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Non-deceptive 2: the mirror of the mind

She gazed at nothing. Eyes half open, a Himalayan vista in every direction, yet she saw nothing distinct. Sameness was her mind-state. She abided in the equanimity of Awareness. Her mind was awakened. I was blessed five lifetimes ago with … Continue reading

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Meditation: heart essence 4

Growing in confidence with something takes time and repetition. An infant gains confidence in learning how to walk by repeating tentative first steps near furniture or with  loving hands nearby. A child establishes trust in holding one’s breath, not sinking, … Continue reading

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For your health and well-being: herbal and fungi remedies

My heart is saddened by the prolonged non-health journey that a couple of my friends have been on. They are now hopelessly caught in the revolving door of the American medical model, and no good is coming of it. As … Continue reading

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Non-deceptive 1

I study, practice, contemplate, and enjoy the BuddhaDharma because it is non-deceptive. An example of this is that the Buddha Dharma will encourage analysis of a situation and of the self experiencing a situation rather than wishing for a being … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Spirit Fire

Life is a continuum of change. 2021 included the sale of the property of Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat center that I founded in 2003. Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center was the creation of an inspired download that occurred in 2000. … Continue reading

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