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The magical mystery of Generosity

Video from KarmaTube

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Choices and the Inevitable

My younger sister completed this incarnation on December 29. She was 42. Death comes to us all. It is inevitable, just as the melt in Spring. She was a kind-hearted person to everyone without exception. Lyn’s body had cancer but … Continue reading

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Continuity of Consciousness 5

Is reincarnation – rebirth – a fact to you? For the majority of those at the Continuity of Consciousness retreats, rebirth is recognized as true and valued for the opportunities that reincarnation provides. The participants understood that we are more … Continue reading

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Notice when anger is masking jealousy And when jealousy is the result of choice. Notice leaves that fall And that the tree is better for it. Notice that smiles are like honey, always sweet And that harshness always feels cruel. … Continue reading

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Understanding Merit

What is a useful understanding of “the field of merit?” We might think of it in relation to actions positive and negative, but merit is much more. The idea of merit applies to every aspect of a human being, in … Continue reading

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