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Picking up on the houses series, #8

The astrological chart is a circle that can be divided in various ways. One is into twelve parts corresponding to twelve signs of the zodiac. This creates twelve houses. In a flat or equal house chart, all the houses have … Continue reading

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Nutrient Dense Produce

This will be the next experiment here in Jaroso – on a smaller scale than in the video.

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Online meditation resumes on Nov. 19

Hi everyone, I was optimistic in thinking that online meditations could continue through the traveling and vagaries of locations during the Autumn meditation retreats. It’s not happening! So, please keep meditating for the world, everyone around you, and yourself. See … Continue reading

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No meditation Tuesday – but how about Five Wisdoms

This arose last night. – Soul on its own plane is a demonstration of All Accomplishing Wisdom. The function of the illusory Soul is to bring forward and accomplish the compassion and wisdom of innate profound Awareness through the illusion … Continue reading

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Meditation: the furniture

One attribute of Awareness is that it is space-like. Awareness is neutral like the space in front of your face. Awareness is impartial like the space in your room. Awareness is uncontrived like the space outside your door. Thoughts are … Continue reading

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