Dragon Kwan Yin

To understand Kwan Yin fully, one must understand the Dragon she feeds. Dragon is Insight: penetrating, piercing, fearless, uncompromising. Dragon can take flight and, in doing so, lift the aspirant as well as his or her consciousness into the highest spheres. But Dragon has claws and will always land on the ground. This is embodiment: the power of penetrating insight to pierce through the veils of our illusions and delusions and bring forward the power of a human being to walk on the Earth turning the ground into the Ground of of Wholeness and Harmony represented by Kwan Yin.

Collection-Fine-Chinese-Handwork-Carved-Porcelain-Dragon-Kwan-yin-Big-StatueKwan Yin feeds Dragon from her heart (sometimes represented as two baby dragons). She is the elixir of the Open Heart, the Awakened Heart feeding the Dragon of Insight and Fearless Engagement. In other words, Compassion requires Insight. Without Compassion, there is no need to see through the delusions of separateness (insight). Kwan Yin is Compassion as well as compassion’s capacity to life one up and set oneself straight regarding the delusions of comfort with the pervasive samsaric way of life.

Kwan Yin’s heart of compassion drips and feeds the Dragons of Insight within us so that we awaken.

We generated Kwan Yin during the meditation retreat in Milwaukee. Transformation on a potentially cosmic scale was the theme of the retreat. The same meditation retreat will occur in Tahlequah, OK from April 28-May 1. There is still space open for it. Value your potential. Come to the retreat! Details are here.

Or come to The Living Awareness Meditation weekend retreat at Spirit Fire in mid-May. Details here.

Downloadable podcast: Generative: Dragon Kwan Yin

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