Meditation: Buddhi 4

Thus far, buddhi has been pointed out as present and accessible in experiences such as:

  • gratitude: Buddhi’s attributes include delight, joy, and lightness of being.
  • presence: Buddhi is expressing as luminous clarity, neutrality or impartiality as well as simplicity and acuteness of awareness experienced in presence.
  • spaciousness: Buddhi is free from the constraints of projected norms such as time, distance, and measurables. Buddhi is void of concepts and mental formulations of reality. Spacious, open, and unfettered; all, one, whole, and yet non – like the space in a room – are characteristics that we experience that are buddhic.
  • continuity: Because buddhi is free of constraints and conceptual frames of reference, no thing can interrupt its smooth, clear, empty, vibrancy. Buddhi is, therefore, experienced as a continuity.

This meditation adds another quality that produces a buddhic response.

buddhi 3 071119

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