Neptune goes direct

November 24, Neptune ends its current five month long retrograde. The retrograde has included these energetics personally and on all greater human scales. This list is from Alex Myles.

  • not paying attention to intuition and signs
  • poor boundaries
  • being taken advantage of
  • repeating the same lessons or harmful patterns
  • dreaming instead of doing
  • procrastination
  • being easily fooled or manipulated
  • clouded vision

He then offers potential energetics as Neptune establishes itself in direct motion.

  • authentic and mutually respectful relationships
  • clear thinking
  • clarity
  • insightfulness
  • easily or naturally reading people and situations
  • creating and achieving what the mind is set on
  • being motivated
  • ready to start a new chapter

Let me add that if you have any planet at 13-15 degrees in your chart, Neptune retrograde has been effecting you. As it goes direct and established direct motion, you should experience forward momentum and clarity pertinent to the particular planet that has been being transited, how that planet is part of your psyche and Path, as well as how – with new found clarity and resolve – transformation is completely possible.

May humanity awaken to its self-made delusions about the world, one another, and its self-made unrealities. May the US recognize its necessary participation in the solution to world problems as well as its own.

Have fun with newfound wisdom and perspective!

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