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Meditation: for humanity

When difficulty arises, we attend to what is necessary and wisely so. But, in the scurry of emergency or of fear, prayer and meditation often get sidelined. This meditation and all this week, our meditative focus is humanity, the one … Continue reading

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Meditation: before thought

There’s a nanosecond or less before the relationship of consciousness and the senses manufactures an identification such as blue, sky, bird, “I” or “I want.” Before thinking, labeling, or ascribing take place, there is nothing: a neutral, lucid blankness. It’s … Continue reading

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Meditation: let the temporary dissolve

Temporary, arising whimsically and if not chased or reacted to dissolves into the nothingness from which it came, describes most of the thoughts, emotions, ideas, desires, and judgements in our mind-emotion complex. A meditation practice reveals all of the above … Continue reading

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Meditation: confidence

We have confidence that a dirty dish is easily cleaned. The nature of the dish is clean; the dried food from breakfast is temporary and remove-able. We have confidence that our car can be cleaned. The dirt and mud is … Continue reading

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Meditation: the heart of humanity

We are one collective, intertwined consciousness. This is a heart meditation. heart of humanity 1

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