Continuity of Consciousness 9, final one

The subject of continuity of consciousness is multi-faceted. Rebirth is simply another undulation of that continuity. It matters not whether living is thought of as the crest or visible part of the wave and death with afterlife states considered the trough. Consciousness-awareness views them with equality. There is purpose in all stages and states of consciousness, even if the indwelling mind is unaware of such.

2000px-Crest_trough.svgHold one simple truth forefront: the continuous nature of energy and quality. Physics is correct: energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be changed in its quality and intensity of vibration. As human beings, the same issues come around because we spn them back into motion time and again. Just as well, beneficent or positive experiences and conditions come into one’s life and sustain themselves as beneficial because one spreads the goodness around. Care and kindness serves everyone. Pettiness and selfishness serve no one. Yet the energy of selfishness can be transformed into the energy of kindness and caring through the consistent act of celebrating others. We do reap what we sow.

My youngest sister is in the final stages of living with cancer. She will die soon. The understandings written about in this series hold my mind in peace for her journey ahead. I look forward to her rebirth because she will bring love into the world as the continuity of who and what she is. And there lies the essence of it Just as we have friends and mentors in life, there is counsel for rebirth. Many things are taken into consideration, evaluated, weighed, left aside or engaged. The decisions made will always have the intention of self-betterment while improving the lives of others. Once in incarnation, materiality, ego, and separateness lure the incarnating soul. Sometimes intention for the incarnation can be lived with its purity and sometimes it is compromised, but if some betterment for others or development of self is had, then the incarnation was worthwhile.

We are more than what we think, and all existence is more than what it seems.

  • All that appears and exists is the flow of energy and quality. The flow, the quality, what arises into appearance or noticing in contradistinction to what exists is completely determined by one’s state of mind. A troubled state of mind experiences trouble arising constantly. An untroubled state of mind does not experience trouble constantly arising.
  • Bright, dynamic, and continuous describe consciousness and all of life. Each word has myriad synonyms and is thematic, yet upon contemplation one realizes that yes, life is bright, changing, and in constant flow. One contributes one’s own brightness, dynamism, and uninterrupted or interrupted qualities to the mix of daily life. Live mindfully.
  • Be aware of the bardo of right now. Live it consciously – with clarity, vibrancy, and a surfer’s skill. That clarity will flow on, blend with the vibrancy of choice, and a mature awareness will meet each moment.

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