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Much to be grateful for

I pulled up to the curb of Sears to return two snow shovels. Got them precariously¬† positioned on my walker and, as I was shutting the back hatch of the car, a Mexican American man going into the store asked … Continue reading

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You know how there are times in our life when everything changes? There is freshness, innocence, and delight in these shifts. Leaving home at 19, creating a home with four others then, or having each of my children, or being … Continue reading

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Only light is direct. Venus and Jupiter.

Right now, only the two light-bringer planets, Venus and Jupiter, are direct. That is to say that they are in forward motion energetically and psycho-spiritually in relation to humanity. All other planets are turned inward, focusing their illuminations on what … Continue reading

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Concert tribute to George Harrison

Music can be so good for heart and soul. Add a little dancing, and the body gets the goodness too! George Harrison often expressed essential teachings in his lyrics, and set them to either haunting or joyous melodies. impermanence? All … Continue reading

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Many new “followers,” Thank you!

It is joyous to receive notification of each new follower. Please drop me an email at and tell me what inspired you to follow BlazingLight. Love to hear from you. Or you can comment on this post, if that … Continue reading

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