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Please watch: Legacy

Stunning photography. Gripping truth. It is free on Prime.

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Meditation: have confidence

Good things take time, but they do eventuate. Benefit can also be instantaneous and delightful, catching us by surprise. Let’s reflect on the ripples of transformation or benefit that have resulted from awareness more it its seat. That which is … Continue reading

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Meditation: a thankful heart

Countless beings, beginning with human beings, have supported us and our Path since beginningless time. With a thankful heart and mind, we reflect on some aspects of that in this meditation.

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Non-deceptive 6: Maitreya and humanity

When Buddha Maitreya comes to this world-system, humanity will have matured into a species of loving-kindness. There will be no violence, covetousness, aggression or greed of any kind expressing through the human psyche or the human collective. Animals will not … Continue reading

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Meditation: for the people of Ukraine and the world

It’s sobering. The world is on a knife’s edge with climate crisis, and now this? Your Presence is needed. Call out and pray for all beings of light and goodness to come to teach us how to live peacefully among … Continue reading

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