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advancing meditation: Instructions from Patanjali 1

The great rishi, Patanjali, gave meditation instruction long ago. Patanjali’s training is like that of a scientist: sequential, methodical, and based upon direct evidence. As with instructions from the Buddha, if one follows the training in its sequence, meditation will … Continue reading

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The Inner Dynamics of Meditation

Hours and days of meditation provide opportunity to clarify one’s practice. Patanjali was clear in his Sutras about the stages leading to and then within meditation: right withdrawal – pratyahara concentration – dharana meditation yogically understood – dhyana absorption – … Continue reading

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“Heaps,” “Aggregates,” Skandhas

“Each plane of our being: mental, vital, physical – has its own consciousness, separated though interconnected and interacting; but to outer mind and sense, in our waking experience, that are all confused together.” From Integral Healing by Sri Aurobindo  posted … Continue reading

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Our curious re-creating of the wheel

An article was posted on a Facebook group in which the researcher is reporting that “supposedly nonconscious preparatory brain activity is really just part of a fairly random ebb and flow of background neural activity, and that movements occur when … Continue reading

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The Power of Meditation

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