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Meditation: a living mandala

OM AH HUM are symbols. What they indicate is vast. white OM: the creative process (all creative processes), integration and embodiment, to intend and to follow through, all of manifestation red AH: passion, excitement, attachment, aversion, the magnetic pull of … Continue reading

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Meditation: a mandala expression

Everything in manifestation is a mandala expressing. Words are a mandala of sounds, meaning, interpretation, emotion and thought, as well as the mandala of interaction between sounder and those who hear the sounds/words/meanings. This is so whether the mandala is … Continue reading

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Meditation: light, generosity, intention

Spontaneously, we used an additional mantra in this session. It was one given to students many years ago. It flowed well with the white, red, and blue of OM AH HUM. The mantra is: I am Soul, source of clear … Continue reading

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Soften and Open, recordings from the Day of Meditation

As always, it was a joy to meditate with people dedicated to serving the world. The field locked in immediately.   Here is the Day of Meditation dates for this year (2021) plus the dates for the three 3-day online … Continue reading

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Meditation: HUM beginningless

The universe vibrates. hummmmmm The cells of our body and the body of every living creature vibrate. hummmmmm This vibration, shared by all existence from the soil and water to the sky and the space in your room, is one … Continue reading

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