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Essential points on why the breath is a primary focus in meditation

Some points on why breath regarding shamatha outer breath is light, as in weightless breath is unadorned, simple, and ordinary breath is continuous and a continuity Awareness, essential Being, mind, the nature of mind (all the same essence) {repeat each … Continue reading

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Meditation: the healing energies of the radiant heart

The heart is open, embracing, radiant with loving-kindness and equanimity. We hold humanity in this field of wellness, well-being, and loving-kindness. the healing energies of the radiant heart 070620    

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Gardening, indoor/outdoor #5

We had a killing frost on June 7 or 8. Even the old timers were taken by surprise. June 1st is happy planting day, so everyone had crop in and beds seeded. Wuh wuh. With the people that I know, … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 7: Neptune again

As was portrayed in Awakening pt. 6, unity, oneness, and wholeness are energetic experiences related to Neptune; and there are people speaking to anyone that will listen about this pertinent to their profession or discipline. Three are given below. We … Continue reading

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Meditation: simple and nondistracted

Shamatha is so multi-leveled that those levels escape recognition. This is a simple session. May you experience non-distraction thus peace. simple and nondistracted 070420  

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