Reflux? Nausea? Cat’s Claw can help.

Here are some of Cat’s Claw”s common benefits.

  • quells nausea, especially when induced by decreased food intake and/or anxiety
    reduces acid in the gut, therefore can greatly assist with Reflux. Of course, eating nutritiously and well combined is the long-term remedy (due to enzymes required to digest differing foods).
  • a general nervous system “tonic”. Cat’s Claw soothes in an overall way. It is not a drug, nor does it tamp down the nervous system or emotions. Instead, like chamomile tea at the end of the day, it simply soothes the constitution.
  • can significantly benefit diverticulitis.

    I know an elder who, due to various fragility reasons, was becoming malnourished and starving the body. This person’s stomach was always nauseous as a result, thus reducing the desire to eat. This is common within malnutrition at a particular point within lack of eating. Within an hour of taking Cat’s Claw, this person’s nausea was gone, and the person was hungry. Not only could she eat, but with continued use of the herb, eating was desired.

    For myself, I used it to cure diverticulitis 20 years ago. I would be happy to share the protocol with anyone. And, due to MS, for the years that I was using the allopathic model, my body was receiving quarterly 5-day infusions of steroids. One of the several side-effects of that (as many know) is reflux. Prescription medication (Zantac) is the allopathic response to that. I used Cat’s Claw, papaya enzymes, and mint tea, and never had reflux. This protocol would work for others as well.

    cats-claw-bottleCapsules are best, if one can swallow such. Otherwise, get the non-alcohol tincture if possible. The alcohol-based ones are shocking in their taste and potency. Online is a good source.

    Essentially, our body is made from the earth. Bones, blood, organs, and the fluids that flow all are made of the stuff of the Earth. Usually, Earth can provide good remedies for what ails us.

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