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3-day online meditation retreat

Here, Present, Awakened – bodhi: the awakened heart of the mind Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week, Oct. 8, 9,10, the autumn retreat refreshes the theme of the Spring retreat: buddhi/bodhi. Both words are Sanskrit. Buddhi refers to intuitive awareness, … Continue reading

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Impermanence equals change. Because all things, people, societies, cultures, animals, systems, emotions, thoughts, beliefs (and anything else that can be named) are impermanent, transition, transformation, learning, newness, inventions and discoveries can happen. Because of impermanence death, birth, aging, seasonal changes, … Continue reading

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A Day of Meditation for Humanity and the World: Sept. 12

September 12 from 8 am MT-3 pm MT will be our monthly day of meditation for the world and humanity. The sub-theme will be compassion. What is compassion? Are there different types of compassion? Is compassion something that can be … Continue reading

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Essential points on why the breath is a primary focus in meditation

Some points on why breath regarding shamatha outer breath is light, as in weightless breath is unadorned, simple, and ordinary breath is continuous and a continuity Awareness, essential Being, mind, the nature of mind (all the same essence) {repeat each … Continue reading

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Meditation: contemplate love again and again

Garchen Rinpoche has a current series on YouTube on restoring love in one’s mind and therefore in the world. Why restore? The average human day has many ups and downs, emotions and thoughts, worries and stresses, joys and celebrations. A … Continue reading

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