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Like a rainbow, awareness is multi-faceted but is one awareness. the Manjushri tantra states: “The Great Vehicle is distinguished by its prajna and compassion; and their realization completely extirpates the roots of all suffering.” Accordingly, this is also an answer … Continue reading

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Dragon Kwan Yin

To understand Kwan Yin fully, one must understand the Dragon she feeds. Dragon is Insight: penetrating, piercing, fearless, uncompromising. Dragon can take flight and, in doing so, lift the aspirant as well as his or her consciousness into the highest … Continue reading

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The Equality of the Buddhas

A student was under the impression that one or a few buddhas are more buddha than others. The misunderstanding is almost to be expected. I, too, held that incorrect view for some time. However, one needs only contemplate the Buddha’s … Continue reading

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Pluto-Sirius alignment 1: cosmic display of innate Being

Light and Dark are within each other. To reduce these two words or their vast meanings to that of a pair of opposites is small-minded and unwise. The first of three Pluto-Sirius alignments will coincide with the Full Moon cycle … Continue reading

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Choices and the Inevitable

My younger sister completed this incarnation on December 29. She was 42. Death comes to us all. It is inevitable, just as the melt in Spring. She was a kind-hearted person to everyone without exception. Lyn’s body had cancer but … Continue reading

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