The Human Energy System and Vibrational Excellence

5000587_origFour sessions exploring one of the most important facets of a human being and of being human: the Human Energy System. My orientation with this course is to expand upon three factors of the Energy System:

  • the radiant and the jewel-like nature of the chakras and of the spectrum of Presence-Being
  • the vortex nature (receiving and giving, invocative and evocative) of the chakras and of a human being as a sensitive telepathic entity
  • the dimensional, fractal, and intricately connected nature of the chakras with one another, within their inner structures, and connected to all levels of beings, devas, guidance, planetary and cosmological Awareness.

This will be an intense and amazing four weeks. Each session, you will understand yourself and your spiritual Path more clearly and be inspired to Be more of what you are at essence.

I hope you will join me. The tuition is affordable ($75.). All online courses keep a low carbon footprint. Each week’s class is webcasted for convenience of the student should time zone or life responsibilities require that you participate at an other than “live” time.

Register here.

About Donna Mitchell-Moniak

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