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7. Astrological houses spiritually viewed: 7th house

The 7th sign and the 7th house hold the position of half-way around the Wheel. The 7th sign, Libra, is an embrace of the responsibilities of being a member of a greater whole (marriage, family, business partnership, and such). Turn … Continue reading

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Food Revolution Film: free through Oct. 15

The Need to Grow is an important, inspiring, and riveting documentary on human agriculture, the destructive and poisonous practices and the backyard organic practices. This award-winning film is free for streaming only through October 15. Here is the link to … Continue reading

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Independence Day celebrates necessary inter-dependence

On July 4th, celebrations of independence will happen across America. Backyard barbecues and picnics will culminate with fireworks lighting up the night. Independence Day marks when thirteen colonies declared that they would unite and create something that had not existed … Continue reading

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It goes forward.

A 91 year-old neighbor asked me to teach him meditation. He has an acute, well-trained mind that he has used throughout his personal and professional life. He is kind-hearted, of gentle spirit, and eager to learn. This man is scientifically-minded, … Continue reading

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Road trip: water, beavers, otters?

I drove from southern Colorado through northern New Mexico and the panhandle of Oklahoma to be at the meditation retreat in Tahlequah, Oklahoma last week. Overall, it was a beautiful drive. Switchbacks and hairpin turns through winding treed canyons in … Continue reading

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