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Dragon Kwan Yin

To understand Kwan Yin fully, one must understand the Dragon she feeds. Dragon is Insight: penetrating, piercing, fearless, uncompromising. Dragon can take flight and, in doing so, lift the aspirant as well as his or her consciousness into the highest … Continue reading

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Kwan Yin and Venus-Sophia

Many spiritual traditions of the world overlap in their teaching and, thus, have similar imagery. Different names are used according to the language of the culture. Different genders might also be used or different qualities emphasized,yet the Beingness and the … Continue reading

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The accomplishment of Kwan Yin

We have three images of Kwan Yin and a ten-minute teaching to set up this Generation Stage meditation. The intention of the advanced level of The Practice of Living Awareness is to realize qualities of innate Beingness and to bring … Continue reading

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