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Our curious re-creating of the wheel

An article was posted on a Facebook group in which the researcher is reporting that “supposedly nonconscious preparatory brain activity is really just part of a fairly random ebb and flow of background neural activity, and that movements occur when … Continue reading

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Oneness-Mandala principle

See the preliminary webinar on YouTube.

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Light of the Soul, book 3 sutras 4-8 podcasts

Patanjali’s teaching continues to serve humanity. The system of yoga, inclusive of complete training in meditation, is sourced from this great and ancient rishi. It is likely that Patanjali existed before the great deluge in the high civilization that was … Continue reading

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Continuity of Consciousness 5

Is reincarnation – rebirth – a fact to you? For the majority of those at the Continuity of Consciousness retreats, rebirth is recognized as true and valued for the opportunities that reincarnation provides. The participants understood that we are more … Continue reading

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Notes to the Buddha’s Insights

For those who don’t have time for a one hour webcast, here is the gist of the free online presentation that I did last Thursday. I purposefully approached the Buddha’s insights and their application to conditioned life in a non-traditional … Continue reading

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