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The Light of Sacredization

Why does humanity exist? Among the significant reasons is the human capacity to express light. Clarity, ingenuity, integrity, wisdom, and harmonious creativity are expressions of light through creative intelligence. Respect, kindness, care, equanimity, compassion, saving and helping are expressions of … Continue reading

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Chakric Dimensions and Electric Embodiment

Original post by Anna Sclar on the Wisdom Journal on Facebook, with additional thoughts. Thanks, Anna! Manas is electricity and the Light of understanding – the magnetic plasma; all are energy of the Fire ( Breath, heat, light – radiance) … Continue reading

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Esoteric Mercury – musing during Mercury retrograde

Mercury is the mind, therefore Mercury is the Son of Mind – the Soul. The Master DK gave a model of states of consciousness and Being, that also are planes of vibration and quality. In that model, Mind is called … Continue reading

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