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Qualities of the after-life states

At essence, the afterlife states have three primary qualities: luminosity, dynamism, and continuity or a continuous nature. These three qualities, though triune in awareness and the consciousness stream itself, each become a dominant quality of an afterlife state. They are … Continue reading

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Choices and the Inevitable

My younger sister completed this incarnation on December 29. She was 42. Death comes to us all. It is inevitable, just as the melt in Spring. She was a kind-hearted person to everyone without exception. Lyn’s body had cancer but … Continue reading

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Continuity of Consciousness 7

Bardo (Tibetan) translates as intermediate and conveys the idea of interlude. It refers to all in-between states. For example, one’s life which is between birth and death is a bardo. Sleep, which is between going to sleep and arising the … Continue reading

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Deconstruction, new View

To base desires about one’s death (how it will unfold, when it will come, what it will entail), or designs about the afterlife (heaven, bardos, purgatory, pure lands, or the design that there is no afterlife at all), or wishes … Continue reading

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Plastic and Nature

The Bioplastic Labyrinth¬†¬†¬† (from Earth Island Reports and the Plastic Pollution Coalition) Plastic is a material that Earth cannot digest. Every bit of plastic ever produced still exists and will be here with us for hundreds of years. Once in … Continue reading

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