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Donna Mitchell-Moniak lives and meditates at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center which she founded in 2003. The Practice of Living Awareness is an outpouring of her heart-mind and lifetimes of meditation practice in various disciplines. See for meditations and free online meditation training. See this blog or for more of her written work and classes.

pre-Wesak contemplation: Sameness

The Wesak energy offers us the opportunity to abide within the cosmic principle of Sameness. The Buddha returns to the Earth, aligns with the Lord of the World, the Christ, as well as with all of Hierarchy, Shamballa, and Humanity: … Continue reading

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Earth: a training ground for bodhichitta

Helping is what we are here for. It is the reason that human beings exist.  Our planet is designed as a training ground for bodhisattvas. This, about planet Earth, is expressed as the development of bodhichitta through the lives of … Continue reading

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Dragon Kwan Yin

To understand Kwan Yin fully, one must understand the Dragon she feeds. Dragon is Insight: penetrating, piercing, fearless, uncompromising. Dragon can take flight and, in doing so, lift the aspirant as well as his or her consciousness into the highest … Continue reading

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… then one is experiencing Wholeness as non-differentiated from oneself.

Lucille Cedarcrans regarding seed thoughts in meditation followed by some comments. “The seed-thought is then dropped. The words are no longer spoken. This is the most difficult stage of the entire meditation for beginners and for many of their seniors. … Continue reading

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A Way to Understand Oneself

Religious, spiritual and esoteric traditions of the world provide systems by which to understand oneself and one’s Path. The systems have factors in common because human beings are human beings! The religious traditions tend to emphasize leaving the world, being … Continue reading

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