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on meditation retreat

hi, There is be no live online meditations until Thursday, March 22 because I will be teaching meditation retreat in Oklahoma. Until then, please continue in your practice. The world needs peace of mind.

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advancing meditation: heart, the true true

What is real? What is true? This question has been asked since human beings first experienced duality. Vipashyana’s main function is that of revealing, little by little, that which is truly true. advancing 031018 heart, the true true  

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advancing meditation: the heart of vipashyana

Vipashyana is Sanskrit. Vipassana is Pali. Both words refer to using perception to get to the root of perceiving. If one penetrates through the layers within the process of perception: concepts about what one is perceiving, sensations related to the … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: Heraclitus and the mind

Wisdom is wisdom, no matter who speaks it or where it comes from. Sometimes wisdom comes from our children (“out of the mouth of babes”), sometimes from our pet, sometimes from Nature. Humanity has also been gifted by many philosophers … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: The why’s of shamatha training (video)

This short video encapsulates why the steps in shamatha practice are what they are – no matter who’s teaching it. Shamatha is the only ground for meditation. In fact, shamatha is the closest experience that one can have of buddha … Continue reading

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