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Under the Stars: Jupiter, Saturn conjunct

Here in south-central Colorado, we are blessed being able to see the starry skies at night. Understanding the portents of the heavens used to be common discussion in generations past. Everyone knew the primary constellations, the zodiac and others, as … Continue reading

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Meditation: selfless cells

Did you ever consider the selfless sacrifice and dutifulness of the cells of your body? Every cell exists only for you. Each of trillions of cells comes into existence to serve the world of which it is an intimate part: … Continue reading

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Awakening pt. 7: Neptune again

As was portrayed in Awakening pt. 6, unity, oneness, and wholeness are energetic experiences related to Neptune; and there are people speaking to anyone that will listen about this pertinent to their profession or discipline. Three are given below. We … Continue reading

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Meditation: dimensions of the heart

In a sense, all the dimensions of Being essentialize as, with, and through the heart. Exploring the fullness of the heart is to explore the range of Being, through the attributes and qualities of the heart’s expression. But, let us … Continue reading

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A new school for children

focused on innate goodness, natural curiosity, and being an innocent child.

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