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Meditation: peace on Earth through goodwill

2020 is around the corner: the second decade of this new millennium. Holy Moly! Time is an illusory thing. If one doubts that then simply ponder human beings’ relationship to it and how that has changed over great spans of … Continue reading

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Meditation: the source of virtue

Virtue is not in the thing being done but in the intention and attitude of the thing being done. A moment’s contemplation on why something is being enacted or being restrained can turn that moment, for example, from getting rid … Continue reading

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#11: astrological houses spiritually viewed – the third house

This house on the zodiacal wheel corresponds to the third sign, Gemini. It is the sign of the Twins and is a Mutable Cross Air sign. It is on the eastern half and the night of the chart. Each of … Continue reading

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A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity (documentary)

Our world situation invites each of us to look at our lives truly, to muse about our future and the future of the world. Around the world there are numerous experiments in going back to land and simplicity in order … Continue reading

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#10, the astrological houses spiritually viewed: the 4th house

The fourth house is the deepest point of the chart. Its cusp line is the downward vertical axis symbolizing the energy of spirit, soul, higher nature, and innate being coming into manifestation. It “descends” into form thereby creating an incarnation. … Continue reading

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