Esoteric Mercury – musing during Mercury retrograde

Mercury is the mind, therefore Mercury is the Son of Mind – the Soul.
The Master DK gave a model of states of consciousness and Being, that also are planes of vibration and quality. In that model, Mind is called by the Sanskrit word Manas, which is easy to remember because the word man comes from the root Manas. Human does as well. Yet, what is man? Man is cosmic mind incarnated in a self-limited form. That incarnating process and the eons of time it requires is the sojourn and evolution of the Soul. The Soul is the Son of Mind. It is “son” because of its masculine polarity when viewed from the top down, that is to say, from the vantage point of origin (spirit). Soul, then, is an “only begotten one.” Soul, the seed-spark of cosmic awareness and joy, is begotten into Manas similar to a fertilized human egg deposited on the uterine wall and nestled within the womb. The human egg will not stay in the womb, nor does the Soul remain forever in the plane of Manas. Eventually, it releases itself from the playground of the mind. That is liberation.

This soul seed expresses with masculine emittive energy qualities, hence again the term son. It then creates its manifestation: the personality with personal mind, emotions, and body, wheels of karma and increasing rivers of virtue. The idea of only begotten, or son, is a veil for the principle of single identity. Just as a phallus stands up signifying singleness and the potential contained within, so son stands for all layers of Self, all of which are lived and expressed as single even when single is ALLness-ONE Suchness-Same.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Soul is too. We experience that Soul is the messenger of God or Divine Nature by any name every time we pray, seek guidance, do a devotional practice, deity or guru yoga. Soul is the responding guide, gives or brings the answer to the prayer. It can be and is experienced as the voice or light of God, the divine, of Buddha nature, etc. And it must be so. In truth, all levels of transcendence that we are aligning with would require some sort of intercessor, a vibrational transducer or calibrater. That is the Soul, the cosmic seed in its glory, its own right and role between the higher and the lower, the supra-mundane and the mundane.

As such, then, Soul is also a messenger for and participant with the Wise Ones, Hierarchy, and of the Powers of energy, quality, purity, and the forces of Nature.

Tralala_by_HauntedVisionsMercury is the bridge, the link, the intermediary. Soul is the bridge between spirit and matter: the link, the Relator, the intermediary between all things in life. Mercurial Soul shares substance of that which is “above” as well as that which is “below.” Soul is flesh of all flesh: the substance and vibrations of the highest pure realms and states and of the densest and most inert. The story of Adam naming the animals is one of deep magic: the relation of the essence of something and its manifesting form. And Hierarchy, the kingdom of Souls, is a grand intermediary bridging planetary consciousness and the wills of men through extended awareness hard won through lifetimes,.

Mercury cannot usually be seen, masked by the light of the Sun. Soul is not seen for a longtime, its presence veiled by the light of the personality, the sun of the day. Seen or unseen, however, Mercury and Soul have their influence. We experience this of Mercury during its retrograde when that which Mercury rules tends to rule us. Schedules, communications, the inner wiring of something have their way and we cannot control them. Yet, if we take on the role of link or intermediary, then we experience the greater soul result that was intended through the potentially troublesome situation. Thus Soul is brought forward, though still hidden by the veneer of personal or common circumstances.

Mercury is the communicator. Soul is the Word. And the Word was with God, as Mercury is always with the Sun, and as the Soul is born of and flesh/substance of Omni-ALL-ONE. Occultly, this is exact in that Soul is a vibrational quality in a quantum packet (a seed of ALL-Awareness). Soul is literally a sound, or song, in contradistinction to the Void of ALL-ONE which is Wordless, silent, even vacuous. Soul is the Word made flesh and thus can think, speak, and incant all words of power which all words are. We forget that. And as Soul evolves from being a Son of Mind, its liberation from Manas is accomplished by sound: the sound of empty.

Mercury is buddhi. Eventually soul is that. Ah, there’s a key.
In the classic seven plane/states model of consciousness, buddhi is fourth with three planes above and three below. Most of the world is familiar with ideas and qualities of buddhi because they are ideas within Buddhism. Inter-dependence, compassion, the wisdom of emptiness or infinite potential, the perfection of virtues as expressions of life, and the understanding of the source of and undoing of suffering: these are buddhic understandings. Buddha, then, was a Mercurial being, communicating great truths that are self-evident just as all great world teachers of many cultures have similarly done. When truths such as these remain pure, it is because they are self evident and because they are buddhic in nature. Buddhi is “above” the worlds of form, “above” the manipulations of personalization and desire. Occultly, Mercury is buddhi: representing the Buddhic plane, self-realized members of Hierarchy (they have realized no-self and thus ALL-Self), the eternal principles that refract and reiterate over and over again through all creation (the Words cycling down the ages), and Mercury/Buddhi is all that can be Known through the awakened intuition. Eventually, Soul becomes this. This process is its slow release from Manas.

Intuition_by_EerinVinkThe soul is the first level of intuition. Buddhi is the source of intuition. Soul is the middle principle between spirit and matter but buddhi was that ‘before’ soul, as it is the middle of  the seven planes and states with three above and three below. It is also the middle of the Triad.* Mercury, as the messenger of the Gods, is intuition. Mercury is the instantaneous before thought quality of intuition. And just as Soul’s ways often do not make sense to the personality, intuition does not alway makes sense to logic. Yet true intuition, like the Tao, is infallible.

