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The sky is the sky. Awareness is awareness.

Interlude is the space between, between in-breath and out-breath, between out-breath and in, it is the space between thoughts. Interlude is the space – the empty non-action – before action is engaged. Often action is engaged robotically, habitually. Just as … Continue reading

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The leaves, the pond, and a composed mind

Mind is not the things that are in it. Leaves float on the surface of a pond, but they are not the pond. A stone can be thrown in and fall through the water of the pond, but the stone … Continue reading

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Continuity of Consciousness 2

In addition to the three intrinsic qualities of awareness (luminosity, dynamism, and  continuity – plus their derivations and synonyms), awareness is also self-same as contentment. Contentment is marked by these three qualities as well. When we have clarity, we are … Continue reading

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