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“I, too, make this dedication”

Many people are renewing aspirations and vows that benefit others and the world. Millions, maybe billions, of people are praying for the well-being of others and that this world-shared situation will foster awareness, compassion, equanimity, and positive change in the … Continue reading

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There are many important efforts necessary in the world today and many life-supporting, world-changing efforts to support. 8400 is one. The reason is not about Buddha or “Buddhism” but because understanding the Truth – the non-deceptive, underlying, incontrovertible Truth of … Continue reading

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No meditation Tuesday – but how about Five Wisdoms

This arose last night. – Soul on its own plane is a demonstration of All Accomplishing Wisdom. The function of the illusory Soul is to bring forward and accomplish the compassion and wisdom of innate profound Awareness through the illusion … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: luminous aspect, Patanjali last one

“Once one sees the distinction between pure awareness and the luminous aspect of the phenomenal world …” Almost every word in this instruction is a mini-instruction! In this meditation the focus is “the luminous aspect.” We have encountered this in … Continue reading

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advancing meditation: Awaken 2

A wish, an understanding, and confidence in … . Mantra can be used as a wish for others and oneself. “May all beings awaken.” Empathy grows in one’s heart and mind as one wishes well for others. Kindness and self-care … Continue reading

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