Soul is omniscient, all knowing and understanding of that which is below it. By its location in the solar system, Mercury is the first to “know” the ways of the Sun, the ways of Light. Likewise, Buddhi was omniscient “before” soul. Manas’ or Mind knowing is not complete but rather is comprehensive, a knowing of the parts. One might be very good at putting parts together thus working with a synthesized whole, but buddhic intuited completeness is something different.

mercurySoul is omnipresent. Mercury, as quicksilver is, and from the bottom up buddhi is. It is the first true expression of omnipresence in the seven-fold planes of existence. It is the first experience of ALL everywhere, limitless, no location, of God in everything, no thing, emptiness, sunyata. From these experiences of awareness within the Buddhic plane (therefore, buddhic awareness), all greater refinements and expansions of the same are possible. So, again like quicksilver, one little globule blends seamlessly with the next and the same quality of both droplet and quicksilver grows. Emptiness is emptiness yet there are many emptinesses, each subtly distinct; equally experiences of no-location, pervasiveness or omnipresence continue to expand as samadhis deepen. Samadhi (meditative absorption), itself is an experience of omnipresence in that all there is is presence, the common mind has been absorbed into the meditative state.

dc18b6a8dc05d5a0bb101f2ab4512434The soul is omnipotent to the three worlds below it. That factor was within buddhi too. Buddhi is power and pure energy as experienced by the emotions, the personal mind, the vital/etheric body, or the physical body. To these denser vibrations of substance, buddhi is pure energy. Of course, to any plane or state more refined than buddhi, it is a lower vibration of pure energy.

Buddhi expresses omnipotence as the point of both creation and completion/destruction. To the spiritual planes “above” buddhi, it serves as the plane of creation into form. It is called “the plane from where form is born.” And as the “raincloud of knowable things” is the formless realm and substance from which the knowable and that which can become will precipitate.

From the realms of common form (mind, emotion, etheric, and physical), buddhi is the plane of destruction or completion. Buddhi is called “the plane whereon form dies” because concretion or contraction cannot sustain in buddhi. Thus buddhi is omnipotent as far as the worlds of form are concerned.

Falcon_With_Blue_Eyes_by_windfalconYet to the Logos (the Sun in this analogy), buddhi (Mercury) is the plane of shape-shifting vibrations, birth point Mother-womb of form, and considered form as well. Again, the Mercurial nature expresses: bridge, link, mediator, shape shifter, middle.

Mercury is buddhi. Soul eventually becomes buddhic, freed from being the Son of Mind, from remembering itself as consciousness, to being Awareness AS Being. This is one result of the first plane of freedom – buddhi. Why is buddhi this? Because of sunyata and buddhi being the first true expression of that.

Buddhi is an expression of the pure light of the heart which is the Sun and so in this way, too, Mercury and the Sun are one.

*the Triad is comprised of Manas, Buddhi, and Atma

Current retrograde lasts from Oct 4-25. This is replayed from July 2013.


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12 Responses to Esoteric Mercury – musing during Mercury retrograde

  1. love the falcon with blue eyes image. Did you know that today the sun and mercury are conjunct?

  2. Wonderful post, Donna, so rich in detail. My natal Sun is conjunct Mercury. I am especially grateful for the Manas, Buddhi and Atma – all new to me.

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  4. bertwells says:

    I would be interested in your view therefore as Vulcan’s role, as it is always very close to Mercury, (3 degrees, Sun side of Mercury). As a Taurus Ascendant, and a struggling astrologer, the role of Vulcan is of great interest to me. Thank you.

    • hi, Good question. From an esoteric point of view, Vulcan is the fashioner of refined awareness or understanding through the ongoing processes of life. Vulcan was a master creator, working with the raw materials of form, and through rhythmic pounding, heat, and water-tempering, Vulcan could fashion amazing (often powerful) works.

      In our chart, Vulcan is related to that which is obvious energetically but veiled to our mind because the mind seeks tangibility and a certain empericism. Being close to the Sun, Vulcan usually offers insight into personality traits that need to be transformed and refined. The method will have to be a rhythmic application of new pattern. This is the hammering that must be self-applied and self-chosen. Doing so, we will experience the heat of our personality being angry or rebelling at these new measures. Yet if we stay the course, then that rebellious fire will transform into a steady flame of perseverance and follow-through. Now we are like the heated metal in the hands of a master smith. A test of emotions and dedication will then follow. This is the immersion into water to temper and stabilize or integrate the changes in the personality. If we have stayed the course, then we are remade by our own hand and our personality refined.

      Remember the ASC is the stretch. In esoteric astrology, it is what you are here to learn and integrate into your current understandings and wisdom. Contemplate on what qualities of Taurus would well serve you (for instance, groundedness, right management of resources, appreciation of Earth, right values or right evaluation), then begin a disciplined rhythmic inclusion of that quality into every day. In this way, you will use Vulcan as both the esoteric ruler of Taurus and that which refashions our sense of self (Sun).


  5. bertwells says:

    Sorry, I mis-spelt your name.

  6. Most welcome! Have fun with the personal re-creating.

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