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The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation

For thousands of years, the primary posture for meditation has been the lotus or half lotus position. One could wonder if that is simply because people sat on the ground Indian-style for the most part. But, in fact, there are … Continue reading

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Chakric Dimensions and Electric Embodiment

Original post by Anna Sclar on the Wisdom Journal on Facebook, with additional thoughts. Thanks, Anna! Manas is electricity and the Light of understanding – the magnetic plasma; all are energy of the Fire ( Breath, heat, light – radiance) … Continue reading

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The Human Energy System and Vibrational Excellence

Four sessions exploring one of the most important facets of a human being and of being human: the Human Energy System. My orientation with this course is to expand upon three factors of the Energy System: the radiant and the … Continue reading

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Right Order in Identity

In recalling that we, ourselves, are a quantum wave of sublime potencies, we place right order in our identity. To emphaisze the particularity (particle) of oneself is to argue for one’s limitations. The chaos that one experiences in life and … Continue reading

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Human Energy Centers webcast presentation

This is the webcast of last Thursday’s free online presentation. Love to have you in the upcoming online course. It begins Wednesday. Register here.

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