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Meditation: mandala OM

Layer upon layer. The spaces between instructions are velvet and deep.      

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February Day of Meditation for the World

This new year is already showing its character: new. New coronavirus variants, new administration in the White House with new information and truth-talking every day from its podiums. A third, new vaccine for the virus will be rolling out before … Continue reading

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Meditation: dedication

white OM at the crown center: embodiment is pure, perfect in every way red AH at the throat center: all expressions (visual, auditory, scents, tastes, shape, texture, vibrational, etc.) are more than perceived blue HUM at the heart center: the … Continue reading

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Meditation: heart, new day

Yesterday, Jo Biden spoke from the heart in terms of the heart center: unity (universal), dignity, decency, and the fearlessness to state truth. Our meditations are for the world as well as our self and all around us. It’s a … Continue reading

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Meditation: heart 1, universal

There are two human centers (chakras) that are universally oriented: the heart center and crown center. The heart is universal always; the crown unfolds. One could question if the heart opens incrementally also? What we experience which seems to be … Continue reading

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