness is simple. Nothing special, nothing exotic. It is free, thus cannot be purchased; it is already within you, there is nothing to download And, though gurus, instructors, meditation teachers, and spiritual mentors can point out what they experience and … Continue reading

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Gearing up for growing food!

It’s just about time to start more indoor leaf lettuce and arugula. The three containers seeded in late November have been serving me daily since mid-December. These are grown hydroponically using a simple version of the Kratky method.   Planters … Continue reading

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#15: Wrapping Up the Houses View Spiritually

The aspiration behind this series on the astrological houses has been that of self-knowing and understanding. A plethora of mechanisms for doing so exist in the world. They have been handed down or brought freshly forward through all spiritual traditions. … Continue reading

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