Emanations of Self: 6 conclusion

In conclusion, the intention of this series was to describe how all existence is an emanation of and thus by nature is Self-Same with the Original Source. That’s not new news. Whole systems of religion, mythology, and spiritual teachings have been teaching that for a long time; but that is one of the most important points. Whole systems of religion, mythology, and spiritual teachings have been teaching that for a long time and doing so with amazing similarity, congruity, and steadfastness. Why? Maybe because it’s true.

Our reductionist age is built upon a scaffolding of empiricism: of looking at the form as the descriptor of existence and purpose. Shakyamuni Buddha and the Advaitist Hindu practitioners of a non-dual bent looked beyond the form to what lie behind and within. In both cases, they were building upon Patanjali’s comprehensive system of yoga and the Bhagavad Gita, both of which state teachings of the internal subtle composition of all forms including our own. A simple reading of these texts makes clear the foundation that supported the Buddha’s awakening and subsequent teaching of liberation and compassion, and the non-dual teachings furthered by Advaitist and Buddhist practitioners. Patanjali could give his system of yoga* because of the Self-Same emptiness that is all existence and expression.

All is emanation, nothing is not. Thus Shakyamuni Buddha could follow the trail backward to the source of suffering and find desire: the intrinsic quality of relation. The first relation was the first noticing, a noticing of vibration within Emptiness. Emptiness was hs-2013-01-b-webexperiencing its fullness. High meditative states of non-duality are the human version of this. The sustained emptiness, non-conceptual and undone, at some point moves within itself. If the meditator can sustain the non-dual vibration as it quivers, then big-bang results. Profound understanding pours forth. Neutrinos, powerful radiating dark pure unfabricated energy explodes from an empty limitlessness. Qualities pure and necessary for the alchemy of human existence spiral from no center at raging speeds. The meditator is living Krishna’s statement to Arjuna, “Having pervaded the universe with but a fragment of myself I remain.”

We all are this. Everything is this. No-thing-ness is this. NON is the “Original Face” and the Father-Mother of all existence. Therefore, all existence is self-same with the Original Face. That original state was/is empty, void, non. These words are not negative in their connotation, but simply negating of any sense of thing, duality, or perturbation. This original state of the universal void is pure potency without limit. It will birth all faces, cosmic and infinitesimal, as well as all potential. It will guarantee all possibilities and remain unblemished by all because Source is empty. It is both none of its expressions and all of its expressions without distinction from them. “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.”

This is called truth in the Ancient myths of the world and conveyed with tremendous similarity across time and cultures. Like they, I have repeated this fact a few times in the posts because it is an astounding one. The fact of congruity, alone, should call the mind into deep pondering. What is being conveyed through the rich choice of words and imagery by the Ancients? Do we recognize their attempts to make plain the profound?

The Tao is called the Great Mother:
Empty yet inexhaustible,
It gives birth to infinite worlds.

It is always present within you
You can use it any way you want.     Tao te Ching: 6

This last sentence of the Tao #6 says it all. This is how the Buddha, a contemporary with Lao Tsu, could come to and give his many layered teaching. This is how non-dual emptiness can be experienced within the life of form, and how form is ceaselessly conveying the wonders of emptiness. “You can use it any way you want.”

Air Serpent by erin the fairy at Deviant Art

Air Serpent by erin the fairy at Deviant Art

Vibration-Serpent is Self-Same as NON from which Vibration-Serpent exudes. Thus Vibration-Serpent is NON; it is empty to BE, to become, to direct, to undo. We can use vibration any way we want: in harmony or or ways that only produce disharmony and discordance. We can use vibration as passion, conveyed through the myths as the erotic dance of Origin as “She” noticed herSelf. We can feel the vibration of passion every time it arises: for the morning brew, for the kiss of the sunshine, for the chocolate, for a thrill, for whatever as it arises within you probably hundreds of times a day. Noticing is the  dance of enlightenment because it was the original dance.

We are emanations of intrinsic Awareness-Being. Everything and everyone is too. Living this leads to the end of all suffering. All emanations of Self are one SELF vibrating.


* Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras include a deep philosophical underpinning, an exposé of the inner anatomy, instruction on how to perceive the latent karmic and energetic qualities of anything or any moment, and a practice of dedication and devotion that birthed the understanding of namaste.

**My apologies if there has been any misplacement of Hindu names in the lineages. It has been decades since I read the ancient Hindu scriptures. Upon reflection, Indra probably should have been placed with Shiva and Vishnu and Krishna later. A fitting conclusion for this series is to offer a tabulation with a variety of ways by which the cosmic method of emanation from Emptiness-Allness becomes all that exists.

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