The leaves, the pond, and a composed mind

budha_face_ma2010_1000pxMind is not the things that are in it. Leaves float on the surface of a pond, but they are not the pond. A stone can be thrown in and fall through the water of the pond, but the stone is not the pond. The fish swimming in the pond are, likewise, not the pond. Similarly,

  • the thoughts, beliefs, convictions,
  • worries, anxieties,
  • happy thoughts, creative inspirations,
  • cravings, jealousy,
  • and fears that are in our mind are also not actually the substance and nature of Mind.

Experience this for yourself at a meditation retreat. Spirit Fire and myself purposefully have created a short 3 or 4 day meditation retreat focused in understanding how to work with the mental and emotional apparatus of oneself. We will use tried and true training techniques from masters of the Art and Science of Meditation: Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras, Buddha Shakyamuni and the techniques of mindfulness, and Shantideva from his Way of the Bodhisattva.

The intention behind this focused and brief retreat is, ultimately, to experience the nature of Mind: radiant clarity, lightness of being, and spacious serenity. The experience is not so that one clings to it, but so that from the experience one can choose it over the stuff in one’s mind more frequently.  We cannot experience the subtle nature of Mind until we first distinguish the course and common tendencies of our mind. Doing so will establish one in the methods of Tranquil Abiding (shamatha) and give one the tool of Clearer Perception (vipassana).

These meditation retreats (in three locations) are long enough to learn and to experience benefit from the practices but are not too long as to be troublesome with work or family responsibilities. Give yourself and everyone around you these 3 or 4 days. Learn how to tame and train the wayward mind!

  1. September 10-13 at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Leyden, MA
  2. October 1-4 at the Center of Sparrow Hawk Mountain in Tahlequa, OK
  3. October 22-25 at a private location outside of Milwaukee, WI

For details on fees and locations, click here. Register now to ensure attending. * Space is limited thereby enhancing individual instruction.

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