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Like a rainbow, awareness is multi-faceted but is one awareness. the Manjushri tantra states: “The Great Vehicle is distinguished by its prajna and compassion; and their realization completely extirpates the roots of all suffering.” Accordingly, this is also an answer … Continue reading

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Continuity of Consciousness 9, final one

The subject of continuity of consciousness is multi-faceted. Rebirth is simply another undulation of that continuity. It matters not whether living is thought of as the crest or visible part of the wave and death with afterlife states considered the … Continue reading

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Continuity of Consciousness 2

In addition to the three intrinsic qualities of awareness (luminosity, dynamism, and  continuity – plus their derivations and synonyms), awareness is also self-same as contentment. Contentment is marked by these three qualities as well. When we have clarity, we are … Continue reading

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