Esoteric Astrological Layers 1: Pluto

Various planets are in prominence in the sky at night and in the human struggle. Humanity must choose the way of light. Delusion does not and cannot serve. This series comes from some of the work being offered in the Esoteric Astrology 201 online course. These articles provide considerations to the planets so that the person interested in astrology can contemplate the transits with new considerations for their influence upon every aspect of human endeavor.


Exoteric Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th house
Pluto is Hades in the Greek pantheon. He is the brother of Poseidon (Neptune) and Zeus (Jupiter).

Pluto was the only Greek god not to reside on Mount Olympus. The three brothers cast lots to see who would get areas of Earth. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the sea, and Hades got the underworld. Pluto, as a ruler of the chart or a sign, represents a mighty, intense, and willful power that exists within us. It can be used for profound good, but human beings seem not quite ready to give expression to this deep current of Will and Power. As a result, we try to contain Pluto or wear a mask of ego’s power.

Hades had a helmet of invisibility. As a titan, he was already near invincible. The helmet now gave him the quality of stealth. He could catch people at unawares. Thus, Pluto represents the unaware state and the negative, harmful, or limiting results that ensue with acting from an unaware state. Pluto also refers to the power of the unconscious and the subconscious regions of the psyche. The house that Pluto is in offers the environment and circumstances where the unconscious tendencies can be made conscious, and maturation into purpose aligned with the Soul’s Will can result. This can be experienced as “the grip of the Soul.”

Exoterically, Pluto rules Scorpio and, therefore, rules the 8th house. We are to delve into the qualities and tendencies of the planets in this house. This is done in order to discover and then mine the capacity and abilities of planets for the work of the Soul.

Pluto and Scorpio ask us to be courageous and to face what we find. We are reminded of the invisibility helmet, in other words, that which had been invisible, had lie unseen, now is cognized and understood.

Pluto’s sign is generational. Yet the sign that Pluto is in has significant bearing for the native. Pluto pokes at the false vulnerability of the sense of self. Doing so, the native realizes where and why one has erected protective measures, armoring, or defenses. These are often inferred by Mars, but Mars and Pluto are octaves of each other. Now, Pluto becomes the jester or coyote medicine. In other words, we can’t get away with our falsity and we know it. Pluto does too. This, then, is a tremendously powerful opportunity for self-honesty and transformation that will be catalized every time Pluto is transited.

Pluto rules Pisces and the 12th house esoterically.
We are reminded that the mythic signs of the zodiac are Scorpio through Pisces. This means that Pluto is conditioning and trying to reveal the mythic nature of the self. Pluto is encouraging us to uncover what is real. Pluto exacts, is uncompromising, and exerts pressure and heat to make us uncomfortable with our self-made sense of reality. Esoteric Pluto will, like a moving tectonic plate, grind away at the false. We will grow uncomfortable with it or be taken down by it.

For planets in Pisces exactitude is waged on the psyche as well as how we interact with others. Pluto and its exactitude brings forward karma and puts the burden of our actions upon us so that we experience the direct result of what we have set in motion. In this way Pluto takes the role of Saturn who was his father.

Any planet in the 12th house is there for a reason. Please see my article: 12th House, Hidden Power. The native must discover that reason. The 12the house is a purgatory of sorts. The power of the planet placed there is purposefully being held in check, under the waters of the 12th house, so that one can correct tendencies in the personal nature that compromise a soul-full expression of that planet.

Hierarchically Pluto rules Pisces.
Ultimately, Pluto brings wealth. However, this hierarchical level of wealth is hard to describe, possibly even unwordable. The unwordable nature speaks of the dark of Hades but this darkness has reference to highest Being, to that which is so radiant as to block out all other light, that which is undefinable and invisible to the naked eye.

You are directed towards the three articles on my blog regarding Pluto and Sirius for more detail on this higher level.  search Pluto-Sirius.

This level of Pluto applies if the chart has a hierarchical ruler and sign or similar in the 12th house, for example Venus in Capricorn. The esoteric level applies first. So in this example, the native must correct whatever is incorrect in the native’s living of Venus and Capricorn. Then the planet as an instrument of the profound can open within the native. That can be experienced mystically, occultly, scientifically, or creatively.

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