Much to be grateful for

I pulled up to the curb of Sears to return two snow shovels. Got them precariously  positioned on my walker and, as I was shutting the back hatch of the car, a Mexican American man going into the store asked if he could help. Kindly, he carried the shovels in and held the non-handicapped doors for me to waddle through with my walker. So kind.

Similarly, someone got up from their seat at Chipotle to open the door for me and hold it as I was navigating the door with my fanny and the walker. He, too, happened to be Mexican American.

Things like the ones mentioned were small to the men who assisted but not so for me who was helped. Their thoughtfulness negated all feelings of inconvenience that someone more self-centered would have had. The self was merely an instrument for interaction; it was like the hands that opened and held the door or carried the shovels. There was no “me” to either of these two men in their moment of assisting. There was simply assistance.

I am grateful for the sunshine, for the kindness of others, for my new home, and for the snow on the mountains. I am grateful for friendship, relatedness with others and nature, and for the myriad opportunities to assist others that come my way. And, I am grateful for the interactions that being handicapped has provided me and those who come to my aid. What wonderful karma we are creating together!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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3 Responses to Much to be grateful for

  1. Sandra Krantz says:

    You are one of my many Blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love, Sandra

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  2. Anne kennedy says:

    Hi Donna,
    Even though I’ve not corresponded for quite awhile I think of you often & am grateful for all I have learned from you over the years. Every time I say the loving kindness mantra, & it is often as I usually say it when I do my daily walk, I think of you.
    I also feel I have a lot to be grateful for, even in the midst of all the negative political news, damage to wildlife & the planet, & our seemingly endless ways of being cruel to each other, I see kindness in many & a large number of people who wish to help & uplift in any way they can.
    Thanks for all you have done & continue to do to bring awareness & light to a vast # of people. It is greatly appreciated.
    Much love,

    • hi Anne,
      The loving kindness mantra is simple and moving. It reminds us that well-being, happiness, kindness, and wellness begin in our own hearts and minds and are fostered as we foster the same in others. Yes, Anne, there is cruelty in the world. But, since so much of it is perpetrated by human beings, we can change that. Keep saying the loving kindness mantra and living a life that this is gentle and kind.
      love to you and the girls, Anne!

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