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Meditation: gratitude springs from the open heart

Gratitude is a fountain of light springing from the fullness of the heart. gratitude springs from the open heart 091720

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Meditation: held within the open heart

One feature of beings of planet Earth is that all are sensitive, thus responsive. Think about it. A chemical bond is a type of sensitive response between two atoms including the response of the protons and neutrons within both atoms. … Continue reading

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Sept. Day of Meditation for Humanity and the World: Compassion

Thank you to all who were present, part of the day, the whole day, and those who held the day meditatively offline. Much love and gratitude. Morning session is part a. Afternoon session is part b. Sept day of meditation, … Continue reading

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Impermanence equals change. Because all things, people, societies, cultures, animals, systems, emotions, thoughts, beliefs (and anything else that can be named) are impermanent, transition, transformation, learning, newness, inventions and discoveries can happen. Because of impermanence death, birth, aging, seasonal changes, … Continue reading

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Meditation: cool the fires

Our meditation is devoted to the hardship and peril of living in a world of fire: wildfires, rain forest fires, and the fires of the passions including aggression, greed, avarice, jealousy as examples. We send the cooling waters of loving … Continue reading

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