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April Day of Meditation webcasts

The newness of each moment.

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upcoming: March 6 Day of Meditation for the World

Some ideas are timeless. Some aspirations are too. Bodhichitta is one such idea and aspiration. The word bodhichitta is Sanskrit. It predates Patanjali and existed before Buddha Shakyamuni. And, though the term bodhichitta is usually partnered with Tibetan Buddhism, it … Continue reading

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Dharma glimpses

Revisit some older posts. The Equality of the Buddhas The Buddha’s Insights (video presentation) OM: the science of vibration Humanity as Body, Speech, and Mind Chandrakirti on Emptiness Qualities of the Afterlife States Our Curious Re-creating of the Wheel Earth: … Continue reading

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Soften and Open, recordings from the Day of Meditation

As always, it was a joy to meditate with people dedicated to serving the world. The field locked in immediately.   Here is the Day of Meditation dates for this year (2021) plus the dates for the three 3-day online … Continue reading

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the only practice

Photograph: Zen by Jack Nobre on DeviantART Verse: donna repost from April 2014

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